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Feb. 2009 Smoke Signals Issue 4


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Feb. 2009 Smoke Signals Issue 4

  1. 1. Smoke Si gn al s February 2009 • volume 40 • issue 04 • Peters Township High School Congratulations Dance Team! All photos submitted by Mrs. Deliere Dance Team Wins 3rd Place at National Championships Stephanie Cotugno News Editor On February 1, The Varsity Dance Team competed in the National Championships at Walt Disney World and brought home the third place trophy. From across the country, the UDA National Dance Team Championship, one of the most prestigious championships in the nation, brings the best high and junior high school dance teams to compete. There were an estimated 10,000 spectators in attendance, and out of sixty-one teams, the PTHS dance team shined. The competition took place at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex located at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida. Dance teams striving to reach the national level are evaluated at UDA summer camps in order to qualify for the compe- tition. In 2008, approximately three hundred high schools and All Star dance teams were selected to compete at the National Dance Team Championship. The teams compete in divisions based on team size, grade/age level, and category (jazz, hip hop, pom, and high kick). Barbara Deliere and Nique Deliere are the team’s coaches, and senior Laney Smith captains the varsity team. “I’m really proud of everyone. We work really hard as a team, and have been practicing since last April,” stated senior Leah Nobers. “Our dedication was definitely rewarded.” The competition will be featured on ESPN, and will be broadcasted on Sunday, March 1 at 2:00 pm reaching more than 90 million homes. PTHS Embraces Classrooms of the Future Kaitlyn Richert Staff Writer Peters Township High School teachers received a grant from Classrooms for the Future, or CFF, a unique program that takes on the initiative to transform how students learn by providing their classrooms with advanced technology. With the world rapidly progressing technologically, the community is also in the process of adapting to these exciting shifts in order to enhance the quality of student learning. The time has to come to upgrade the outdated and inconvenient chalkboards to interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors to laptop computers, and VCRs to web cams. The CFF committee expects the modern equipment to be ready for student use for the second semester. Funded by a state grant of more than $200,000, CFF ensures that it will render funds over the next three years so that all high schools in Pennsylvania may participate in this program. CFF is supplying 240 laptops, as well as whiteboards, cameras, and projectors to be installed in the classrooms of teacher volunteers. These participants (Mr. Cervenak, Mr. Demascal, Mrs. Groninger, Mrs. Kocan, Mrs. White, Mr. Redilla, Mr. Hitchens, and Mr. Luxbacher) attended online training classes and received further training in the subject. Mrs. Morriston serves as their CFF coach. Dr. Hajzus is also involved in the program, attending CFF meetings and evaluating teachers using various designed instruments. With this training, teachers will be able to incorporate “online learning” techniques into their classrooms using the BlackBoard system. This is a software system that allows teachers to deliver classroom content via the Internet. CFF teachers Doug Cervenak, Erin Boni, and Chris Hitchens piloted the BlackBoard program in the 07-08 school year. “The CFF program is efficient because it gives us access to more equipment and tools to utilize technology in classrooms,” Erin Boni remarked. “It will also benefit by improving student loaning.” The faculty strongly believes that introducing the concept of cyber learning will help students transition into college and post-secondary education. “It will be different to adjust to these changes, but I know it will be worth it when I go off to college,” said junior Colleen Lugar. By upgrading technology, students have the opportunity to receive a futuristic education and teachers have a chance to experience an added convenience to the classroom. The CFF program continues to make great strides as they transform the way students learn at Peters Township High School. $25 Starbuck’s Gift Card word scramble - page 9 SPORTS Facebook may affect your job status - page 5 OPINION Inside the Historic Inaguration of President Barack Obama - page 3 FEATURES NEWS Inside PT Hockey: skating down the competition - page 11
  2. 2. reference February 2009 Sunday Monday Tuesday Smoke Signals Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday February 2009 15 16 17 18 19 20 World Human Spirit Day 22 23 24 Clam Chowder Day 25 26 George Washington’s Birthday 1 3 Dr. Seuss Born 1904 9 10 17 23 24 National Puppy Day 30 Smoke Signals is produced eight times during a school year by the students of Media II, III, IV Journalism and extracurricular staff at Peters Towship High School, 264 E. McMurray Road, McMurray PA 15317. Telephone: 724-941-6250 x.5379. E-mail: Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the express opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its advisor or the Peters Township School District. Member of the Pennsylvania School Press Association. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Renée Wunderlich ASSISTANT EDITOR Andrea Briggs 6 7 11 12 13 14 18 Uranus Discovered 1781 19 Albert Einstein Born 1879 20 21 27 28 First Day of Spring 25 26 Waffle Day 31 Smoke Signals 5 St. Patrick’s Day Ides of March 29 4 Worship Tools Day 16 22 28 If Pets Had Thumbs Day International Women’s Day 15 27 National Chili Day 2 8 21 NEWS EDITOR Stephanie Cotugno FEATURES EDITORS Dana Hoelle Bridget Stasenko OPINION EDITOR Emily Estep SPORTS EDITOR Taylor Relich MARKETING EDITORS Shelby Miller Paige Burris STAFF WRITERS Gabrielle Brinsky, Amy Burzotta, Averi Clements, Conor Jackson, Ian Jackson, Colleen Lugar, Monica Paterra, Kaitlyn Richert, Matt Schilling, Matt Sikora, Bethany Suchy LAYOUT EDITOR Emily Correal LAYOUT TEAM Shelby Miller, Paige Burris, Taylor Miller MANAGING EDITOR Katie Ellis ADVISOR Mrs. Sitler Marc h 2009 Valentine Connect-the-Dots
  3. 3. news February 2009 Smoke Signals Hines Ward Uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Sickening Salmonella Stephanie Cotugno Gabrielle Brinsky News Editor With Super Bowl XLIII as motivation, Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward made the conscious decision to begin using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to aid his recovery from a sprained knee. Ward took serious precautions and bought the oxygen chamber, which can cost as much as $15,900, and began to use it in his home. For one hour a day, number 86 sits in the chamber while it promotes the production of red blood cells and accelerates his healing process. After seeing remarkable differences in the rehabilitation of his injury, Ward has become reliant on the oxygen chamber, as it aids the treatment of infection by enhancing white blood cells and potentially germ-killing antibiotics. Additionally, the oxygen chamber doesn’t decrease his energy, allowing the professional player to recover while still participating in NFL games. By spending time in the chamber every day, Ward is allowing his body to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the locations with reduced circulations: his injured knee. Mr.Wood “I think it’s great that Hines Ward took control of his situation and made the best out of his injury. He works really hard and strives to succeed in his performance,” said senior Emily Boccardi. Ward went through extra rehabilitation on his right knee in preparation for SuperBowl XLIII that took place on February 1 in Tampa Bay, Florida. His right knee, injured in the first quarter of the AFC Championship Game, has a slight MCL (medial collateral ligament) sprain. To continue his healing process, Ward had the chamber shipped to Tampa for a strenuous week of rehab before the game. Along with the oxygen chamber, Ward also iced his knee every three hours. “It’s cool to think how devoted Hines Ward