Hope of david outline


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It is an outline to train leaders to become effective for marketplace.

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Hope of david outline

  2. 2. Vision & Mission
  3. 3. Hope of David Our Vision & Mission  To raise up and shape the hearts of believers of this generation to possess the heart of David  To raise up apostolic leaders and empower them to have dominion over their spheres in the marketplace  To welcome and provide opportunities for all believers to find hope and success in this life through the God that King David served
  4. 4. Why King David..
  5. 5. Hope of DavidSaul Jeroboam Zimri Ahab Solomon Nadab ManassehJehoiachin Shallum Jehoahaz Athaliah Abijah Hezekiah Rehoboam AmonBaasha Omri Jotham Ahaz Asa Elah Ahaziah Testament of Hope Jehoiakim Jehoshaphat JosiahZedekiah Jehoram Amaziah Uzziah Jehoahaz Joash Zechariah Jehoram Hoshea Ahaziah Jehoash Pekah Menahem Pekahiah | Jehu Remaliah Jeroboam II
  6. 6. Hope of David King David has all three God-Heads attributes: Personified the passion & compassion of the Father for His people Displayed & expressed the Spirit of Excellence Foreshadowed a type of Messiah
  7. 7. Hope of David Qualities of King David The 360 qualities of King David’s such as these .. Leadership capability Heart of integrity Breakthrough anointing Administration skill Selfless worshipper Pastoral heart Influential & networking ability
  8. 8. Hope of David  Why the theme, Hope of David? KING DAVID MODEL OF HOPEDavid David’s favor David’s David’s humility David continued David’s David’s heart David’s lifelongshepherd’s life - from the confession of to return to to be used by servitude after God…God reference…Last & Lord…God his falls …God God…God loves God in spite of heart and is devoted to Jesus referred toforgotten…God has accepts your you while you his cares for his you as you are him. God canremembers earmarked confession were yet a sinner weaknesses… people.. God to Him…HOPE use you as hisyou…HOPE for you…HOPE ..HOPE for …HOPE for the God forgets can use you to only in the commendablethe nobodies for the weak sinners lost & prodigal about your release hope… Lord Jesus reference… and humble sons past…HOPE for HOPE HOPE you will the failures imparting to be remembered others by GOD for life
  9. 9. Hope of David King David’s life story provides us an ideal template for contemporary ministry development for marketplace kings & believers BECAUSE It has applicable metaphors and analogies It conforms to biblical truths It serves as a timeless model for contemporary leadership It provides a full gamut of life examples – victories, struggles, failures,.. It provides a solid model of relationship between God and His people
  10. 10. Hope of David King David’s HOPE Found in Increasing Spheres Nation 2 Sam 5: 1 When all the tribes of Israel(A) came to David at Hebron and said, "Behold,(B) we are your bone and flesh. 2In times past, when Saul was king over us,(C) it was you who led out and brought in Israel. And the LORD said to you,(D) You shall be shepherd of my people Israel, and you Marketplace shall be prince over Israel." 2 Sam 7: 18"Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me * We too can this far? radiate such hope, Household bringing transformation at every level of life Personal 2 Sam 2 :4 When David was told that it was the men from Jabesh Gilead who had buried Saul, 5 he sent messengers to them to say to them, “The LORD bless you forPsalm 32:3 Then I confessed my sin; I no showing this kindness to Saul your master by burying him. 6 May the LORD nowlonger covered up my wrongdoing. I said, “I show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favorwill confess my rebellious acts to the Lord.” because you have done this. 7 Now then, be strong and brave, for Saul your masterAnd then you forgave my sins. is dead, and the people of Judah have anointed me king over them.”
  11. 11. About King David..
  12. 12. Hope of David Legacy of King David Prophetic lineage Father’s heart Threats & fears of life Alliances Successor Kingdom quest Judgment, failures, vulnerabilities & repentance Isolation years Love life Foreshadows & types
  13. 13. Hope of David What can we learn of David’s inspiring life ? His heart for & commitment to God - Commitment to the laws of God, presence of God, serving heart, lifetime devotion, worship expression .. His passion in life - Hunger for God, love for God’s people,.. His anointing, gifts & skills - Native skills – warrior & worshipper, skill growth, promotions, levels of anointing,.. His accountability & relationships - Relationship & protocols, spiritual coverage, leadership accountability, covenant relationship..
