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Exploiting Structured Course Materials

  1. Making More of Structured Documents: From Custom Search Engines to Custom Navigation Tony Hirst Dept of Communication and Systems, The Open University
  2. Know Your Search Limits filetype:pdf
  3. So how do we get the links?
  4. BUT…
  5. …the index is typically too small to be of much interest
  6. examples
  7. LiveLinks…
  8. Search Engine Text Adventures
  9. What’s missing…?
  10. … search-based pedagogy…?
  11. OU-XML lets you treat SA documents as databases…
  12. [ Freemind ]
  13. @psychemedia

Editor's Notes

  1. Visual Conversations with Data Datasets often contain amyriad number of stories,but how can we best make sense of them? Maybe avisual conversation can help? 30 mins