Connecting Colorado’s Economy: I-70 Regional Economic Advancement Partnership


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Ports-to-Plains Alliance
Colorado Regional Meeting
July 12, 2012
May Farms, Byers, CO
Connecting Colorado’s Economy: I-70 Regional Economic Advancement Partnership
Matt Reay, Chairman, I-70 REAP

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Connecting Colorado’s Economy: I-70 Regional Economic Advancement Partnership

  1. 1. I-70 Regional Economic Advancement Partnership (REAP) July 12, 2012
  2. 2. REAP Mission Statement Stimulate private investment in order to increase opportunities for employment, expand the tax base, broaden the economy and generally improve the quality of life for our citizens.
  3. 3. REAP POLICY STATEMENT The Regional Economic Advancement Partnership (REAP) is a community not-for-profit group funded by public and private contributions. Its mission is to help improve the local economy from E-470 to Deer Trail along the I-70 Corridor. REAP supports quality commercial and residential projects. It will provide general assistance to developers. REAP recognizes that its role is different than that of official public agencies. Those bodies review projects for their conformity with existing laws and regulations. REAP does not intend to supplant official analysis. REAP’s role is limited to appropriate advocacy of projects which will help improve the economy.
  4. 4. The I-70 Corridor (REAP’s World) Proximity to Denver Metro Area E-470 & I-70 (and Ports-to-Plains Designation) UPRR Mainline Front Range Airport (and Proximity to DIA) Adams & Arapahoe Counties Incorporated Towns of Bennett & Deer Trail (& Aurora!) Communities of Watkins, Strasburg & Byers
  5. 5. REAP’s World (Continued) Agricultural Heritage & Importance Open Space Acquisition Outdoor Recreational Opportunities Existing Businesses, from Ag to Oil & Gas to Home- Based to Diverse Retail to Services (even a Starbucks!) Commitment to Maintaining “Small Town” Atmosphere even as We Grow Strong Partnership Interested in Thoughtful and Well-Planned Economic Development
  6. 6. Recent REAP Activities “I-70 Corridor Economic Assessment” Study I-70 Corridor Data Collection and Mapping Oil and Gas Development Support for Local Development Front Range Airport/Spaceport Proposals Provide a Forum for Regulators and Elected Officials Support Efforts to Procure Renewable Water Involvement in and Support for Comp Plan Updates
  7. 7. I-70 RegionalCorridor Study andComprehensivePlan Updates May 24, 2012
  8. 8. Arapahoe County’s Land Use Map Adopted May 22,2012
  9. 9. BACKGROUND• Lead Agency creators of the I-70 Regional Corridor Study: Regional Economic Advancement Partnership (REAP)• Team Members: Adams and Arapahoe Counties, City of Aurora, Towns of Bennett and Deer Trail, Communities of Byers and Strasburg and REAP/I-70 Corridor Chamber of Commerce
  10. 10. What’s the story?• Since 2010 the Counties employed Economic & Planning Systems, Inc and Vision Land Consultants to focus on I-70 Regional Corridor’s Economic Assessment completed in January 2011 • The Economic Assessment shows market based growth potentials, id. gaps in infrastructure systems, and improve conditions to position for growth • Further the Action Plan that shows competitive Advantages/Disadvantages and recommendations and Next Steps
  11. 11. What’s the story?• Economic Study recommends an Intergovernmental Agreement between land jurisdictions of City of Aurora, Town of Bennett, Adams and Arapahoe Counties.• Set the stage for updates to area wide county comprehensive plans which includes subarea plans for Strasburg & Byers.• And specifically, the I-70 Regional Corridor, and the remaining eastern unincorporated rural areas of the Counties
  12. 12. Some History• Arapahoe County Planning Commission has been studying: • the existing 2001 Comprehensive Plan • Subarea plans • The I-70 Corridor Economic Assessment completed in Jan 2011 • On December 6, 2011 Arapahoe Board of County Commissioners and Planning Commission heard the official presentation on the Economic Assessment for the I-70 Regional Corridor Study • On May 22, 2012 Arapahoe County Planning Commission adopted a new Land Use Map for the entire unincorporated areas of Arapahoe County, specially creating three separate tiers for the eastern areas from Gun Club east.• Town of Bennett’s independent Comprehensive Plan for the I-70 Corridor approved by the Town Trustees on Jan. 24, 2012• Adams County Comprehensive plan update for the northern area of the I-70 Regional Corridor began in early 2012
  13. 13. Outcomes (REAP’s View) Updated, Compatible Comprehensive Plans Land Development Regulations Appropriate for the I-70 Corridor Opportunities for Intergovernmental Agreements Marketing Tools All the Partners Might Use