is to playing well,” stated senior A.J. Metz. Leading the Steelers with eighty-one receptions for 1,043 yards, this season has been his best season statistically since 2003. Hines Ward is the Steelers’ career leader in receptions, yards, and touchdowns, and his talent proves his devotion. Musical Dedicated to Film Stars Guest Writer This year’s annual musical is entitled “Little Mary Sunshine” with book, lyrics and music by Rick Besoyan. It is a satirical musical, which pokes gentle fun at the musical genre, which was most popular on Broadway at the turn of the century: the Operetta!! The entire production is being dedicated to the 1930’s film team of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy who popularized the Operetta in eight major musical films for MGM. The show’s director, Mr. Wood, has been an avid MacDonald-Eddy fan since the 1950’s. This funny musical will feature hilarious performances from Drew Caliguiri as Big Jim, Kelsey Boze as Little Mary, Harrison Buzzatto as Billy, Lindsay Bayer as Nancy, Erika Hubbell as Ernestine, Wesley Groll as Oscar, Hardy Kern as Chief Brown Bear, and David Robbins as Yellow Feather. The Forest Rangers are portrayed by Tyler Deiley, Marco Femiani, Justin Gaab, Kyle Emily Estep Opinion Editor On January 20, 2009, history was made. In the presence of an estimated 1.5 million Americans, the first African-American president, Barack Obama, took office in the United States. Most found it nearly impossible to escape the media coverage of such an historic event. As invigorating as watching the event on television was, it can be assumed that many viewers wish they could have attended. PTHS junior, Ben West, was fortunate enough to be present at the inauguration. A passionate supporter of President Obama, West says the best part of the experience was actually seeing it happen. “I jumped on board with the campaign a year and half ago. And now, I was finally witnessing what I wanted before my very eyes. As for the next four years, I’m What In The World...? Gramling, Cole Marks, John McGovern, Evan McIntyre, James Northrop, Tom Norton and Ben West. The young ladies from Eastchester Finishing School are portrayed by Lynnsey Garlick, Annemarie Hall, Elizabeth Hammell, Stephanie Hammell, Meghan Fitzgerald, Sarah Leech, Angela Mikec, Katie Schultz, Ellie Stanchak and Brooke Tenison. Assisting Mr. Wood are Mrs. Donna Fox, Orchestral Director, Mr. Dave Walsh, Technical Director, Mrs. Caryn Kuhn, Thespian Troupe sponsor, Linsey VanNewKirk, Assistant Director, Taylor Laster, Stage Manager and Mr. Ryan Perrotte, Choral Director. The musical will be staged Thursday, March 5, at 7:00 PM and Friday and Saturday, March 6 7 at 7:30 PM. Tickets will be on sale for $5.00 for students and seniors and $7.00 for adults at the door for all performances. Staff Writer International groups such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have found health dangers in peanut products. These groups traced salmonella back to the Peanut Corporation plant in Blackely, GA. They found out that the plant knew their products contained salmonella, but still continued to ship the merchandise. Records show twelve past salmonella outbreaks at this facility. “It is inconceivable that the FDA or the state of Georgia allowed a plant like this to operate,” commented Seattle personal-injury attorney Bill Marler in a Scientific American website. The state reviewed the plant and never found a trace of salmonella, but the FDA conducted an inspection and quickly found strands. The FDA found two strands of the bacteria as well as a fourth strand, which is linked to 501 illnesses and eight deaths since September. Young children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems are the victims at highest risk. “One-fifth of the ill people are under age five,” authorities told New York Times. The inspections uncovered many hidden health hazards that could not have had simply happened overnight; the factory had been in horrible condition for a while. The Georgia Food Plant was still operating with mold growing on the ceilings and walls and long gaps in its roof. The Georgia State Agriculture Department found grease residue, dirt buildup, dirty surfaces, and gaps in warehouse doors the perfect size for rodents to enter. A huge health danger in their facility was the rust residue that could easily enter into finished or unfinished products. After receiving news of contamination and safety problems, the plant did not take on the responsibility of cleaning up the firm. FDA member Michael Rogers said, “The plant clearly violates a good manufacturing practice.” Salmonella is a dangerous sickness; in some cases, it requires antibiotics or even hospitalization. Symptoms include fever and abdominal cramps. The investigating organizations are still looking into the plant and what to do about it. The FDA sent out many recalls for crackers and products with this peanut butter. The most cases were reported in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and Missouri. Inside The Inauguration looking forward to see how Obama deals with the world’s problems.” West’s day began at six am when he woke and began the long trek to the Capital Building. He then waited for two hours, in the cold, in the line to the entrance gate. The line alone was a sign of what was to come. “When you looked towards the capital, there was no grass visible. Every spot was covered with people, even the statues,” West stated. Next, they had to go through a security checkpoint and find a spot with a good view. A half an hour later, the ceremony began. “As for the ceremony, it was kind of anti-climactic because it was so cold. But we saw [Obama swearing in] and left. We saw Bush’s helicopter flying away on our way back.” West stated. If there was any benefit to watching the inauguration at home, it was escaping the cold. “It was freezing,” West said, “I don’t think people can grasp how cold it was. Still, the fact that so many were present despite the weather shows how important President Obama and what he stands for is to people.”             According to West, the inauguration was not exactly perfect. The temperatures were not exactly ideal, lines were endless, and attendees couldn’t hear everything very clearly. Even so, West was glad that he went. “It was an amazing experience to be with all those people and witness such an historic occasion. I would go again in a heartbeat; it makes you feel strangely patriotic being that close to the capitol,” he said. Compiled by Katie Ellis . In high school, everyone checks Facebook constantly in order to be updated on their friend’s relationship status; the whole school knows the second a couple breaks up. Now imagine that your husband of six years posted a message announcing your divorce – before he tells you. That’s exactly what happened to Emma Brady of Blackburn, England. She claims that they were not having any relationship problems, and did not hear of the divorce until her best friend from Denmark called to see if she was all right. Kentucky the penguin is afraid of water. He’s the only one of 24 penguins at the Saffordshire zoo who refuses to get into the icy pool habitat, and for a good reason: 11-year-old Kentucky was born “a bit of a runt” and has had a molting problem for his entire life. His feathers aren’t as thick as the other penguins’. He walks around on the rocks instead of swimming with his friends, providing endless entertainment for the patrons of the English zoo. China has officially banned “non-accredited personnel” from acting as medical personnel on television and internet websites. At least 12 “doctors” have been found selling fake medicine under false names on various television stations across eastern China. Earlier in February, five men were arrested for selling a fake diabetic drug that has been linked to the death of at least two people. A Hindu organization is planning to launch a new soft drink made of cow’s urine, which is considered sacred in many parts of India. Many Hindus consider the urine to have medicinal properties and often drink it during religious festivals. The product will be sold nationwide, but they are hoping to break into the international market.
