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You can also edit Wikipedia


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This presentation is to be used for Wikipedia session during outreach programs.

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You can also edit Wikipedia

  1. 1. What isWikipediA? User:Psubhashish @psubhashish
  2. 2. Whoedits articles on Wikipedia?
  3. 3. wiki |ˈwikē|nouna website that allows collaborative editing of its content andstructure by its users.ORIGIN coined by programmer Ward Cunningham(1949–), from Hawaiian wiki-wiki ‘quick-quick.’
  4. 4. Wikipedia is a Free Online Encyclopedia that Anyone can Edit
  5. 5. Largest online encyclopedia 20+ 5th Indic popularlanguages website 12 bn 50 Cr.Articles read Unique visitorsevery month 2 Cr. From India
  6. 6. ?Does Wikipedia pay for editing articles
  7. 7. No
  8. 8. You can also [edit] Wikipedia!
  9. 9. What you can edit on Wikipedia?
  10. 10. You can[Edit] an existing article Correct mistakesAdd facts and improve it
  11. 11. Are you telling me lakhs of people edit Wikipedia? And they dont fight?
  12. 12. Welcome to the house of Wikipedia!1. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia.2. Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view.3. Wikipedia is free content that anyone can edit, use,modify, and distribute.4. Editors should interact with each other in arespectful and civil manner.5. Wikipedia does not have firm rules.
  13. 13. Every fish doesnt have an article on Wikipedia, only Nemo has! ;-)
  14. 14. Sob..sob...there is no article about me on Wikipedia :(
  15. 15. Can I write poem, stories and news on Wikipedia?How about my pet dog and my granny?
  16. 16. Can I copy content fromNewspapers, books and journals?
  17. 17. Who verifies theauthenticity of Wikipedia?
  18. 18. How can I trust Wikipediaif anyone can changethe content?
  19. 19. Important links:● English Wikipedia:● Facebook group:
  20. 20. CreditsDesign & concept: Subhashish Panigrahi (User:Psubhashish),Wikipedia logo is a trademark of Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.Uncle Sam: James Montgomery Flagg in 1916-1917, Shell, Chat bubbles: User:bdesham, Times of India1947: http://1.bp.blogspot.comFonts used: Linden Hill, Prociono, Junction( all under CC-BY-SA 3.0 You are free to copy, modify and remix this work. Released under CC-BY-SA 3.0