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Digital safety


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Published in: Technology
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Digital safety

  1. 1. Digital
  2. 2. On our computers Keep your browser and operating system up to date – Old software has security problems us/internet-explorer/internet-explorer- help#internet-explorer=top-solutions
  3. 3. Download this Keep an eye on what you click and download Install from a trusted source Sites like Lookout keep track
  4. 4. Online? • Use trusted bookmarks • Type address directly into browser • Look for https:// – which signals website is encrypted
  5. 5. Firefox Update Firefox:
  6. 6. Google Google Tools Google encourages you to add an extra layer of security by enabling 2-step verification. 2-step verification requires you to have access to your phone, as well as your username and password, when you sign in.
  7. 7. Safe Search Turn SafeSearch on or off Visit the Search Settings page at In the "SafeSearch filters" section > check the box next to "Filter explicit results" > Save SafeSearch should remain set as long as cookies are enabled on your computer
  8. 8. Image Search
  9. 9. Secure Your Passwords Use a unique password for each of your important accounts Use a long password made up of numbers, letters and symbols Try using a phrase that only you know Set up your password recovery options and keep them up-to-date
  10. 10. Oh No I’m Hit! If your computer is infected with malware, remove it as soon as you can avast! AVG AVIRA BitDefender ESET Smart Security F-Secure G DATA Kaspersky Lab Internet Security McAfee MacScan (for Mac users) Microsoft Security Essentials Norton Internet Security TrendMicro Malwarebytes
  11. 11. On our phones Set a passcode > Settings >General > Passcode Lock
  12. 12. On Our Devices (iPads)
  13. 13. Kindle
  14. 14. Resources for Families Wired Safety: “My line "what you post online stays online...forever" is often quoted. Old archival sites aren't the issue. The Facebooks, YouTubes and Twitters of the world are. Your posts are reposted, saved, printed and shared.” Parry Atfab
  15. 15. Tween & Teen Angels Kids helping kids stay safe aged seven to twelve cybersafety group Teenangels award winning program for teens
  16. 16. SnapChat – be on the look out! SnapChat – Take a photo, share >the image sent dissolves after 10 seconds, and the tool won't allow you to save it. Good news photo dissolves Bad news screen shots
  17. 17. Is Facebook Right for My child? Five questions parents need to ask
  18. 18. Is a movie right for my child? CommonSense Media has movie, book and TV reviews:
  19. 19. Common Sense Media Great resource for families
  20. 20. Common Sense Media Tips Sheets by Age groups K-5 6-8 9-12 Agreements to make with your kids