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Karragarra and Lamb part 1


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Karragarra and Lamb part 1

  1. 1. How you can get your own piece of paradise At a bargain price To use right now Or keep for the future.
  2. 2. THAT’S RIGHT!!!! PARADISE............ You live in Mt Isa now But where do you WANT to end up? Somewhere with sun, sea and all that comes with it? How about peace, quiet and small country town atmosphere? You’d want everything that Brisbane has to offer too wouldn’t you? Read on. You just might find your paradise.
  3. 3. You know how it gets stinking hot In Mt Isa Hot when you’re playing sport When you’re working in the yard When you’re doing anything outside. Brisbane is cooler than Mt Isa..... And On Karragarra and Lamb You’ll love the temperature even more For it’s another couple of degrees cooler Because you’re on small islands Where everywhere gets a sea breeze You’ve got to love that. Average Winter temperature is 11 to 21 degrees celsius. Average Summer temperature is 18 to 28 degrees celsius. Karragarra Island beach and ferry jetty
  4. 4. Lamb Island You know how in Mt Isa You have to water and water AND water your lawn AND your garden To have it looking only average Here your garden and your lawn Are a subtropical green All year round With minimal effort on your part Because the climate is moderate The rain is plentiful And the soil is rich!!
  5. 5. You get to go boating. Daily if you want. Because you’re only a couple of mins From the boat ramp. Where there’s an ocean of calm, clear water. Protected by North Stradbroke. And it’s all yours. To wander around Shoot down to the Gold Coast Travel up to the Brisbane River In your boat Because it’s your playground.
  6. 6. You stroll 10 mins and you’re at Karragarra beach How long does it take you to get To the beach from Mt Isa? Yes. You know how long And even if you lived on the coast Getting motivated Packing up the car Getting everyone organised You’re over it sometimes even before You leave home It’s so much better on Karra and Lamb You can walk to the water Just in case you didn’t hear me I’ll say it again You can walk to the water.
  7. 7. Water sports, sand, bush....... Your children. Do they get outside much? And if they do how far can they go? If you’re like me you keep a good eye on them. (I’ve got girls) And the news is always showing bad things That happen to kids. But on Karragarra and Lamb Everyone watches out for each other. It’s a community. The kids can be free to be kids Out in the sun Exploring Having fun
  8. 8. Green grass, sunshine, exploring with friends... They’re protected by an island. No chance of someone driving past, grabbing them And disappearing 100s km away. (That’s just an example) You rest easier because there’s less worry. And your kids get the benefit Of more freedom, Plenty of fresh air, A unique childhood, With memories they’ll keep for the rest of their life.
  9. 9. And how about when you go fishing in Mt Isa............... Well It’s really out of Mt Isa Way out You know what I’m going to say don’t you With Karragarra and Lamb You’re at the water in 5 mins You’re in the water in 15 mins You’re catching fish in whatever mins...... How long is up to you For they’re there Waiting. Everyday. YOU GET Bream, flathead, snapper, whiting, tailor, mud crabs, spotty and school mackerel, sand crabs, trevally, sharks, parrot, mulloway, longtail tuna, bonito, reef species, sweetlip, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, marlin, sailfish, bait fish, yabbies, hardiheads, soldier crabs, dart, squid, pippis, pull worms, spanish mackerel, etc
  10. 10. Karragarras’ peace and quiet What about when you live in the city. Or in a town. There’s lights There’s noise There’s hustle and bustle. On Lamb and Karragarra You get away from that. Because it’s quiet You can hear the birds at night The frogs, The nature. You can look up at night And see the stars. Yet when you want the action of Brisbane, It’s only 15 mins away over the water. You get the best of both worlds.
