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Karragarra and Lamb part 10


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Karragarra and Lamb part 10

  1. 1. Your view to the right of 82 Lucas Dr where the road and footpath continue. What mark out of 10 would you give that thick, green grass at the front?
  2. 2. Your view across the road from 82 Lucas Dr. There’s houses all around.
  3. 3. You can get 82 Lucas Dr right now for only$93000!!!THAT’S RIGHT!Even in Mt Isa THERE’S NO CHEAPER BLOCKS!And how about comparing to Magnetic Island. Only3 cheaper blocks. And 82 Lucas is 155% to 234%BIGGER! Plus on Magnetic it’s 2.1km to the waterand Lamb is 250m to the water.You know the islands have a FANTASTIC LIFESTYLE.You know how GREAT this block is because you’veseen the pictures.Prices are down NOW but they won’t last foreverand tomorrow may be too late.
  4. 4. Following are photos of 37 Perulpa Drive Lamb Island.
  5. 5. Here is your view from the house at 33 Perulpa Drive.
  6. 6. You would get a better view from 37 Perulpa because the block is higher.
  7. 7. And you get a WATERFRONT VIEW never to be built out.
  8. 8. You walk through those mangroves, jump in your tinnie and go fishing(or whatever) anytime because it’s so convenient.
  9. 9. The house is 39 Perulpa Dr.
  10. 10. You can take a pleasant stroll from your front door to the jetty as it’s only about a 15minute/1.5km walk.
  11. 11. You can get free, fresh mudcrabs at the back of this block(to throw on your plate) because the neighbour says he does too.
  12. 12. You can build your big house, swimming pool, entertainment area, vege garden and whatever YOU want because it’s a HUGE 930m2 block.
  13. 13. You get even more peace and quiet because this block is away from the main street so there’s minimal traffic.
  14. 14. You’d grow some good veges, fruit trees(bananas to the left) or flowers because the soil is rich and the weather perfect.
  15. 15. Let your kids run free(and stay out of your hair) and climb trees, run around in the shade, build cubbys, explore the mangroves, play in the sea because it’s all there......
  16. 16. Up the road in front of 37 Perulpa.
  17. 17. Down the road in front of 37 Perulpa.
  18. 18. When you walk to the sea from the back of 37 Perulpa you won’t slog through mud as there’s grassy patches and firm ground.
  19. 19. These are pictures from 47 Perulpa Drive(that’s only 5 blocks away from 37 Perulpa)
  20. 20. More 47 Perulpa pictures.
  21. 21. You can get 37 Perulpa Dr right now for only $129000!!!THAT’S RIGHT!!Where else in Australia could you get a waterfront block for $129000?Even in Mt Isa there’s only 3 blocks cheaper!You know the islands have a FANTASTIC lifestyle.You know how GREAT this block is because you’ve seen the pictures.Prices are down NOW but they will not last and tomorrow may be too late!
  22. 22. Feel like taking a walk around Lamb andKarragarra?A picture walk.You can use these pics borrowed fromthe internet.They’ll tell you more of the Lamb andKarragarra story.Enjoy your stroll.........