  4. 4. features February 2009 Speak OUT who is your ideal Valentine’s Date? “Mike Glod” - Kathleen Brown Senior “Claudia” - Steven Wagner Junior Smoke Signals A World Away: An Interview with Pasha Taylor Miller Staff Writer Everyone has felt out of place at one time or another, but imagine going to an entirely different country where no one really understands you. I gave Moldovan foreign exchange student, junior Pasha Guranda, a chance to share his views on our world. TM: How does PTHS compare to your school in Moldova? PG: PTHS is more fun because there are so many more people my age. My school in Moldova is considered big, but there are only about one hundred kids. TM: What is your overall impression of the people in the US after spending some time here? PG: I find that people are generally the same here as the people in Moldova. Americans all appreciate the values of integrity and honesty. TM: How does this compare to what you have been told? PG: I have been told that Americans are more egocentric, care a lot about money, and are totally ignorant to the rest of the world. I am lucky I did not meet any of these “minuses” of America. Everyone Photo by: Amy Burzotta says it’s because Peters is a “bubble.” TM: What do people in Moldova think of Americans? PG: The first and biggest group of people hates almost everything about Americans. They are influenced by post-Soviet ideas and still think there is a hidden political fight between America and Russia. (Moldova is a satellite country of the USSR) The second group is much smaller and loves Americans. They enjoy the culture and do their best to get out of their motherland. TM: What kind of extra curricular activities are you in? PG: I do sports and forensics (debate). I’ve never seen people take sports so seriously before. Especially football; it’s very brutal. I will always remember the emotions of the first football game I ever saw against Baldwin. The guys’ commitment is really amazing. I didn’t know that seventeen and eighteen yearold guys could take something so seriously. TM: How does American culture compare to that of Moldova? PG: The lifestyle here is so busy you can spend the whole day doing fun important things and at the end of the day realize that you did nothing. American malls are like a paradise. You can feel the whole power of American in the mall in USC. It’s sophisticated, it smells good – it’s like a small America. I think it’s hard for Americans to realize what excitement I feel each time I enter the mall. TM: Do you look forward to going back to Moldova? PG: I very rarely feel homesick. I feel bad when I remember how life is at home compared to here in the US. Still, some Americans are not satisfied with that. Blockbuster to Offer Videos On Demand Monica Paterra Staff Writer “Heath Ledger” - Kayla Graniger Sophomore Save yourself a trip to the video store, because Blockbuster has a brand new way of receiving On Demand movies through the cable on your television. Blockbuster has partnered up with 2Wire Media to provide a box connected to the television that will allow the signal to be transferred in to a viewable format. “Faster than it takes to make popcorn, your movie will be ready,” said Jim Keyes, Blockbuster chief executive officer, in a Tech News World interview. This new alternative to viewing movies is much more convenient, and also has a rather low cost. Customers who decide to buy twenty-five rentals for $99 will receive a DVD player for free. The wide movie selection that Blockbuster On Demand provides, will be accessible for thirty days, once downloaded, but as soon as a viewer begins to start a movie, viewing time for that movie will only be available for twentyfour hours. Extra movies will cost between $1.99 and $3.99 per rental. Although the widely popular service Netflix has had the top spot with online movie rentals, Blockbuster is expected to surpass Netflix due to its ability to receive recently-released videos rather than having to wait two or three years. Also, they provide a different type of technology for the download that is thought to be superior to that of Netflix. “You might have heard a lot about streaming capabilities [quicker downloading]. We think progressive download is a higher form of streaming, for the following reason: It really comes down to quality,” said Keyes. “The reality is that even if a home has sufficient bandwidth, streaming requires always-on connectivity. Download needs only a one-time connection.” Beyond the Bubble: Animal Friends No-Kill Shelter and Resource Center Renée Wunderlich Editor-In-Chief “Jessica Simpson” - Matt Subosits Freshman February is Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month, so we focus on helping our four-legged friends in need at Pittsburgh’s Animal Friends non-profit, no-kill shelter for dogs, cats, and rabbits. With Many Americans having to cut back on spending, pets are often seen as an unnecessary expense. Housing foreclosures also have many owners feeling obligated to dump their furry family members. An estimated six to eight million dogs and cats alone are abandoned; left in the streets with no means of shelter, food, or companionship. Sadly, three to four million of these animals must be euthanized. And while it is impossible for no-kill shelters like Animal Friends to save each abandoned animal in the area, the volunteers and staff have helped place over 2,200 dogs, cats, and rabbits with loving families each year. In addition to the shelter, Animal Friends has an array of other programs from obedience classes and pet-assisted therapy to a low-cost spay and neutering service. The professionals at the resource center also take part in local animal cruelty investigations and rescues. Animal Friends has recently received “pawfulls” of publicity, including an appearance on the Today Show (NBC) and articles in the Wall Street Journal and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. And yes, they’re on both Facebook (you can “become a fan”) and YouTube. If you’re interested in adopting a new member into your family, want to spend time volunteering at the shelter, or just feel like making a donation, visit