  11. 11. You know how in Mt Isas’ back yard your choices of things to do are limited. You could go camping. You could go fishing. You could go to another town. But you’d have to travel a long way. You could go to the same pubs and clubs Over and over.............and over. You could fly to Townsville. You could drive to Townsville. That’ll cost you a lot of your money or a lot of your time. But on Lamb and Karragarra Your backyard choices are HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’VE GOT NORTH STRADBROKE ISLAND • It’s your next door neighbour • You and your family can boat to it in 30 mins • And it’s got heaps to do • Fishing, surfing, diving • Swimming in fresh water lakes or the surf • Bushwalking, camping North Stradbroke Island
  12. 12. THE GOLD COAST • Movieworld, Seaworld, Dreamworld, Wet and Wild etc • Golden beaches • Party atmosphere • Etc etc etc BRISBANE • World class sporting events • Headline act concerts • Shopping Shopping Shopping • All the hustle and bustle that you want • Etc etc etc SUNSHINE COAST • Beaches, sand, surfing • Holidays, daytrips, whatever • Australia Zoo, Alma Park Zoo, Go Karting • Etc etc etc BRISBANE AIRPORT • Where do you want to go? • Right now Melbourne for $105 • Perth for $170 • Townsville for $109 • You’re in the hub. Go where you want to go • And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg
  13. 13. With Karragarra and Lamb you’re in another world But you still want your conveniences And who doesn’t Well You get * IGA(about as big as Mt Isas’ IGA) 5 mins away on Russell Island • A general parking area + a secure card entry parking compound for your car near the jetty • Redland Bay shopping precinct 1km from the jetty on the mainland. It’s got banks, convenience stores, butcher, takeaway etc • Victoria Point shopping centre(and surrounds) 5km from the jetty on the mainland. And it’s got everything that you’d want • Hungry Jacks, Maccas, Subway, Dominos Pizza, etc • Woolies, Coles, Kmart etc • Bunnings, Supacheap etc • Cinema • Medical centre with heaps of doctors • (see pages 290-292 for a list of shops)
  14. 14. Lamb : You get the water, the boats and the green countryside. Seachange. Would cost you a fortune wouldn’t it? You’d have to save up forever wouldn’t you? Other places yes. Karragarra and Lamb, Not at the moment. Because these islands Are still something of a secret. Even to Brisbane people. Try this experiment. Ask people that you know (from Brisbane especially, but anywhere in general) Where the heck (cont)
  15. 15. Karragarra: sandy beach, exclusive because it’s small. Lamb and Karragarra are. And how beautiful they are. You’ll be surprised and you’ll be happy at this lack of awareness. Because you’ve got the info. You’ve seen the photos and you can get in while these blocks are priced so low. Because people will find out and then it’ll be a story of you could have, you should have, but you didn’t.
  16. 16. INDEX PAGE 18 – 139 Full page photos of Lamb Island and Karragarra Island. 140 – 142 Maps showing where you find Karragarra Is and Lamb 143 An aerial photo of Karragarra Island 144 – 162 30 Treasure Island Ave, Karragarra Island photos 163 An aerial photo of Lamb Island 164 – 175 82 Lucas Dr, Lamb Island photos 176 – 193 37 Perulpa Dr, Lamb Island photos 194 – 246 A walk around Lamb and Karragarra in pictures 247 – 255 A picture paints a 1000 words. 256 – 258 North Stradbroke Island in pictures 259 – 262 Fishing around Lamb Island and Karragarra Island 263 National and marine parks – a quick note 264 What you need to know about Karragarra Island part 1 265 The Southern Moreton Bay Islands 266 What you need to know about Lamb Island part 1 267 What you need to know about Karragarra Island part 2 268 – 274 What you need to know about Lamb Island part2 275 Fishing North Stradbroke Island 276 Moreton Bay Fishing Classic 277 Peel Island – notes from a sailor 278 – 290 Lamb and Karragarra Island testimonials 291 – 293 List of shops at Victoria Point 294 Why we are selling these blocks 295 We are moving to the islands 296 Our contact details
  17. 17. The green foreshore of Karragarra
  18. 18. Calm waters looking from Karragarra.
  19. 19. It’s only 8km to the mainland but here you’re a world away.
  20. 20. Over the bushy foreshore of Karragarra.
  21. 21. Over the bushy foreshore of Karragarra 2
  22. 22. Your kids catch free ferries to school.
  23. 23. Moor your boat between Karragarra and Lamb.
  24. 24. Some of Karragarras’ rugged foreshore.
  25. 25. Karragarra. Put your boat here. Beautiful.
  26. 26. Karragarra. You get trees, grass and green.
  27. 27. Your kids and the green grass of Karragarra