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Data Visualization with SharePoint and SQL Server 12


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Data Visualization with SharePoint and SQL Server 12

  1. 1. Data Visualization withSharePoint And SQL 2012Paul J.Swider@pswider
  2. 2. PowerPivot PerformanceReporting PointServices PowerView Services Excel SSIS Third PartyServices
  3. 3. Reporting ServicesPerformancePointExcel Services Web PartsSQL Analysis Services Lists and External Lists Reporting Services
  4. 4. Professional report authoring environmentCreate reports using Visual Studio and Report DesignerImplemented as a Service Application in 2012Managed at Farm and Site CollectionReporting Services Web PartsSQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
  5. 5. Use SQL Server MediaDon’t use Configuration Manager
  6. 6. Metadata
  7. 7.