Psychster Labs: Facebook User Types, a Psychographic Segmentation


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A scientific and humorous comparison of the Facebook user types identified by Psychster Inc. and students at UW MCDM and the many parodies in the media.

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Psychster Labs: Facebook User Types, a Psychographic Segmentation

  1. 1. Psychographic Segmentation of Facebook UsersPsychster Labs October 19, 2012David C. Evans Ph.D. Psychster Inc.
  2. 2. LinksThe paper:Evans, D.C., Robertson, N., Lively, T., & Jacobson, L., Llamas-Cendon, M., Isaza, H., Rosenbalm, S., &Voigt, J. (2012). Facebook’s 8 fundamental hooks and 6 basic user types: A psychographicsegmentation. The Four Peaks Review, 2, 36-54. The authors would like to thank Eden Epstein, Nicholas Mattos, Bibianna Cha, Christina Seong, Parinaz Ejlali, and Sara Degruttola for their assistance with earlier versions of this study.Find out your segment:
  3. 3. Our recent scientific studySurrounded by funny parodies with which we compare our results in this slideshow
  4. 4. Psychographic Segmentation1. Collect data. Acontinuous (1-5) ratingsof how much peopleneed or use ~100value-propositions foryour media or software.2. Perform a Factor Analysis. Sorts needs from the 3. Perform a Cluster Analysis. Sorts people intosurvey into fundamental hooks, where if you need groups who have similar needs for theone in a group you tend to need them all. fundamental hooks. News Feeds Apps Biz 0 18 % % 16 50 % % 16 %4. Perform Logistic Regression. Makes a short diagnostic quiz to identify anyone’s segment for targeting or moreresearch. See
  5. 5. Facebook’s Fundamental Hooks (1-4 of 8) 1. Media & News 2. Social Updates 3. Games 4. Groups & Referrals Linking R2 = 12.2% R2 = 9.9% R2 = 5.5% R2 = 5.3%Frequently learn about books .78 Importance of status updates .77 Use FB to play games .73 Likely to like politics .74Frequently learn about movies .76 Importance of status updates that Likely to share content Join groups based on are friends only .77 applications .70 politics .68Frequently learn about local places.74 Likely to like/comment on friends Importance of app content Likely to link account to status .77 .69 news site .60Frequently learn about music .73 Likely to like/comment on photos Use apps to play games .64 Likely to link account toFrequently learn about .71 info site .57clothing/fashion .72 Likely to like games .61Frequently learn about blogs/news Likely to share status updates .68 Likely to like/comment on.71 Likely to share photos .67 app content .61Frequently get updates about intl Want photos that are viewable by Use apps to give virtual giftsnews .71 friends only .66 .50Frequently learn about travel .71 Importance of photos .64Frequently get updates about Use FB to connect with friends .63entertainment news .68 Frequently get updates aboutFrequently get updates about local friends & family .59news .67 Rely on FB to connect w/ friendsFrequently get updates about .59industry news .64 Use FB to share my life .59
  6. 6. Facebook’s Fundamental Hooks (5-8 of 8) 5. Public Networking 6. Sharing 7. Invitations 8. Private Networking R2 = 5.2% R2 = 3.9% R2 = 3.6% R2 = 3.3%Want photos that are viewable by Likely to share videos .59 Important to receive Importance of statuseveryone .67 invitations to events .68 updates that are private Importance of videos .55 .59Important to status updates that Important to send Likely to like/comment on videosare public .65 invitations to events .67 Want photos that are .52 viewable by only me .58Rely on FB to connect w/ coworkers Importance of privacy Likely to share links .44.59 change notices .53 Want photos that are Importance of links .43 viewable by a specificUse FB for business .52 group .46Use FB to expand my network .49 Likely to link account toMember only for business .46 music site .41Likely to like celeb .43 Likely to link account to shopping site .40
  7. 7. average factor score average factor score -1 -1 0 1 2 0 1 2 Media & News Media & News Updates Updates Games Games Fans Linking Linking Public Public Branders Sharing Sharing Invitations Invitations Private average factor score Private average factor score -1 0 1 2 -1 0 1 2Media & News Media & News Updates Updates 16% 18% Games Games Linking Linking 22% 23% Public Public Neutrals Sharing 4% 17% Sharing Invitations Invitations Social-Searchers average factor score average factor score Private Private -1 -1 0 1 2 0 1 2 Media & News Media & News Updates Updates Games Games Facebook’s User Types (FBSIGN) Linking Linking Public Public Sharing Sharing Gamers Invitations Invitations Influencers Private Private
