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Guug11 mashing up-google_apps

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  2. Google Apps as a mashup environment
  3. (Interaction and Display) Native Functions Google Apps Script APIs
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  18. Formulae
  19. = googlelookup ("Brazil", "capital")
  20. linked data Linked Data
  21. = OUdata_courses ( coursecode , [ properties] )
  22. function OUdata_courses(cc,props) { var args = _OUdata_SPARQL(‘courses’,cc,props) var sparqlResult = UrlFetchApp.fetch( '', {method: 'post', payload: args} ); return _handleSPARQLresult( sparqlResult ); }
  23. Google Spreadsheets as a database
  25. =QUERY('ISO Country Codes'!A2:B268, "select A,B where A contains 'FRANCE' limit 1")))
  26. "Events, dear boy, events..."
  29. ...getting stuff out
  30. DataStore Explorer
  31. The art of the mashup lies in breaking a problem down into a series of discrete functional steps, each of which can be handled by something that already exists.
  32. Creating an effective mashup requires cunning, laziness, and a playful attitude…
  33. … which is to say, a willingness to use as building blocks things that may not have originally been intended as such, such as Google Apps…
  34. @psychemedia

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  1. Scripted integration cf. automation, or the writing of macros