  5. 5. features February 2009 Your Heart and Cheerios: They Are Compatible Smoke Signals Spring Fashion Bethany Suchy Colleen Lugar Staff Writer they may raise your cholesterol levels. With soluble fiber being the key ingredient in lowering cholesterol, eating the three cups a day of Cheerios will only provide three grams, which is simply not enough to provide a substantial amount of progress. It would be an extra three hundred calories, not including the milk. If the lowcholesterol Cheerios diet were to work, you would need to watch the incoming sources of cholesterol to help your heart that you are consuming. Eating Cheerios alone is not the best way; It is just not practical for someone to replace two meals a day with a bowl of Cheerios for an entire six weeks. If you want to do your heart a favor, eating Cheerios is a good start, but do not solely depend on them to lower your cholesterol. The most effective way is still to minimize the amount of animal products you eat. Meat, eggs and cheese are beneficial in moderation and provide nutrients, but if your serious about lowering cholesterol levels, do your heart a favor and try cutting back. FAshion Staff Writer We have all heard that Cheerios has the power to lower your cholesterol, but does it work? Heart disease is the number-one threat to the health of women in America. Institute reports that one in three die of heart disease. Lets treat our hearts right and make a commitment to eat more Cheerios. Oats, as a core ingredient, power Cheerios.  Think of oats as a sponge, soaking up the cholesterol in your system.  Cheerios are made with one hundred percent natural whole grain oats, and is the only cold cereals proven to lower cholesterol build up. A clinical study proved that eating two 1.5-cup servings of Cheerios cereal daily for six weeks reduces bad cholesterol about four percent when eaten as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. “I love Cheerios and after eating them for breakfast everyday, my doctor says my cholesterol is lower,” Stated junior Beth Herder. Cholesterol is a bully when it comes to you and your heart. It is a waxy substance that is built up by eating animal products. This nuisance clogs the arteries, and is known to put a toll on your health by causing strokes and heart complications. However, it does serve a purpose in the body to an extent. It helps us to create certain hormones and plays an important role in the nervous system and the brain. Every day, our bodies make 800 to 1,500 mg of cholesterol to keep us healthy.  Beyond that, we should not be consuming more than 300 mg of it daily.  Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are high in fat, and when not eaten in variety, One cup Cheerios 0 mg One cup skim milk    5 mg One large egg    210 mg Eight ounces yogurt     5 mg Three ounces shrimp    150 mg One ounce cheddar cheese    30 mg Although we are still in the winter months, it’s not too early to start thinking about spring. While fall 2008 was filled with deep, dark colors such as blue and purple, spring of ’09 will mostly be immersed in light, bright colors along with neutrals. The dark blues and purples will be lightened to palace blue and lavender. Lemon yellow and different vibrant greens will also be seen on the runways. According to Pantone, the worldwide color standard leader, these spring colors will “provide optimism and stability” for a spring wardrobe. Pantone is the most widely recognized color standard in the world, and is used as an important tool in the fashion industry. Bright and bold prints will be extremely popular this spring and even into the summer. Patterns ranging from polka dots all the way to parrot like prints from iconic designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Peter Pilotto. The spring styles will be a revival of the seventies and eighties. Don’t throw away last summer’s jumpsuits, for they will be even trendier this spring. Other things to look for are pencil skirts, tubular mini dresses, sheer bandage dresses, and jersey crop tops. Embrace the frills and lace of the season and be sure to layer clothes. Mix neutral colors with something bright to create a very instyle look. Wash The Winter Blues Away Facebook May Affect Your Status *Recommended no more than 300mg of cholesterol intake daily Bridget Stasenko Features Editor Andrea Briggs Assistant Editor Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace may be a great way to keep in touch with friends and show off the more interesting aspects of your life. However, many don’t realize that what they put on there may been seen by more than their close friends. Employers are now beginning to look on Facebook to screen out potential employees, and what they find may be held against you. A survey by Ponemon Institute showed that 23 percent of hiring managers use social networking sites to do background checks on job candidates, and 35 percent use Google to look up other information. This practice isn’t only reserved for before someone gets the job; just ask the banker who lost his job after photos of him partying on a supposed sick day surfaced on his Facebook profile. Colleges are also joining in on the Facebook screenings. The educational company Kaplan conducted a study of 500 colleges, and 10 percent of the admissions officers used social networking sites to see what they could learn about an applicant. Shockingly, 38 percent of the officers said that their impressions on the students were negatively affected after viewing their online profiles. “My profile is set to private, so no one can see my information but my friends,” said junior Katie Ellis. While setting information to private or restricted may keep out the average user, that doesn’t make it safe by any means. Thirty-three Twitter accounts were hacked into earlier in January, including an administrator’s account, and MySpace is infamous for its poor security. Additionally, Facebook states in its privacy policy that it reserves the right to sell your personal information to private companies. Between the outrageously low temperatures and terrible winter conditions, two-hour delays and cancellations have been a common occurrence. Such days may be exciting, but sometimes the winter blues can take a toll on your mood. When the roads are bad and you’re stuck in the house, sometimes there is not a lot to do. If you are feeling down during the winter months, you are not alone. The sadness that some people may feel during the winter months is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This condition affects twenty percent of the American population. People who have this disorder are always depressed in the wintertime. They feel like they have no reason to do exciting things or even continue with their daily routine. Other symptoms include over-eating, over-sleeping, and extreme exhaustion. To fix this disorder, bright light therapy and a diet change have been proven to help. However, tanning beds are not considered bright lights and should not be used for treatment. If your case of SAD is more serious, a doctor may prescribe medication to help with the recovery process. Also, setting a goal, such as losing weight for summer or a house project, can keep you occupied during the cold months. Sometimes, planning a vacation to a hot spot could be the cure. Options are endless to keep yourself busy. The first thing is getting caught up on sleep. When there is a two-hour delay or cancellation, it would be best to get well rested; a good night’s sleep isn’t common for high school students. It’s a good idea to get caught up on work when school is cancelled. For example, get homework, college stuff, and cleaning done. If you would like to make this a fun day, there is sled riding, watching movies, or just relaxing. However, If you would like to get brownie points with your parents, you could always shovel the driveway. You can make a day off school very productive and exciting if you are feeling the winter blues.
