Join Prime Time Sport as member. Argentina, Colombia and México


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Join Prime Time Sport as member. Argentina, Colombia and México

  1. 1. Prime Time Sport SL, C/ Tuset 20, 8-5, 08006 Barcelona- Spain. Tf. +34 93 396 79 00, Fax +34 93 415 59 82, NIF B64562424 Prime Time Sport looks for partners for new operations in Argentina, Colombia and México The company - A leading international sports marketing company with focus on player representation. - Main office in Barcelona (Spain), with Spanish branches in Madrid and Pamplona and International branches in England (London), Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and Mexico (DF). - Led by Esteve Calzada, recognized FIFA players agent, former senior executive of FC Barcelona and author of the sports marketing book Show Me the Money!. - Representing more than 30 players in top international football clubs (including Real Madrid and FC Barcelona), aged from 15 to 23. The profile - Football passionate aged 25-35, which will work as an agent recruiting players to be represented by the company, will give support to the players that the company already may already have in the territory and will liaise with sponsor brands. - Connection with the game: Former player or trainer from either professional or amateur clubs. - Must have some contacts at leading football clubs, even if it is at grassroots level. - No need to have previous experience as an agent nor to hold a FIFA players license. - Basic or extensive marketing or journalism experience will also be welcome. - Candidates must live in Argentina (Buenos Aires), México (DF or Guadalajara), Colombia (Bogotá or Medellín) and have a car. - Candidates must be financially sustainable (either a compatible job or savings) and be prepared to invest in local travel (meals and petrol basically). - Candidates must have time availability on evenings and week-ends. The type of agreement - The selected people will act and will be allowed present himself as company representative in its area for an agreed period of time and will be a PARTNER in the business generated (% on commissions and fees for the company) from players recruited during agreed collaboration period. - There is no salary nor expenses allocation for the position. Selected candidate will invest in time and local travel expenses to participate in the business as partner (not employee). How to apply Please send your CV WITH PHOTO, specifying your current job (even if it is not in football) or the way you currently fund your living expenses to