  8. 8. Facebook’s User Types (FBSIGN) • Fans join interest groups based on politics, art, and music, and they often link their Facebook account to other websites. • Branders prefer public to private networking, and they often use Facebook as a tool for business, building a personal brand, or accumulating social capital. • Social-Searchers employ Facebook to learn about news, media, and entertainment, but they show little interest in apps and games. • Influencers share videos, links, and good deals with others, and they rarely use the private forms of messaging or sharing available on Facebook. • Gamers are motivated by games, apps, and coupons; they interact with strangers as often as acquaintances, and though fewer in number they log the most time on Facebook. • Neutrals are unmotivated by most of Facebook’s features including status updates, and they report being members only to keep connected to the events of family and friends.
  9. 9. Facebook’s User Types (FBSIGN) Most Men: Fans, Branders, Neutrals Most Women: Influencers, Social-Searchers, Gamers Youngest: Branders, Influencers, Fans Oldest: Neutrals, Gamers, Social-Searchers Most Active: Gamers Moderate: Social-Searchers, Branders, Influencers Least Active: Neutrals, Fans
  10. 10. Fans
  11. 11. Higher Than All Other Segments On: Fans• likelihood to link account to News site• interest in groups based on politics• likely to like brands I like• likely to like arts• likelihood to link account to info site• interest in groups based on media• I want photos that are viewable by a specific group• interest in groups based on offline interest• likelihood to link account to sports site Lowest On:• Nothing
  12. 12. Branders
  13. 13. Higher Than All Other Segments On: Branders• I want photos that are viewable by everyone• importance of status updates that are public• I Use FB for Business• I Use FB to Date• I Use FB to Share My Life• early adopter importance• frequently write blog• freq learn about clothing/fashion• likely to like sports page Lowest On:• I Use FB to Play Games
  14. 14. Social-Searchers
  15. 15. Higher Than All Other Segments On: Social-Searchers• frequently learn about books• frequently learn about blogs/news• get updates about national news• get updates about entertainment news• frequently learn about travel• frequently learn about local places• frequently write blog• frequently learn about clothing/fashion• likely to like sports page Lowest On:• give virtual gifts
  16. 16. Influencers
  17. 17. Higher Than All Other Segments On: Influencers• likelihood to share videos• likelihood to like/comment on videos• use apps to get deals• frequently purchase online• share links• frequently upload pictures• use apps to take quizzes• use apps to analyze my profile Lowest On:• I want photos that are only viewable by me or a specific group• I am a member only for business
  18. 18. Gamers
  19. 19. Gamers Higher Than All Other Segments On:• I use FB to play games• likelihood to share apps• likelihood to Like games• Like Zynga• importance of app content• freqency play online games• daily time on FB• give virtual gifts Lowest On:• be fine without FB for a week/day• use FB to date• use apps to listen to music• use LinkedIn
  20. 20. Neutrals
  21. 21. Higher Than All Other Segments On: Neutrals• a member only for family/friends’ events• be fine without FB for a week/day• feed preferences Lower On:• likelihood to share links• likelihood to comment on links• likelihood to share status updates• likelihood to share photos and 100 other features
  22. 22. Maslow’s Needs Allrecipes T-Mobile Facebook 5. Opportunities for learning and creativity, mastery. Gamers Foodies Professional Balance Social SearchersHierarchy of Needs (Maslow, 1954) 4. Status, recognition from others, importance of work Workaholics Influencers Entertainers Tech-heads Branders 3. Acceptance, part of a group, identification with a Fans successful team Networkers Socializer Neutrals 2. Physical safety, economic security, Learners Family On-Call freedom from threats 1. Physical survival. Water, Providers 911 Minimalist food, sleep, homeostasis
  23. 23. Future research• Collect quiz data to find out how proportions differ among different samples.• Learn lifestyles, media consumption and consumer behavior to know what ads to target them.• Merge with behavioral data to develop algorithms to target people who haven’t taken a quiz.• Study network properties to learn which segments bridge hubs, and which are most influential.• Get FB to add the segments to their ad targeting.
  24. 24. About us• Our mission is to align digital media with human nature.• Our-philosophy is that end-users have taken control and the more you understand them the better.• Our people are Ph.D. trained social scientists with extensive business and publishing experience in social software and social media.• Our clients are enterprises, publishers, advertisers, designers, academics and entrepreneurs with online investments. Psychster Inc. 4500 9th Ave NE Suite 300 Seattle, WA 98105 ph: 206.715.7218 fx: 888.265.0989