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Cultural and Children Marketing


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Opportunities offered by Growing Brains to Corporations and Agency through cultural marketing

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Cultural and Children Marketing

  1. 1. Why companies are spending more to communicate to kidsmartedì 11 dicembre 12
  2. 2. Kids are an important Demographic for Marketersmartedì 11 dicembre 12
  3. 3. As a consequence, Industry spending on advertising to children is increasingmartedì 11 dicembre 12
  4. 4. Brand Name Loyalty starts as Kidsmartedì 11 dicembre 12
  5. 5. “Brand Marketing must begin with children, James McNeal, The Kids Market, 1999martedì 11 dicembre 12
  6. 6. Due to budget cuts, school boards are beginning to allow corporations access to students in exchange for money, computers and educational materialmartedì 11 dicembre 12
  7. 7. Examples • Kraft "healthy eating" kit to teach about Americas Food Guide (using Kraft products). • Supplying schools with technology in exchange for high company visibility • Contests and incentive programs • Pizza Hut reading incentives program in which children receive certificates for free pizza if they achieve a monthly reading goal. • Campbells Labels for Education project, in which Campbell provides educational resources for schools in exchange for soup labels collected by students.martedì 11 dicembre 12
  8. 8. Therefore: An Opportunitymartedì 11 dicembre 12
  9. 9. Mission Make meaningful learning experiences universally desirable and accessiblemartedì 11 dicembre 12
  10. 10. Why? • Excellence in learning is every day more critical for social advancement, from early stages to Increased demand for “Permanent Education” learning/tutoring services • No excellence can be achieved without true for children, teens, young passion adults, adults, seniors • School System no longer equipped to provide necessary tools for advancement but also Increased interest from unable to offer afternoon/summer tutoring corporations for these • Increased participation, and spending, in services as fringe benefits Cultural events (tours, festivals, workshops, and/or brand building courses, etc.) are becoming an interesting niche in the “leisure” industry toolsmartedì 11 dicembre 12