  6. 6. We asked 50 boys the following question: Top Ten Best So ngs for Valent ine’s Da y How Much is Too Much to Spend on Your Valentine? 22% Iris – Goo Goo Dolls Collide – Howie Day Wonderwall - Oasis Amazed - Lonestar 18% Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s 8% I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis You Me - Lifehouse 6% 28% Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts 18% #1: My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion A Girl’s View of Valentin Day A Boy’s View of Valentine’s Ian Jackson Dana Hoelle Features Edi Staff Writer st comValentine’s Day is the mo is bad, tmas ris mercialized holiday. Ch e you kidding tine’s Day? Ar but Valen e’s Day, I think me? When I think Valentin big secret that e Victoria’s Secret. I think th all these years s been keeping Victoria ha ated Valentine’s is that she secretly cre ate underwear Day; they sell more intim any other day on Valentine’s Day than of the year! e place Flowers are all over th s kind ink that’ on Valentine’s Day. I th good and can of cool – flowers smell table. They’re really spice up a kitchenmmitted the sin still stupid. Yes, I have co ls, but it never of buying flowers for gir estment. Valinv turns out to be a good reserved for siny should be entine’s Da wouldn’t really gle people. I, sadly, still point in my life, get to celebrate it at this celebrate: they but single people should of a relationdon’t deal with the stress ship. on ValenTo sum up my thoughts u know let yo to tine’s Day, I would like thing like that) lfriend (or some that my gir that said “happy received a text message at’s it. That is it. valentines day btw”. Tharound Saturday Then again, she wasn’t uld say we celor Sunday. I guess you co lly. ebrated Friday, but not rea d. Now I’m embarrasse tor When I think about Va lentine’s Day, I imagine som sweeping me off my eone special that does not always feet. In reality ha but it’s still nice to have ppen to me, al gesture from someo an occasionthat they care about yone that shows u. Every Valentine’s Day , I enjoy spending it with they pe My dad always comes ho ople I love. ris chocolates, and my me with Sarusually exchange cards. friends and I not require you to spen This day does boyfriend or girlfriend d time with a with your friends and . Having fun fa as enjoyable as spending mily is just it with a significant other. Valentine’s Day to m e means that you show everyo about how much they ne you care to you. So when search really mean for someone, somethi ing for a gift isn’t always necessary;ng extravagant is always greatly apprec a simple card iated. We asked 50 girls the following question: What Would You Rather Receive for Valentine’s 4% 6% 48% e’s Day 42% Day? Did You Know...? ht by wom 85% of all Valentine cards are boug themselves 15% of Americans send flowers to Valentine’s Day (Men, too!) there are on For every six men looking for love, women who are looking as well e since 200 904 Numbers have been nationwid red roses a 39% of Americans choose a dozen flowers of choice
  7. 7. V alent ine’s D ay T hrou gh th e D eca de s Kaitlyn Richert Staff Writer n Eve ry Feb rua ry, lo ved one s flow ers , can dy, and gift s in th e nam e exc han g e o Vale n tin e. Feb rua ry has lon g bee n a mof Sai n t rom an ce, bu t th e hist ory o f Vale n tin e’s n th o f Day its foc use d sai n t are sur rou nde d in my and So w hy do we cel ebrate this h olid ay and ste ry. w h o is this my ste riou s sai n t? Acc ord ing to hist m, end s exist to con ten d th e role playvariou s leg ed by Vale n tin e. One par ticu lar leg end sta tes Sai n t Vale n tin e was a prie st in Rom e during th tha t cen tur y. W h en Em peror Cla udi us II clai me e third sin gle me n we re mo re efficie n t sol die d tha t rs sol die rs wit h fam ilies , h e ou tla we d ma tha n for you ng me n – his pot en tia l cro p o f solrria g e Vale n tin e h ow e ver, defied th e em peror anddie rs. tinu ed to con du ct ma rria g es for you ng con se cre tly. Vale n tin e was ord ere d to be exe lo ver s on ce his action s we re dis co vered. A not cu ted end sug g est s tha t th e h olid ay is cel ebrh er leg mid -Fe bru ary to rem em ber th e ann i ver ate d in sar y o f Vale n tin e’s dea th . Els ew h ere , nation s su ch as ain and Fra n ce beg an to cel ebrate Gre at Bri tin o f th e se ven tee n th cen tur y, und er th ebeg inni ng sio n tha t Feb rua ry 14t h was th e firstim pre s bird s’ ma tin g sea son – th ere fore, it s day o f h a day for rom an ce. Vale n tin e’s gre eti ng oul d be po pula r as far bac k as th e mid dle ag s we re es, e ven tod ay th e h olid ay ran ks th e se con and est card - sen din g h olid ay o f th e yea r. Ult d larg ima th e tra dition o f th e mo st rom an tic day tel y, yea r pro gre ss as we pus h in to 20 09. o f th e “A Walk to Remember” Senior Nicole Provident “My Bloody Valentine” Junior John Brindley Top Ten Best Books to Read on Valent ine’s Day “PS, I Love You” The Wedding The Perks of Being a Wallflower Tuck Everlasting Twilight A Walk to Remember The Great Gatsby Pride Prejudice Gone with the Wind Junior Anna Wassilchalk The Notebook “Date Movie” Sophomore Justin Gompers #1: Romeo Juliet We asked 50 people the follow ing question: What is the Best Restaur ant for Valentine’s ? What is the Best Valentine’s Day Movie? Day? men on 24% 20% “The Notebook” Sophomore Dani Hume nly five 02 as their 6% g 50% “300” FreshmanTyler Sheldon
  8. 8. opinion February 2009 Forgotten America Bethany Suchy Amy Burzotta Smoke Signals Inadequate Role Models Staff Writer Staff Writer To see commercials regarding charities in Africa or India are common in today’s media. Celebrities are often shown endorsing such charities or even sponsoring ones of their own. While all of these organizations are tremendous, raising millions of dollars for those in need, many Americans are ignorant of the poverty in our own backyard. Over 50 students were recently surveyed at Peters Township High School regarding the awareness of poverty in Appalachia. Four out of every five students were not aware of the poverty, and some did not even know where Appalachia is located. Appalachia, a mountainous region of the eastern United States, stretches from southern New York down to Alabama. Home to some of the poorest people in America, the central area of Appalachia in the heart of the mountains can be compared to a third world country. Poverty, chronic depression, toothlessness, and high rates of drug use haunt the lives of over half a million people. The average family in this area makes a per capita income of less than $1,000 a year, according to, and many live in trailers. The education taught in schools is poor, and the majority of teenagers do not graduate from high school. There is no happy ending for the large majority of the Appalachian people. Those born into poverty, die in poverty. The awareness of the poor quality of life in Appalachia is important because these are our fellow Americans who are suffering. We take for granted our health, education, homes, and families because we were all born into a stable environment. Unfortunately, some people were not as lucky. In 1964, President Lyndon B. Jonhson brought attention to the Appalachian region and since then, many improvements have been made. The ARC was created to build roads and provide government funding, and create jobs. While progress is being made, there is still much work to complete. Interested in helping the people of Appalachia? Many non-profit organizations have been formed to raise money for the region. One of the larger charities is