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Web Desktop Communication


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A presentation describing how web desktops could communicate with each other

Published in: Technology
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Web Desktop Communication

  1. 1. Web Desktop Communication Cross-installation communication between web desktops
  2. 2. Goals Allow information to be shared between  installations of a web desktop Works on many different web desktops  (example: eyeOS would be able to talk to Psych Desktop and vice-versa)
  3. 3. Communication model Uses XML-RPC  Distributed, each installation has a list of other installations to  talk to Both desktops must have each other in list for communication 
  4. 4. Information structure When desktops communicate with each other,  they syncronize objects Objects can be files, private messages,  contacts from an address book, etc. Objects can be sent to specific users, or public  Each object has it's own set of properties  Desktop takes data from object and stores it in  it's own storage mechanism
  5. 5. Examples of objects Private message  To: (Username)  From: (Username)  Message: (Text)  File  Name: (Text)  Content: (Binary)  Configuration  Wallpaper: (Binary)  Name: (Text)  Locale: (Text)  etc. 
  6. 6. Information sync example
  7. 7. Uses Move account info/configuration from one web  desktop to the other Share documents and send private messages  between different web desktops