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The ball is in your court

How you can get involved in open source.

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The ball is in your court

  1. 1. The ball is in your court: How you can contribute to open source projects. <rant> @jon_bossenger
  2. 2. “I really hate it when I log a support ticket for (open source) plugin X and it takes forever to get response. #supportpremiumplugins”
  3. 3. What is an open source project?
  4. 4. US vs THEM
  5. 5. WE
  6. 6. Documentation Support Translations
  7. 7. Submit issues or ideas Don’t take **** personally Call a guy
  8. 8. You do have the resources: • Skills • Time • Money to make a difference
  9. 9. do_action()
  10. 10. Take that first step! Open Source needs YOU! </rant>