the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) gathers funds for children and provide food, clothing, and toys to families throughout the area. Michael Phelps has won fourteen Olympic gold medals. Shia Labeouf has won eleven different awards, including the Rising Star award, Best Actor, and a daytime Emmy for his superb acting skills. Ty Pennington is the host and carpenter on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, giving families in need the chance to start over with a new home and life. Miley Cyrus, the incredibly popular star, has millions of fans and millions of dollars for her acting and singing. However, do all of these “inspirational” and “successful” people really deserve the credit they have? Michael Phelps is a successful, record-breaking Olympic gold medalist. According to, on December 29, 2004, Phelps was charged with driving under the influence. On January 31, 2009, he was caught smoking marijuana. Heroic? I don’t think so. Shia Labeouf starred as Louis Stevens on the popular Disney show Even Stevens that aired until 2002. Many people love his performances in his movies such as Transformers and Disturbia. Six years later, on July 27, 2008, this star was charged with a DUI This was horrible for his reputation. TV host Ty Pennington changes the way Is it Worth the Money? Matthew Sikora Staff Writer In one year, the average person sees about 20,000 commercials. That’s about 333 hours of commercials a year. Television is the best proven way to advertise a product. The prices of producing commercials and buying airtime depend on the channel and popularity of the show that is airing. The cost of producing a national television commercial goes for about $350,000. Lower production commercials cost is around $1,000. In 2008, a thirty-second Super Bowl commercial sold for about $2.7 million. This year’s Super Bowl commercials were sold for a minimum of $3 million. This is not a major increase, and due to the slow economy, not many companies wanted to advertise this year. Many of the car corporations and FedEx do not have the funds to pay for He Said Ian Jackson What gift would you want to receive? Gift Cards Who do you want to spend it with? Chad ocho cinco If you could go anywhere on Valentine’s Day where would you go? Burger King What’s your best Valentine’s memory? In the fifth grade at St. Louise, my box won the ribbon for funniest box and ever since I’ve had this false sense that I’m funny. underprivileged families live. But on May 7, 2007, he was charged with a DUI and paid a $5,000 bail according to www.usatoday. com. “I love the show. I was very disappointed whenever I heard that he received a DUI. I was surprised because I didn’t think he’d ever do something like that.” stated junior Kelsey Boze. If you say “Miley Cyrus” to a room of ten year olds, they’ll scream about how much they love her. However, recently she has had many photo scandals of herself doing numerous inappropriate things. What message does that send to her fans? That it’s okay to do these improper acts? These stars believe that they can get away with anything, because they are famous. This is not the case. People aspire to be like them, these “inspirational” people are sending the wrong message. The things they did were inexcusable, and they got off very easily. These stars need to understand people look up to them, and they need to get their acts together. these commercials, and since sales are down, they do not feel the need to waste money. One of the biggest surprises resulted from the Doritos ad campaign, which held a contest to see who could create the best Super Bowl commercial. The winner of the USA Today poll gets one million dollars if his commercial is the most popular one aired. The Doritos “snow globe” ad won top honors, surprising many people; for the past ten years, Budweiser has taken first place. Budweiser has a professional commercial production company that makes all of their ads. The two brothers that won the USA Today contest were on a low budget and still managed to do the unthinkable and beat Budweiser. Now companies are wondering if it is even necessary to have a professional production company make their commercials. The local favorite was the new Polamalu commercial, a remake of the old Coca-Cola ad with “Mean” Joe Greene. The “Budweiser Clydesdale Rescues Love From the Circus” took second and the “Budweiser Clydesdale Learns New Trick” took third. Bridgestone’s “Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Nearly Crash” took fourth, and Doritos “Crunch Gives Man Super Power” took fifth. Surprisingly, the Polamalu commercial was given seventeenth place. According to statisticians, it is still worth the money to advertise during the Super Bowl, even in today’s economy. She Said i n e’s D a y Va l e n t Amy Burzotta What gift would you want to receive? Chocolate Who do you want to spend it with? My dad If you could go anywhere on Valentine’s Day where would you go? The Capital Grille What’s your best Valentine’s memory? In the elementary school, when we made the boxes and everyone had to put cards and candy in them
  9. 9. opinion February 2009 Can you crack the coffee code? Unscramble the letters to spell out the phrase and be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card to Starbucks.* Smoke Signals Movie Reviews By: Emily Estep, Opinion Editor Taken Rated PG-13 Taken, the story of a retired spy trying to get his abducted daughter back, grabs the audience’s attention beginning, middle, and end. Liam Neeson plays a self-described ‘ex-preventer’ who is trying to build a better relationship with his estranged daughter when she is kidnapped. Many critics are comparing it to the “Bourne” trilogy because of the intense action throughout. This comparison really shows off the highlight of the film: Taken somehow managed to make 56-year-old actor Liam Neeson into a better action star than actors half of his age, all in a mere 91 minutes. Coraline Rated PG Directed by Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas), Coraline is almost as creepy and almost as good. The film centers on a little girl, Coraline, who has just moved to a new home, has no real friends, and is ignored by her parents. Fortunately for her, she stumbles across an alternate universe where all of these things are the exact opposite. She subsequently becomes more and more attached to this world, and begins to find it difficult to control. The major flaw of Coraline are its 3-D effects. The extra dimension brings nothing positive to the film, adding only a shade of darkness, nausea, and a couple more dollars to the price of the ticket. *Submit your answer with the cutout below to Mrs. Sitler in room A114 to enter your name into the drawing. ’ Fishtank: In Lieu of Snow Days Renée Wunderlich Editor-in-Chief Slumdog Millionaire Rated R Arguably the best film of the year, Slumdog Millionaire has already won numerous awards, and been nominated for the Best Picture of the Year. It features the adventures and the love story of a young Indian boy named Jamal, a ‘slumdog’ who has just miraculously won the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. The majority of the movie occurs through flashbacks, where the audience learns why Jamal knew the answer to each question on the show. In addition to its absorbing story, Slumdog Millionaire has a brilliant score, beautiful fresh faces, and promises to make viewers feel good about the movie choice they just made. THIS CUTOUT MUST BE TURNED IN WITH YOUR ANSWER TO ROOM A114 IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR THE STARBUCKS GIFT CARD! NO CUTOUT = NO QUALIFICATION!