  14. 14. Hope of David Delineate the Steady Rise of David To optimize our calling, becoming all we are called to be – Shepherd boy Promising warrior Worshipper in the king’s court King in the making Anointed as King of Judah Anointed King of Israel Passing on the mantle and reign
  15. 15. What We Plan to Accomplish
  17. 17. Hope of David Objective To gather, raise and release marketplace kings & believers for personal & corporate fulfillment in advancing the kingdom of God
  18. 18. Hope of David Release kingdom teachings Sound biblical teachings keep us safe in the pursuit of God’s purposes.. Objectives To identify, glean & apply kingdom truths & principles and breakthrough secrets for favor, success & victories To create a learning climate among marketplace believers & kings
  19. 19. Hope of David Shape entrepreneurs to be today’s David in the marketplace God processed and developed David to become a great king.. Objectives To identify domain, positioning & do exploits – vision, strategy, planning, knowledge, competency .. To identify gifts, skills, generics & niches – interest, sharpening, training, mentoring .. To seek inroads & breakthroughs – prophetic insights, Holy Spirit partnership, knowledge acquisition, business networks, research, product- solution development, ..
  20. 20. Hope of David Release Davidic worship & intercession Tabernacle of David revealed the heart of David as an unique worshipper & intercessor... Objectives We seek to come together : To converge worship & intercession to minister to the Lord and members of the Body To release apostolic & prophetic acts & expressions for activating of spiritual gifts, engaging in spiritual warfare and breaking strongholds To summon heaven’s resources to the workplace To gain spiritual might, counsel & strength for marketplace “conquests” To download of revelation & insights from heaven’s throne
  21. 21. Hope of David An audience with the King King David loves spending time seeking the face of God and worshipping Him.. Objectives To max personal time in worshiping and soaking under the presence of the Lord to renew our strength and gain victory in the workplace To use personal devotional time in learning & studying the Word to gain truth, insights & revelation & apply them in the workplace
  22. 22. Hope of David Network with like-minded marketplace kings Kings were willing to cooperate and be part of King David’s army.. Objectives To help form alliances with like-minded marketplace believers and move synergistically as a team ministry to gain new grounds in the marketplace To complement, encourage and strengthen one another in an eco-team environment and thrive in a network relationship
  23. 23. Hope of David Define and establish kings governance King David worked closely with prophets to seek God’s direction.. Objectives To define and establish proper governance structure to create an accountability system To forge partnership with God’s prophets & prophetic people as a team ministry to develop & gain insight and foresight in the workplace
  24. 24. Hope of David Raise & train future marketplace kings King David’s army was well equipped and trained.. Objectives To identify, develop & raise successors – development of gifts, skills & talents to be trainers, teachers, worshippers, leaders ..
  25. 25. High LevelImplementation Plan
  26. 26. Hope of David Using the chronicles of King David’s development phase to develop marketplace kings and believers – combining marketplace & spiritual key drivers Growth Direction Passing- Beginner’s Phase Transition Phase Reigning Phase Reigning Phase the-baton phase (Shepherd’s Life) (King’s Court) (King of Judah) (King of Israel) (king Solomon)  Imparting  Practicing His  Corporate worship,  Corporate worship,  Succession & building biblical presence through praise prayer & praise prayer & planning foundation & principles worship intercessions intercessions  Mentoring  Personal relationship Anointing dynamics  Spiritual warfare  Spiritual warfare & training with God  Spiritual sphere  Increasing in anointing programs  Worship lifestyle anointing & authority & authority  Effective  Marketplace roles & Communication Business startups Marketing strategies & responsibility  Mentoring - Vision & purpose business development  Gifts & generic/niche  Competency - Gifts &  Strategic planning Collaborative skills identification skills - development  Leadership & people partnership mgmt  Contract mgmt –  Performance mgmt Business partnership  Financial mgmt & alliance  Project mgmt  Organizational structure & behavior  Effective delegation