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Cetis12 sna


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Cetis12 sna

  1. 1. It may (or may not) beinteresting, but is it useful? Tony Hirst, Dept of Communication and Systems, The Open University
  2. 2. d3i data information intelligence i nsight
  3. 3. In search of structure…
  4. 4. Hierarchical data and treemaps - medalsPivot tables
  5. 5. Macroscopes
  6. 6. digraph test { "[SPARQL]"->RDF; "[SPARQL]"->XML;CSV [shape=box] "[SPARQL]"->CSV;KML [shape=box] "[SPARQL]"->JSON;JSON [shape=box] JSON-> "<JQueryCharts_etc>";XML [shape=box] CSV->"{GoogleRefine}"RDF [shape=box] CSV->ScraperWikiHTML [shape=box] JSON->ScraperWikiGoogleSpreadsheet [shape=Msquare] "[YQL]"->ScraperWikiRDFTripleStore [shape=Msquare] ScraperWiki->CSV"[SPARQL]" [shape=diamond] HTML->ScraperWiki"[YQL]" [shape=diamond] HTML->"[YQL]""[GoogleVizDataAPI]" [shape=diamond] "[SPARQL]"->"[YQL]""<GoogleGadgets>" [shape=doubleoctagon] "{GoogleRefine}"->CSV [style=dashed]"<GoogleVizDataCharts>" [shape=doubleoctagon] CSV->"<Gephi>" [style=dashed]"<GoogleMaps>" [shape=doubleoctagon] "<Gephi>"->CSV [style=dashed]"<GoogleEarth>" [shape=doubleoctagon] RDF->"[YQL]”"<JQueryCharts_etc>" [shape=doubleoctagon] }
  7. 7. Network structure Node and edges All nodes the same sort of thing Edges may be directed or undirected Edges may be weighted Bipartite graph – two sorts of nodes Can collapse a bipartite graph to get a new view over the data
  8. 8. Categories become defined byrelations between entities, rather than the top down action of a cataloguer
  9. 9. FollowerCommunities
  10. 10. Couple of network graphs to make the point…
  11. 11. HashtagCommunities
  12. 12. How do hashtag users follow each other?
  13. 13. (“1.5 degreeegonet” around a hashtag)
  14. 14. Folk on lists @jisccetis is on
  15. 15. The bipartite graph version…
  16. 16. How folk on lists follow each other
  17. 17. ESP
  18. 18. Emergent SocialPositioning
  19. 19. Who do my followers follow?
  20. 20. Who follows my friends?
  21. 21. Layout
  22. 22. Sizingandcolouringno des
  23. 23. Commonalitiesand differences
  24. 24. Aquote from this months Racecar Engineering,in a comment piece by Paul Weighell:“ Whitworths core concept was accuracy inmeasurement, which is what we would termtoday ‘enabling’technology. ... It is, I believe,still a general rule that technology advancesby first improving standards of measurementand accuracy.”
  25. 25. Static and dynamic analysis ofnetworks Structural vs traffic analyses
  26. 26. Social network data that’s there forthe taking… Twitter Google+ Facebook Delicious Email Bitly(?)
  27. 27. Ethics…
  28. 28.
  29. 29. reports/scmvESP/scmvESP_2012-02- 18-14-31-53 JISC follower netwrok – interactive gephi playtime ? Second session?