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Beyond Blogging by Kelly Whalen


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Beyond Blogging by Kelly Whalen

  1. 1. BeyondBlogging:How to Use Your Blogas a Platform forOther Opportunities
  2. 2. Kelly Whalen: The Centisble Life Kelly Whalen is the owner of The Centsible Life, a lifestyle blog with a focus on family finances, and living the life you want on less. Kelly also co-owns a social media business with a focus on brand consulting and event planning called Just Centsible. In addition to that she works with a group of bloggers as Splash Creative Media to create campaigns based on timely topics (such as back to school) with a charitable component. Twitter: @CentsibleLife
  3. 3. Key Takeaways›  Branding is key.›  Creating a home base.›  Set goals.›  Utilize social media.›  Opportunities beyond blogging.›  How to find opportunities.›  The Art of Pitching
  4. 4. Brand Yourself›  You are a brand›  Your blog is a brand›  Design & logo are key›  What’s your story?›  Elevator pitch
  5. 5. Home Base›  Create a home base on the web. ›  Your blog ›  LinkedIn ›  Twitter ›  Facebook ›  Google+ ›  YouTube ›  and more…
  6. 6. Goals›  What does your dream look like?›  How can you get from here to there?›  Set goals quarterly for growth and income.›  Re-evaluate quarterly.›  Find a partner or mentor.›  Know that it will change.
  7. 7. Utilize social media›  Be active across social media platforms.›  Set aside time to devote to being active in social media forums.›  Analyze what works for you.›  Be yourself.›  Reach out to brands.
  8. 8. Opportunities›  Every situation/email/tweet/follow is an opportunity.›  Be responsive.›  Create templates for emails.
  9. 9. Finding Opportunities›  Pay attention via social media.›  Form relationships with PR or marketing.›  Your email is the golden ticket.›  Pitch, pitch, and pitch some more.
  10. 10. Freelance›  What are you good at?›  Offer services, or use your skillset.›  Examples: ›  Writingor editing ›  Consulting ›  Blog Design ›  Social Media ›  Community Management
  11. 11. Collaboration›  Find your ‘tribe’, and work together.›  Collaboration leads to more dollars.›  Extend your reach by partnering with other bloggers.
  12. 12. Sponsorships›  Sponsored Posts ›  Get paid to talk about a brand.›  Spokesperson Roles ›  Could include posts, updates, media, representation, and more.›  Brand Ambassadors ›  Typically posts via social media and engagement via calls, or in-person event.
  13. 13. Create your own Product›  Craft your own product.›  Branded products›  Consulting›  Informational Products ›  E-books ›  Free or paid resources
  14. 14. Why Pitching is like Dating›  It’sbetter to date someone you’ve met before than go out on a blind date.›  Do your research before you ‘go out.’›  Make the conversation all about your ‘date’, but be sure to talk a little bit about you.›  Make sure your date knows what you are interested in.›  Dress to impress.›  KISS (keep it simple, silly)