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Abc plurilingualism germany


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Abc plurilingualism germany

  1. 1. Córdoba-06.05.0213Comenius Study VisitBilingualism in Schleswig-HolsteinCórdoba-06.05.2013
  2. 2. Córdoba-06.05.0213Comenius Study VisitAgendaThe DevelopmentThe TeachersThe SchoolsThe SubjectsThe Challenges
  3. 3. Córdoba-06.05.0213Comenius Study Visit
  4. 4. Córdoba-06.05.0213Comenius Study VisitThe Development of Bilingualism in Germanystart in the 1960s as part of French-German reconcilition policybeginnings mainly in the southwest, primarily French as FLrather limited scope up to the 1980s, than faster growingnumbers of bilinguals schoolstoday bilinguals schools in all 16 states, even though mainly inthe west and mainly in grammar schoolssubjects: English, French, Spanish, occasionally Russian andDanish
  5. 5. Córdoba-06.05.0213Comenius Study VisitThe Teachersall bilingual teachers have two subjects, FL and secondsecond subjects often social sciencesno mandatory bilingual training neither at university nor inteachers traininglately, a growing number of in service-trainings in Schleswig-Holsteinno teacher is forced to teach bilingually
  6. 6. Córdoba-06.05.0213Comenius Study VisitThe Schools32 bilingual schools in Schleswig-Holstein out of a total of morethan 800almost exclusively grammar schools, exception: 3 primary andthree comprehensive schoolsonlyschool conference decides if bilingual branch is introducedgovernment gives 12 extra lessons for supportall organisation is done by the school itself
  7. 7. Córdoba-06.05.0213Comenius Study VisitThe Subjectsonly few subjects per school (usually 1-3) are taught bilinguallyFL almost exclusively English, subjects mainly Geography andHistoryclasses mainly held in target language, with some exceptionsregular subject curriculae are followedpupils can switch between bilingual and Geman subjectsbilingual Abitur possible at some schools,in more cases,certificates of bilingual career are issued
  8. 8. Córdoba-06.05.0213Comenius Study VisitThe ChallengesGenerallittle bilingual knowledge in institutionslittle support by ministryAt schoolslittle bilingual knowledgediscord in body of teachers on bilingualisms(election) of pupils for bilingual branchshortening of grammar school career (G8)
  9. 9. Córdoba-06.05.0213Comenius Study VisitBilingualism in Schleswig-HolsteinCórdoba-06.05.2013Thank you for your attention!