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Brief bio on David Barry

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About me and the services provided

  1. 1. <ul><li>About Me and the Services ProvidedDavid Barry, 2djbarry@msn.com My interests in psychoeducational groups began when I was an undergraduate at Syracuse University and working at a psychiatric center. In the group courses at the university there were interesting case studies and discussions on how to help individuals develop insight and change. In the daily work at the psychiatric center the patients did not resemble the case studies in the literature. The potential for insight leading to change in behavior also did not seem all that promising. What did work was when we began to have groups that taught patients various skills or information that helped them better understand themselves and their interactions with others.The attitudes of our patients also began to change. They began to come and ask when was the next “class” rather than resist going to the next group. It also was obvious that it was easier for patients in our hospital to learn skills and new information when they were provided with concrete examples. There seemed to be less threat and a greater openness to what was being presented.In graduate school my major was education. It was easy to begin to apply the concepts of learning to my experience leading groups. For the past thirty years I have worked to merge the two themes of integrating solid educational principles into providing psychoeducational groups.In addition to this focus on groups I have developed numerous mental health training curricula for community based staff and spent ten years working in a forensic mental health setting. After 9/11 I also developed and conducted training programs for staff working with individuals still experiencing trauma and disruptions in their lives as a result of the World Trade Center attack. Currently I provide consultation and training on developing psychoeducational group programs and a few other selected topics. I have worked with content experts to develop training programs ranging from “Traumatic Grief” to “Working with Mentally Ill Inmates in Forensic Mental Health Settings” to “Management Training”.Education and ExperienceB.S. Syracuse University, Liberal Arts, Major PsychologyM.S. Syracuse University, School of Education, Major “Instructional Technology”Post-Masters [30 credit hours], School of Education, Syracuse University, Major “Computers in Education”Staff Development, New York Office of Mental HealthDirector for Education and Training, Central New York Psychiatric Center [Forensic Mental Health Center]Training Coordinator, Project Liberty, Mental Health Training for staff working with 9/11 SurvivorsServices ProvidedTraining, consultation and curricula development on Psychoeducational GroupsTraining and instructional development for forensic mental health agencies Training-trainers and instructional design teams