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  1. 1. ANOMALISTIC PSYCHOLOGYSUPERSTITION A2 Psychology PSYA4 Friday 21st September 2012 Miss Brown
  2. 2. LEARNING OBJECTIVES:MUST: Describe one explanation of superstition BASIC (Grade D/E)SHOULD: Describe one explanation of superstition GENERALLY ACCURATE & DETAILED (Grade B/C)COULD: Describe and evaluate one explanation of superstition ACCURATELY &DETAILED (Grade A/B)
  3. 3. SUPERSTITION DEFINED… Superstition refers to the subjective beliefthat a behaviour will have an effect onanother area, either positively or negatively. Itis often applied to practices surroundingluck, spirituality or prophecy.
  4. 4. 10 MOST COMMON SUPERSTITIONS IN20121. Friday 13th – Bad luck2. Itchy Palm – Good luck3. Walking under a ladder – Bad luck4. Breaking a mirror – Bad luck5. Finding a horse show – Good luck6. Opening an umbrella inside – Bad luck7. Knock twice on wood – Reverses bad luck8. Tossing spilled salt over your shoulder – Good luck9. Black cats – Bad luck10. Saying “God bless you” – Good luck
  5. 5. CELEBRITIESSUPERSTITIONS  Colin Farrell has a lucky belt given to him by this father. He offered a £16,000 reward for the return of it in 2011.  He also wears the same boxers with shamrocks on whenever he starts shooting a new film.
  6. 6. CELEBRITIESSUPERSTITIONS  Tom Daley has a toy monkey that is present at all competitions and sits on his bag where ‘he can see Tom’.
  7. 7. CELEBRITIESSUPERSTITIONS  When pregnant with her first child in 2008 Jessica Alba was quite superstitious. During the baby shower she gave all the guests special leather bracelets with a prayer on them. She asked the recipients not to take them off until after the baby was born. Jessica believed that once the bracelet was removed it could bring bad luck to her daughter and somehow do her harm.
  8. 8. GROUP TASK 3/4students per group. We will be looking mainly at the AO1 for thebehavioural and evolutionary explanations ofsuperstition. You will be working in groups and gradingeach other according to the AQA AO1 markscheme. Work in your groups to summarise themain AO1 points for your given explanationMake 5 key bullet points.
  9. 9. GROUP TASKBEHAVIOURISTS! ETHOLOGISTS!Using your handouts Using your handoutsyou must come up with you must come up with5 detailed bullet points to just 5 detailed bullet pointsexplain the Behaviourist to explain the Evolutionaryexplanation of explanation ofsuperstition. Write these superstition. Write thesedown and be ready to down and be ready topresent to the group. present to the group. USE THE HANDOUTS IN YOUR ANOMALISTIC BOOKLET FOR YOUR GROUP WORK
  10. 10. REMAINING GROUPSYou are evaluating both the behavioural& evolutionary explanations of superstition.Use bullet points & the PowerPoint of evaluation for superstition in the booklet.
  11. 11. AO1 (4 MARKS) OUTLINE OFEXPLANATION IS...Mark Comment4 marks Reasonably thorough Accurate Coherent3-2 marks Limited Generally accurate Reasonably coherent1 mark Weak Muddled0 marks No creditworthy material