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Guug11 mashing up-google_apps


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Guug11 mashing up-google_apps

  1. 1. Mashing Up Google Apps Tony Hirst Dept of Communication and Systems The Open University Wiring Before
  2. 2. Google Apps as a mashup environment
  3. 3. (Interaction and Display) Native Functions Google Apps Script APIs
  4. 4. Heavy lifting done by pre-existing applications or code libraries with each stage acting on naturally expressed representations of data from the preceding stage in the pipeline Mashups as pipelines…
  5. 5. Google Apps as a mashup environment Scripted integration of Google Apps Glue in “free form” data driven mashups
  6. 6. Scripted integration of Google Apps
  7. 7. ‘ We have a spreadsheet of OU broadcast campaigns – can you get them into a calendar?’
  8. 9. Google spreadsheet + Google Apps Script Into Google Calendar
  9. 10. Google Apps Script provides a way of working with representations that have a natural expression in a user facing application
  10. 12. Martin Hawksey's JISC RSC MASHe   blog
  11. 13. Collect/backup tweets in a Google Spreadsheet [Twitteralytics v2] Linking a Google Form with data from the responses in the Spreadsheet [Event/Resource Booking] gEVS – An idea for a Google Form/Visualization mashup for electronic voting The best Google Spreadsheet Event Manager (w/h Sites, Contact, Calendar integration) ever, ever, ever Convert time stamped data to timed-text (XML) subtitle format using Google Spreadsheet Script
  12. 14. Glue in “free form” data driven mashups
  13. 15. Google spreadsheet Google Apps script Google Visualisation API Google Spreadsheets as a mashup environment
  14. 16. Getting stuff in...
  15. 17. Creating a database on the fly…
  16. 18. Scraping multiple pages… var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); for ( page in pages ) ss.insertSheet( name( pages[ page ] ], 1 ); sheet = ss.getSheetByName( sname ); addTableImporter( sheet, I ) function addTableImporter( ss, n ) { var sc = ss.getActiveCell(); var c = []; c[0] = “=importHTML(‘”++”’) ; var arr = []; arr[ 0 ] = c; var destinationRange = ss.getRange( 1, 1, 1, 1 ); destinationRange.setValues( arr ); } <ul><li>Obtain a list of page URLs to be scraped </li></ul><ul><li>Create a new sheet for each page using </li></ul><ul><li>Add an =importHTML formula with page URL to each new sheet </li></ul>var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet() ss.insertSheet( sname ) sheet = ss.getSheetByName( sname );
  17. 19. Formulae
  18. 20. = googlelookup (&quot;Brazil&quot;, &quot;capital&quot;)
  19. 21. linked data Linked Data
  20. 22. = OUdata_courses ( coursecode , [ properties] )
  21. 23. function OUdata_courses(cc,props) { var args = _OUdata_SPARQL(‘courses’,cc,props) var sparqlResult = UrlFetchApp.fetch( '', {method: 'post', payload: args} ); return _handleSPARQLresult( sparqlResult ); }
  22. 24. Google Spreadsheets as a database
  23. 26. =QUERY('ISO Country Codes'!A2:B268, &quot;select A,B where A contains 'FRANCE' limit 1&quot;)))
  24. 27. &quot;Events, dear boy, events...&quot;
  25. 30. ...getting stuff out
  26. 31. DataStore Explorer
  27. 32. The art of the mashup lies in breaking a problem down into a series of discrete functional steps, each of which can be handled by something that already exists.
  28. 33. Creating an effective mashup requires cunning, laziness, and a playful attitude…
  29. 34. … which is to say, a willingness to use as building blocks things that may not have originally been intended as such, such as Google Apps…
  30. 35. @psychemedia