  10. 10. 10 sports sports February 2009 Smoke Signals 5 Mid-Majors to Watch Taylor Relich Sports Editor Now that the euphoria of the Super Bowl is over, March Madness seems right around the corner. At this stage in the season, everybody is talking about teams like Uconn, Pitt, North Carolina, and Wake Forest; and rightfully so. The teams that really get looked over are the mid- majors (a college basketball junkie’s term for a small school from a small conference that is good enough to make an impact in the tournament). I have picked five midmajors from different conferences that have the ability to knock off a big conference powerhouse. Gonzaga; any college basketball fan who is worth their salt knows the name. Although they play in the West Coast conference, where they have only two difficult opponents (St. Mary’s and San Diego), they play a rigorous out of conference schedule each year. This year’s edition of Gonzaga’s schedule included formidable opponents such as Tennessee, Oklahoma State, and Maryland. The Zags sport wins in all of the above-mentioned games, although they have close overtime losses to the now #1 Uconn Huskies and #10 Memphis Tigers. We now go to Atlantic 10, a conference that is notorious for producing strong mid-majors. The A 10 champs this year will most likely be the Xavier Musketeers who are undefeated in the conference and hold a 21-5 overall record. Xavier’s showcases thus far include big wins against Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Memphis. The Musketeers are coached by Pittsburgh-native and former Pitt point guard Shaun Miller. This is Miller’s fifth year as head coach at Xavier, and he boasts an all- time record of 113-43 there. It is not only the coaching that makes Xavier a contender in the Big Dance every year; they have a very deep bench The Latest in the WWE Conor Jackson despite their lack of seniors. Davidson is a small school from the Southern Conference that burst onto the scene during last season’s NCAA tournament. They are 22-5 overall with a 152 record in their conference. The Davidson Wildcats are led by rising star Stephen Curry, who averages almost thirty points per game and has led his team to dramatic wins against WVU and NC State. Robert Morris is a team that you might think I put in this article simply because they are local, but quite the contrary. RMU is flying under the national radar because they are in the Northeastern Conference, which has historically not been a very strong conference in the tournament. The Colonials have only lost two games in their conference so far, despite a nonconference schedule where they were somewhat shaky. Before conference play started, it looked Pro Bowl Moving to Miami Matt Schilling Staff Writer Staff Writer The excitement of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been fueled by the addition of new matches and rivalries. With superstars such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels, the WWE has obtained large fan bases. Randy Orton has proven himself to be the biggest star in the group by winning the Royal Rumble and having a title match at Wrestle Mania. With John Cena being the World Heavyweight Champion, it will be a hard feat for any other wrestler beat him in No Way Out. With its famous elimination chamber, the No Way Out event will most likely be one of the most popular pay-per-view programs of the year. This match features six wrestlers, including two that begin the match in the ring and four that wait to be called in at any given time. After 3-5 minutes, a door opens at random and another wrestler is added to the two already competing in the ring. This process continues until all of the men are released. Wrestlers are eliminated by pinfall or submission. “I will not come out anything but the winner at No Way Out,” said John Cena (www.wwe. com). There is another elimination like another typical Robert Morris year, with a winning record but no NCAA bid to show for it. Despite thumpings from teams such as Xavier and Pitt, the Colonials have virtually run the table in the NEC, routinely beating teams by 15 to 20 points. Robert Morris is a prime candidate for the first round upset in March. The Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky are another team that sprang onto the big stage last March, and it looks like they are poised for another run. You might remember their unpredictable successive wins against Drake and San Diego, boosting them to their first Sweet Sixteen in thirty seasons. With last year as a platform, they have knocked off well-known programs such as Georgia and Louisville in the early part of their schedule, and are 12-3 in the Sun Belt Conference chamber match for Smackdown. The Smackdown wrestlers include Edge, Triple H, Big Show, Vladmir Kozlov, Jeff Hardy and Undertaker. The Raw wrestlers include wrestlers John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and Mike Knox. The winner of these matches will contest for a championship at Wrestle Mania. The rivalry between brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy continues to rage in Smackdown. This was especially demonstrated at the 2009 Royal Rumble, when Matt hit Jeff with a steel chair and cost Jeff the WWE Championship Belt. The suspected reason for the incident was Matt’s jealousy of his brother, who won the WWE Championship in 2008. In Raw, Randy Orton is having trouble keeping his job after he punted WWE chairman Vince McMahon in the face and knocked him out. “The reason why I did it because I struggle with IED: intermittent explosive disorder,” said Orton ( With the never-ending competition that takes place on the mat, the WWE will continue to be a great source of entertainment for fans everywhere. UnderReview Every year, the Super Bowl comes to a conclusion and the Pro Bowl is played a week later. The Pro Bowl is interactive with fans allowing the fans to choose which players to be sent to Hawaii but the Pro Bowl lost some of its luster because it’s no longer being played in Aloha Stadium. The 2010 Pro Bowl has been moved to Dolphin Stadium in Florida, and will occur the Sunday before the Super Bowl. The NFL’s vote to change the time and place of the Pro Bowl isn’t very ideal for the players. “I just think you take away from everything the Pro Bowl means,” said Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. “I don’t understand it all.” ( Viewers don’t favor the idea of moving the game from Hawaii either. 77% of fans that replied to a poll on stated that they would prefer the Pro Bowl to stay in Hawaii. “Although it may bring more festivities to the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl than just Media Day, having the Pro Bowl played before the Super Bowl will not only take away from the teams preparation but will also cut the attendance of players playing in the Pro Bowl due to all the missing Super Bowl players,” said senior Jake Nowe. Nowe could be correct because no player would give up preparation time to play in the Super Bowl for the Pro Bowl. There is a major difference between a ring and a fancy hotel. Even now, evidence of the Pro Bowl’s lack of appeal is starting to show; tickets for the 2009 Pro Bowl sold much slower than usual, with roughly 5,000 tickets left on the market as of January 29, 2009. The tickets are normally sold out by the first few days on the market. Selling at fortyfive dollars for the cheapest seats, the Pro Bowl is starting to lose its appeal. The Super Bowl had no problems with selling out, even with some of the tickets rising to $1,000. Depending on how fast the tickets sell next year, the location of the Pro Bowl may continue to change. Maybe these all-star games are just losing their charm. The place and timing of the Pro Bowl might not be the problem, but we will find out in less than a year. What is Who is the best football team in the NCAA? a double-double? “When a player has ten points in at least two categories.” Liz Cronin ‘09 “When a player has more than ten in two ways in basketball.” Clayton Evans ‘12 “Well, I guess a double and a double would be a quadruple, right?” Zach Malanos ‘09
