Tier 2 words for unit 3 in 7th grade math


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Tier 2 words for unit 3 in 7th grade math

  1. 1. Tier 2 Words for Unit 3 in 7th Grade MathTier two words are generally words highly used inconversation, but that require explicit explanation withstudents to overcome hurdles when solving math problems.Here is the list of tier two words that students shouldknow for Unit 3 (Properties of Operations and Integers):Visually Additive IdentifyMatches ReciprocalRepresentation Additive InverseCalculation Multiplicative InverseAverage PropertyMinimum SubstituteAllowable ExplainDetermine ExpressionEquivalent TwiceSpecific PerimeterJustify “Percent off”Border DiagramDemonstrate RelatesOriginally Bill (Price of purchase)
  2. 2. Visually – The ability to see Matches – To double Representation- To show athe accuracy of a math Example: math problem by doing aproblem by looking at it. drawing or graphExample: If I match the $20 dollars2+2=4 my mom gave me, I willNot visual- have $40-2 x -2 = 4Calculation- To work out a Average- A number that Minimum- The lowestproblem. For example, if represents the usual or amount or the lowestwe give a calculation for typical amount of times number30% of 10, the calculation something happens orwould be doing exists.multiplication with the twonumbers to get the answerAllowable- The ability or Determine- To make a Equivalent- When two orgiven permission to do decision about something more things or numberssomething have the same valueSpecific- Something that Justify- To demonstrate Border- The perimeter offits a very direct and or prove by using facts. an object. The distancedetailed description. Doing around a shape or object.something with a directpurpose. Filtering out allthings to get to the mostsingle, direct purpose ortraitDemonstrate- To present Originally- An amount or Additive Identity- Aninformation using quantity that exist before amount that is added to aexamples, pictures, making any changes number that does notequations or words change the amount of the number. Ex: 1 + 0 = 1 0 is called the Additive Identity
  3. 3. Reciprocal- A number Additive Inverse- A Multiplicative Inverse- Arelated to another number positive number that is positive number that isin such a way when added as an opposite of its multiplied as a negativemultiplied, the answer is 1. positive value. number.Ex: ½ x = 1 Ex. 2 + (-3) = -1. Ex: 5 x (-1) = -5 +(-3) is the additive X (-1) is the multiplicative inverse. inverseProperty- A characteristic Substitute- To replace a Explain- To help someoneor trait of a specific value with a letter or shape understand somethingobject, number, or equation using details and wordsExpression- Letters or Twice- To double Perimeter- The distancenumbers that represent something or to add it around an object or shape.the value of an amount twice or multiply times 2 The length of the sides added together“Percent off”- A portion of Diagram- A graph or Relates- How two or morethe original cost of picture things connect or affectsomething that is taken off each othera priceBill- The amount of apurchase