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  • Beverly Harzog

    1. 1. Media Strategies for Rock-Star Bloggers Beverly Harzog
    2. 2. Who are you? The answer is in this sentence… I’m the only _____ who offers _____. Think about: • Focus/specialty of your blog • Tone • Perspective • Unique Characteristics Step #1
    3. 3. What’s your focus? Step #1 • Subject expertise: credit, real estate, investment, frugal living, general finance • Specific audience: male, female, age group, entrepreneurs, parents with kids • How do you benefit your audience? This is the “takeaway” for the reader
    4. 4. What makes you unique? Step #1 • Tone: humorous, snarky, academic, cultural references, angry, friendly, obnoxious • Perspective: advisor role, advocate, or an “I’m just like you” persona • Other unique characteristics: accent, personal style, geographic location, awesome photos
    5. 5. Here’s my full brand: Step #1 I’m the only strawberry-blonde, middle-aged, Southern lady who specializes in credit cards: • • • • Focus: Credit cards Tone: Friendly, humorous, sometimes snarky, and responsive Perspective: Consumer advocate Unique characteristics: Southern accent, willing to confess my own mistakes, which gives me the “I’ve been there” vibe. Now you’re ready to finish this sentence… I’m the only _____ who offers _____.
    6. 6. Work your brand • Step #2 Be clear about your goal • Examples: publish a book, become a freelance writer, increase traffic to your site, speaking, consulting, your own radio show • Choose media that fits your goal and personality • Have a professional website that showcases your expertise • Social Media: You don’t have to do it all • Rule of 5: Do 5 things every day that support your goal
    7. 7. Rock your media opportunity • Webcasts and podcasts • Google Hangouts • Major financial websites and print • Radio • TV Step #3
    8. 8. Webcasts, Google Hangouts, and Step #3 podcasts • Get quality equipment: HD webcam and a quality microphone • Pay attention to the video background • Choose clothing to complement you and the background • Noise control: Turn off the phone
    9. 9. Major financial websites and print Step #3 • Reporters need reliable, expert sources • Be the best source ever • • • • • • • Ask questions about the article’s focus Be on time for the call Don’t go off-topic talking about yourself Don’t promote yourself constantly Don’t demand to review your quotes Don’t ask to be sent a copy of the article Don’t be a snob about small websites or magazines • What you’ll get if you do all this
    10. 10. Radio Step #3 • Great for selling books • For early morning segments: • Get up at least 60-90 minutes before airtime • Don’t wear pajamas • Warm up your voice • • • • List a few bullet points Write down the host’s name Email and thank the producer or host Get the podcast and add it to your site Tip: If you get stuck on a question, repeat the question back to the host.
    11. 11. The Big Time: TV • Do you need media training? • Tips for success: • Find out if it’s taped or live • Find out if you are in a remote studio • Ask questions about the scope of the topic • Choose clothing and accessories based on the show • Practice, practice, and then practice some more • Visualize success • Feeling nervous? • Have a theme song • Get to the studio early and check your appearance • When you get in the chair, ask to see a shot of yourself Step #3
    12. 12. Step #3 Foolproof Method Suck It Up
    13. 13. Benefits of Media Exposure • PR produces more PR • Broadens your reach and impact • Creates new income streams Step #3
    14. 14. Questions?