  11. 11. sports sports February 2009 Smoke Signals Skating Down the Competition Sports Briefs Ian Jackson Staff Writer The hockey team is no stranger to success. The team has won the Penguins Cup in 2002, 2003, and 2005, and were PIAA State Champions in 2002 and 2003. The past few seasons haven’t held up to the strong reputation of success the program has maintained, but 2009 has been a different story. The 2009 team came into the season with high expectations. Head coach Rick Tingle had many talented players to work with and up to this point in the season they have all played up to their potential. Led by Colin Fawcett, Jake Achenbach, Dave Rigatti, and captain Drew Williams, the team has started the year with a stellar 12-5-1 record, which is good enough to give the team the top spot in their section. All the early success hasn’t gotten into the players heads though. “We have played really well up to this point. We have won some games, but we still have serious work to do,” junior Kevin Hough said. “This season isn’t over yet.” The team has played well, but some players individually have excelled. Senior Colin Fawcett, who leads the team with twelve goals and twenty points, made the PIHL All Star Game, along with fellow seniors Dave Rigatti and Drew Williams. The three seniors had a good time in the exhibition and enjoyed the opportunity of playing alongside some of the stars they have grown accustomed to playing against. “The All Star game was a great time. It was a good experience for me and my teammates,” Fawcett stated. “It was an honor to be out on the ice with my talented peers and just get to mess around.” All the success thus far in the season has been great, but this team has goals that go much further than succeeding in the regular season. This is the year the team expects to get back to the type of success its predecessors had. That means returning to glory in the postseason and capturing the Penguins Cup and possibly a PIAA State Championship. “We are a solid group of guys. We have high expectations for ourselves,” Captain Drew Williams confidently proclaimed. “I think we can go far this year and I know many of the guys in the locker room feel the same way I do.” 11 B o y Wsh a B ai ss k oeutr b a l l ’ t y goal this season? Boys Basketball (20-2-0) “To win the WPIAL championship”. -Ryan Crawl Girl’s Basketball Girls Basketball (13-9-0) “To win a WPIAL title“. -Emily Correal Wrestling Wrestling (10-8) “To pin kids”. -Matt Sikora Captain Drew Williams gives a pregame speech to the team before the game against Thomas Jefferson. Averi Clements Football Withdrawal Swimming Swimming Staff Writer They say that time flies when you’re having fun, but for football fans, time doesn’t fly – it simply disappears. However, after the Super Bowl, time reappears… and it stops. Sunday and Monday nights that were once spent screaming obscenities at a television are now spent doing such crazy tasks as homework. One might even sink so low as to be friendly to a fan of a rival team. And while it all seems okay at first, the bitter truth is that the lack of football will inevitably take its toll on fans across the country, rearing its ugly head in the form of an annually occurring psychological disorder known as ‘Football Withdrawal’. While the disease itself can only be cured by the onset of the next year’s preseason games, there are ways to reduce the severity of its symptoms. Upset Social Life: While the off-season may not affect a true fan’s relentless desire to talk about football, the same may not be true for his or her friends. But fear not, communication rookie, for there are online discussion boards designed specifically for such predicaments. In both the on- and offseasons, fans everywhere can talk about games, roster changes, and team drama by more modern means. The most popular Steelers discussion board can be found at www.steelers. com/fanzone/mboard, but fans of other teams can find their own online community by browsing the team’s website or using a search engine. Gameday Cravings: When one is used to devoting multiple nights a week to watching football, sudden disruptions brought on by the end of the season can cause problems in neural functioning (or so it seems). However, there are several options that one may explore to ease the transition. The NFL Network, offered by several television companies, is the ailing football fan’s dream come true. The NFL Network is just what its name implies: all football, all the time. The solution can also be found online through or, where multiple videos of game highlights can be viewed for free. Excess Free Time: With an average of twelve to fifteen hours per week spent watching football during the season, the time left over after the season’s end can cause problems for someone whose life revolves around the sport. The most productive way to fix the problem would be to apply for a job at a sporting goods shop, which, in addition to encouraging work ethic, will also provide a bit of spending money – perfect for buying that ridiculously overpriced Super Bowl hat-shirt-DVD package. If the adrenaline rush is what makes football appealing, one would also be advised to take up a school sport of his or her choice. Although serious, Football Withdrawal is not a lifethreatening condition. With the right resources, even the most desperate fan can find small comfort before the next race to the Super Bowl begins. Boys (11-1) Girls (11-1) “To make states individually in the 100 breaststroke event.” -Sarah McDade Indoor Track Indoor Track “To win a medal at the indoor state final held at Penn State.” - Christian Bransetter
  12. 12. Voices Hall in the If you could date any celbrity, who would it be? Freshman Madison Creehan Sophomore Angelo Toscano “David Beckham” “Kim Kardashian” Junior Alisha Johns “Simon Cowell” Senior Jace Cavanagh “Helga G. Pataki” If you could create your own candy heart, what would it say? Freshman Zach Partyka “I love tacos” Sophomore Caitlin Relich “Be mine” Junior Anthony Gatto “I don’t know” Senior Paula Simmons “Paula is perfect” What do the Teachers think? Mrs. Sirano “Vincent Lacavalier” Mr. Suszynski “Read my mind” Mrs. Morriston “Troy Polamalu” The PT Minute Winter Formal January 2007 Couples Edition Senior Jack Hareza How long have you been dating? Two years Who wears the pants in the relationship? We don’t wear pants What color are her eyes? Hazel How did you two meet? Same group of friends What’s the cutest thing she’s ever done for you? She brought me a monkey for my surgery Senior Stephanie Cotugno How long have you two been dating? Two years Who wears the pants in the relationship? Me What’s his favorite color? Green Where did you go for your first date? Jack’s house What’s the most unique thing he has done for you? Jack made me go through a scavenger hunt around his house and asked me to prom at the end! Winter Formal January 2009 Mr. Compeggie “Happy Valentine’s Day” Teac her Min With THE PINTOs ute Where did you two meet? Track; we were both coaches Who wears the pants? Depends. We share the pants How long have you been married? Two and a half years What are the biggest pet peeves about each other? Him: She doesn’t do dishes Her: He doesn’t cook Most memorable vacation? Taking three and a half weeks to drive cross country to California