Sentia 2012 IT Quiz Prelims


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Sentia 2012 IT Quiz Prelims

  1. 1. IT Quiz Prelims 40 Questions 40 Minutes No Negatives All the Best Which companys name is derived from Voice Data & Phone? Vodafone Which Microsoft hardware product, launched in 2000, was created by Seamus Blackley and Kevin Bachus ? X Box What is Bacon mail? Mail for which you have subscribed but get filtered as SPAM. Which R&D organisation started Projects Garuda, Setu, Veda, Vyasa, Vidwan, Vidur? C-DACThe Codex Leicester (also briefly known as Codex Hammer) is a collection of largely scientific writings by Leonardo da Vinci. Who purchased it in 1994 for 30.8 Million $ making it the costliest book ever? Bill Gates ‘A Space’ – in Facebook is a social networking site for which category of people? Spies/Espionages The film’s Adina’s deck, Odd Girl Out and Shredderman Rules create awareness about which internet phenomenon? Cyber Ragging Which consulting major has a networking platform called D-Street? Deloitte Which computer industry billionaire owns Valley Crest Companies, Americas largest landscaping firm? Michael Dell Identify the company which divides its values into Engaging you, Achieving Together, Passion for Innvovation, Very Human? Nokia
  2. 2. MIT professor, Dr. Y. W. Lee invested his life savings in which company in 1964? Bose NetWeaver is a product from which IT Giant? SAP DilipKalra founded which successful Indian travel company? Agilent is a company which designs and manufactures electronic and bio-analytical measurement instruments and equipment for measurement and evaluation. It is a successor of which company’s Engineering division? HP Who is the world’s largest digital camera maker? Canon What term first appeared in the book, “Mathematics and the imagination”? GoogolThis term was first coined by Sir Walter Scott in his famous novel Ivanhoe. It is widely used in business and journalism these days. What is it? Freelancer Which communication company was founded by the founders of the peer to peer sharing network Kazaa? Skype He was born to Florence Spellman, an unwed mother at the age of 17. His adoptive father was a Jew who came from Ellis Island. Name this business tycoon. Larry Ellison What was the first mobile by Motorola? Dynatac What was the new name of Legend Computers? Lenovo Computers
  3. 3. What is the 419 Fraud? Nigerian Email Scam About what did Indira Gandhi say in 1975 "a Government organ, it is going to remain a Government organ”? AIR Which company started as Haloid Corporation? XeroxWhat was founded by Curtis Priem(ex-SUN engineer., Chris Malachowsky(ex-SUN engineer.& Jen Hsun Huang(ex-AMD. in 1993? NvidiaVisual Computing Labs (VCL) is an animation, visual effects and game asset building facility servicing production for which Tata company? Tata Elxsi What was first made by Gisecke&Devrient in 1991 in sizes of 85.6X53.9X0.76mm &26X15X0.76 mm, with the later being more popular? SIM Card What was first patented in 1949 as “classifying apparatus and methods” and described as “article classification through the medium of identifying patterns”? Bar Code In Turkish, what means "the holy meeting place?" Orkut This term was first used by New York World newspaper in 1929 to refer to large custom-built tabulators IBM made for Columbia University? Super Computing This Founder and Chairman of infoUSA in order to give back something to his alma mater started a B school there. Name him. Vinod Gupta (VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur) Garage is an initiative by HP for which set of people / businesses? Startups
  4. 4. What was the name that Apple wanted to use for its Internet Kiosks? iPod Why the first commercially available version of the Oracle database was called Oracle 2? So that people don’t think that they are an amateur company launching their first product. Who are Scarlett Collar Workers? People in the Pornography business Who is the single largest shareholder of Disney? Steve Jobs According to a study by Tom Chavez of "Rapt", this feature costs Google $110 million a year as 1% of all searches use this feature and bypass all advertising. Which feature? I’m Feeling Lucky What was added to the Morse code on 24th May 2004, its 160th Anniversary? @ SymbolWhat was first published between 1768 and 1771 in Edinburgh, Scotland? When launched it wasaimed at educated adults. Encyclopedia Britannica How was the naming of HP decided between Bill Hewlett and David Packard? Coin Toss