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Robotlab jupyter


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Robotlab jupyter

  1. 1. RobotLab Thinkses
  2. 2. Residential School Setup – Networking ev3 brick SD Card wifi Card ev3 brick SD Card wifi Card ev3 brick SD Card wifi Card PC_A RobotLab PC_B RobotLab PC_C RobotLab Wifi Router Up to 12 student groups, each with their own ev3 brick. Bricks are networked via a wireless card and programmed from a PC
  3. 3. Residential School Setup – Networking Considerations: • ev3 bricks should ideally have static IP addresses or domain names so they can be associated with particular PCs • a touch screen / tablet computer interface would allow us to run the activity in an even more interactive and social way
  4. 4. ev3dev ev3 brick SD card Wifi card ev3dev (linux) ev3dev • Debian Linux based o/s • Can run py/ipy executable script files using on-board controls
  5. 5. Executable file transfer PC RobotLab ev3dev (I)Python .py/.ipy file .py/.ipy file File transfer PCev3 ev3dev ssh connections are possible between “host” and ev3 “client” terminal ssh connection
  6. 6. IPython kernel access via ssh PC iPython client ev3 iPython kernel Connection details Session config iPython session An iPython session running on the ev3 client can be accessed from an iPython client running on the host, e.g. via ssh Python
  7. 7. Accessing IPython kernel processes iPython Kernel zeroMQ (JSON) IPython Client Example clients supporting remote connection include: • Terminal Console (IPython console) • Qt Console (IPython qtconsole) Python Session config
  8. 8. ev3 RobotLab Jupyter client Hook RobotLab into iPython zmq? RobotLab editor IPython client Python IPython Kernel zeromq
  9. 9. Screenshot of the Spyder editor showing an integrated IPython console and remote IPython kernel connection dialogue
  10. 10. Crude sketch of how we might add an IPython console to RobotLab
  11. 11. Web browser The Jupyter ecosystem iPython Kernel Jupyter server R Kernel Javascript Kernel Jupyter notebook zeromq zeromq zeromq tornado http
  12. 12. RobotLab IPython client Plug in to the Jupyter kernel ecosystem? iPython Kernel Javascript Kernel zeromq zeromq zero mq interface RobotLab editor Python Javascript
  13. 13. EV3 -1 IPython Jupyterhub EV3 - N IPython User 1 Notebook User N Notebook Jupyter Server 1 Jupyter Server N EV3 - 2 IPython User 2 NotebookJupyter Server 2 User Passwordless ssh Passwordless ssh Passwordless ssh HTTP HTTP HTTP