Invention 2 Venture: Tyler Droney


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Tyler Droney is currently a senior at the main campus of the Pennsylvania State University. He is the first of his immediate family to attend college and he is majoring in business finance with an economics minor. After achieving his bachelor's degree from Penn State, he plans on attending law school. Tyler also participates in extracurricular activities such as Thon and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. In the little free time he has, he enjoys watching just about any sport (especially teams from Pittsburgh), playing video games, hanging out with his friends and family, and just being your typical 'college student'. After graduating from Penn State, Tyler plans on using his business degree to help further expand GroceryU to other universities.

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Invention 2 Venture: Tyler Droney

  1. 1. FOUNDERS: Tyler Droney Lucan Schmidt Brandon Salvador
  2. 2. ABOUT THE COMPANY   GroceryUis a grocery delivery service serving the main campus of the Pennsylvania State University and the surrounding residential areas   Eliminate the hassle of finding a way to the store   Save time by ordering from your home   Offer reasonable prices and a wide variety of products   Have groceries delivered right to the convince of your home
  3. 3. THE IDEA   November ‘08   Five male roommates   Two years living downtown State College with no vehicle   Hassel of taking the bus   No large grocery stores within walking distance   Always ran out of food and had to eat out more resulting in spending more money   Spring semester of ’09 initial brainwork began
  4. 4. START-UP   Declined for a loan needed to come up with an investment strategy to obtain the necessary start-up funds   Nine Investors   Majority being family and friends   Other start-up setbacks?   LAUNCH: AUGUST 31, 2009
  5. 5. HOW IT WORKS   Free sign-up   Browse our store and add groceries to your cart   Over 3,300+ items available   Choose a delivery time (4pm-10pm)   Groceries are delivered next day to your door if you place your order by 2am
  7. 7. ADDITIONAL FEATURES   Different weekly sales   Ability to save grocery lists for future orders   Numerous aisles to shop from   Parents/guardians can add funds to their son’s/daughter’s account   Refer-a-friend feature allows you to tell your friends while earning an extra $5   We accept all major credit cards, Lioncash+, and GroceryU funds   We gladly accept any product suggestions
  8. 8. CURRENT OPERATIONS   Over 150+ accounts created   Approximately 70+ orders successfully delivered   Average of $80 per order   Average of 2 orders per day
  9. 9. TARGET MARKET   Students   Off campus   Also on campus (orders are just typically less)   No vehicle   No meal plan   Permanent residents of State College   Retirement communities   Single parents   Handicapped persons
  10. 10. MARKETING Magnet Flyer T-Shirt
  11. 11. OUR VEHICLE
  12. 12. THE COLLEGIAN   Ad and Article   A lot of response from article   15 day advertisement
  13. 13. BANNER   Provided alternative beverages and food   Such as bottled water, chips, juices, ect   This allows us to hand out flyers as well as hang up our banner
  14. 14. LIONMENUS   Three month campaign   Delivery   Order Online   Search
  15. 15. FACEBOOK   285 registered fans   Multiple sign-ups   Promo codes specifically for Facebook
  16. 16. BROCHURE   More informative compared to flyer   Used at retirement communities and senior citizen homes   Use to hand out to the residents in the area   Also used on weekends (especially home football weekends) around town to hand out to the parents/guardians of students FUTURE PLANS:   Placing brochure in move-in packets for apartments in town; and even FTCAP for incoming PSU students
  17. 17. PAPER MENU   Alternative to online ordering   People who don’t have internet access   May not know how to use a computer   Mainly geared towards those in retirement homes and senior citizen centers   Usually have a drop box in the commons area and specified pick up/drop off days
  18. 18. STUDENT GROUPS   Marketing 422   Marketing 450W   English 202D   Communications
  20. 20. OTHER POTENTIAL ADVERTISING   Needto continue to best target anyone within the area that can benefit from our service   Need to adjust to consumer’s wants/needs   New advertising you may see soon;   Ads placed in the CATA buses   Banner hanging at THON   Banners hanging at more fraternities and even bars   Ad placed in the Centre Daily Times Newspaper
  21. 21. WHAT’S NEXT FOR GROCERYU?   We plan to further establish this location and continue to find new marketing strategies   We hope to eventually reach all the student market and residences within the area   We would like to add more zip codes within Centre County, such as Bellefonte   Ourdream: to establish this location enough to allow us to expand GroceryU to other universities on the eastern/southern coast
  22. 22. WE ARE…GROCERYU! “Where We Shop For U!”