Introducing Psychology


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Uncover psychology with this introductory presentation that gives an basic overview of psychology. Begin sharing psychological insights and ideas with others. Conversations based in psychology are some of the most intriguing interactions that can be had.

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Introducing Psychology

  1. 1. An Introduction Into PsychologyInformation For Anyone New To Psychology
  2. 2. The Human MindYour mind is a highly complex and remarkable network. It is more advancedthan the most technically state-of-the-art devices ever created. However,we human beings have quite a bit to discover about the maximum potentialof our brains. Scientists and psychiatrists have not yet been able to figure out all the portions of our brain and how it runs. Psychology is a particularfield that tries to find out about the human mind and the way it functions.
  3. 3. A Formal Definition of Psychology The International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences defines psychology as the "term used to refer to the study of the soul, consciousness, behavior, the mind, or the brain,depending on the era and cultural context investigated."
  4. 4. We All Study Our Minds Each and every man or woman is a psychoanalyst in their own way. It ismankinds instinct to ask ourselves about the reasons we go through thereactions that we feel. In purely questioning ourselves with questions weare trying to determine our own emotive and psychological processes. In comparing ourselves with others near us we are studying our own individuality and building conclusions about it.
  5. 5. Psychology Forums Ordinary folks also often go to psychology forum sites to share theirencounters that have had a profound influence on their emotional state. Itcould be deduced that this transmission of influential life circumstances is a type of micro mental therapy where people develop understanding or a degree of relaxation in basically having the capacity to chat about their emotions.
  6. 6. Sigmund Freud One of the most renowned name in the universe of psychology is Sigmund Schlomo Freud. Sigmund is recognized as the creator of the professionaldiscipline of psychoanalysis. Sigmund Freud had a lot of exciting and highlycontroversial ideas from which spawned other psychological theories. One of Freuds principal hypotheses dealt with the notion of the mental faculties being divided into subconscious and a conscious mind. The conscious part of the mind dealt with all the facets of an individuals identity, emotions and activity that the individual is aware of. Whilst the unconscious mind consisted of emotions and ideas which a person is not aware of. Based on Freud, the unconscious part of the brain impacts an individuals habit and feelings even though we have no conscious idea of those factors. Whilst a number of of Freuds hypotheses proceed to be contested in psychology discussion forum settings, his concepts have established long lasting footprints on the way we examine and deal with psychology.
  7. 7. Many Areas Of PsychologyThere are many distinctive sub categories in psychology due to psychology being such a large field. Cognitive psychology is an important division thatlooks into mental operations like problem solving, memory, speech and howpeople perceive things. Cognitive processes are the amalgamation of all the numerous things that our heads can perform. Every specific process is sophisticated and vast and profoundly interesting to study about. A good example is memory which consists of long term memory, short term memory, constructive memory and several other constituents. Throughresearching cognitive processes we begin to decipher the complications of the human psyche. Psychology forum sites are very good places for remaining informed with advancements in cognitive psychology as contributors often share connections to new research and developments.
  8. 8. We All Possess Analytical Skills The key techniques of psychology like analysis, observation and critical thinking are talents that all human beings possess. A lot of communitypsychology discussion forums are occupied with normal people who have no accredited training in psychology. Yet these men and women focus onpsychological matters using critical thinking and justification in extremely empirical ways. This is one specific example, from various cases in life, where average individuals demonstrate that they use psychological andmental assessment to decipher their minds, other people around them and the significant life experiences that they encounter. The importance of psychology cannot be understated.
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