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Scoda project companygraph


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Scoda project companygraph

  1. 1. Visualising Companies Connected by Common Projects
  2. 2.
  3. 3. How might we look at this data as a network?
  4. 4. What can we connect together?
  5. 5. Companies to Projects?
  6. 6. Companies to Contracts?
  7. 7. Download the data as CSV Open it as a new OpenRefine project
  8. 8. We want numbers…
  9. 9. value.replace('$','').toNumber()
  10. 10. Source, Target, Weight
  11. 11. So what can we represent in visual terms?
  12. 12. Companies and Projects A Ltd B Ltd XY01 KT98 C Ltd PZ53 PZ02 D Ltd
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Companies Projects Use Layouts to Reveal Structure
  15. 15. Turn labels on Zoom label size Select what to use as labels
  16. 16. Edge-Thickness by Value A Ltd B Ltd XY01 KT98 C Ltd PZ53 PZ02 D Ltd
  17. 17. B Ltd Size by degree A Ltd XY01 KT98 C Ltd PZ53 PZ02 D Ltd
  18. 18. Set node size Network statistics Prevent labels overlapping Label size Proportional to node size
  19. 19. Companies on multiple projects
  20. 20. Finding things with common partners
  21. 21. Co-Companies (by project) A Ltd Edge weight = no. of shared projects A Lt d B Ltd C Ltd B Lt d XY 01 KT 98 C Lt d PZ 53 PZ 02 D Lt d D Ltd
  22. 22. (Remember to turn off any filters so we have the whole network in view…)
  23. 23. Join “blue”” company nodes connected by common red project nodes Select the edit tool, Click on a project node, Note the Node Color Multimode
  24. 24. Co-projects (by company) XY01 A Lt d KT98 PZ53 PZ02 B Lt d XY 01 KT 98 C Lt d PZ 53 Edge weight = no. of common companies PZ 02 D Lt d
  25. 25. Go back to the original, complete network in workspace 1 and duplicate it again This time find the projects that are connected by common companies
  26. 26. So what have you learned? - How to export selected columns from OpenRefine - How to import CSV data into Gephi - How to visualise a simple network in Gephi - How to map a bipartitie network to show relations between entities connected by a common element -…
  27. 27. @SchoolOfData