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User Profile Sync: Tips and Troubleshooting


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User Profile Sync: Tips and Troubleshooting

  1. 1. User ProfileSynchronization ServiceTips and Troubleshooting
  2. 2. Paul Papanek Stork • Principal SharePoint Architect for BlueChip Consulting Group • • Contributing Author • Developer’s Guide to WSS 3.0 • MOSS 2007 Best Practices • Author • MCTS: WSS 3.0 Configuration Study Guide (70-631) • Pro SharePoint 2010 Development for Office 365 • Contact Information • Email: • Blog: • Twitter: @PStork
  3. 3. Agenda• User Profile Sync in 2010• User Profile Sync Changes in 2013• AD Profile Sync versus AD Import in 2013• Preparation for User Profile Sync• Starting User Profile Sync & Troubleshooting• Importing Additional Information
  4. 4. Profile Service Application Architecture Web Front End Profile Profile Service Synchronization Enterprise Metadata Instance Service Tagging and Profile Properties Instance WFE talks to the service and Mid-tier cache, optimized for most-SQL, maintains Front- used profiles, 256 Mb default (good end cache for 500k users on average)
  5. 5. User Profile Service Databases• Profile database – used to store user profile information.• Synchronization database – used to store configuration and staging information for synchronizing profile data.• Social tagging database – used to store social tags and notes created by users.• User Information Table – Synchronized with User Profile (stores information like user display name for each site collection)
  6. 6. User Profile Timer Jobs Name Description TimingActivity Feed Cleanup Cleans up pre-computed activities that are used in activity feeds that Daily at 3 AM are older than 14 days. This job does not affect the User Profile Change Log.Activity Feed Pre-computes activities to be shown in user activity feeds. HourlyAudience Compilation Computes memberships of defined audiences. Weekly, Sat at 1 AMMy Site Suggestions Email Sends e-mail messages that contain colleague and keyword Monthly, 15th at 10 suggestions to people who do not update their profile often, prompting PM them to update their profiles.Social Data Maintenance Aggregates social tags and ratings and cleans the social data change Hourly, 30 min after log.Social Rating Synchronization Synchronize rating values between Social Database and Content databaseChange Cleanup Job Cleans up data that is 14 days old from User Profile Change Log. Daily at 10 PMChange Job Processes changes to user profiles Hourly, on the hourIncremental Synchronization Synchronizes user, group and group membership changes between the Daily at 1 AM User Profile Application and specified directory sourceLanguage Synchronization Job Looks for new language pack installations and makes sure that strings Every minute that related to the user profile service are localized correctly.SharePoint Full Synchronization Synchronizes user information from the user profile application to Hourly, on the hour SharePoint users and synchronizes site memberships from SharePoint to the user profile application.SharePoint Quick Synchronizes user information from the user profile application to Every 5 minutesSynchronization SharePoint users who were recently added to a site.My Site Cleanup Job When a user is deleted, sends an e-mail message to the manager Hourly, on the hour containing a request to the manager to move any documents or data that the manager wants to preserve, because the site might be deleted in the future.System Job to Manage User Manages provisioning, run steps and additional tasks related to User Every minuteProfile Synchronization Profile Synchronization. (Note: Don’t Change Timing)
  7. 7. Changes in SharePoint 2013• Re-Introduction of AD Import• Faster Synchronization for Full Synch• Synchronization with multiple directory services • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) 2003 SP2 and above • Sun Java System Directory Server version 5.2 • Novell eDirectory version 8.7.3 • IBM Tivoli version 5.2
  8. 8. Active Directory Import• Faster than user Profile Sync.• No bidirectional synchronization• Limited to a single Active Directory forest.• Allows only one farm-wide property mapping.• Fewer properties synced by default than AD Sync • FirstName, LastName, Department, SPS- JobTitle, Office, PreferredName, SPS- Department, Title, WorkEmail, WorkPhone
  9. 9. Important CUs and SPs• Oct 2010 CU – fix for Central Admin SSL issue• Dec 2010 CU – breaks Netbios domain support• Feb 2011 CU – fix for Netbios domain support• Service Pack 1 – major improvements to User Profile Sync, but don’t use it without a later CU• June 2011 CU or August 2011 CU – should be installed after Service Pack 1• Feb 2012 CU – improved stored procedures for maintenance of SyncDB
  10. 10. Prestart Checklist• Don’t Run the Farm Config Wizard!• If SQL is an Instance or FQDN • Create a SQL Alias• Install SP1 and August 2011 Cumulative Update• Verify Account Permissions • See the Next Slide• Does AD Netbios Domain Name match FQDN? • Example Acme ≠ • Additional Permissions required • $upsa = Get-SPServiceApplication –Id User-Profile-App-GUID $upsa.NetBIOSDomainNamesEnabled=1 $upsa.Update()
  11. 11. Security Rights for User Profile Sync• UPS Service Identity (Farm Account) • Must run as Farm Account • Local Admin during Provisioning • Log on Locally • Note: Reboot after changing Farm Account rights• Synchronization Connection Account • Replicating Directory Changes on the Domain • Netbios name ≠ FQDN name • Replicating Directory Changes on Configuration Partition • Member of Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access • For Export Only – Create Child Objects and Write Access to OUs
  12. 12. Starting User Profile Sync• Provision the User Profile Service Application through Central Admin• Start the User Profile Service in Services on Server• Reboot the Server• Start the User Profile Sync in Services on Server
  13. 13. Common Issues• SharePoint Farm account isn’t a Local Admin • Add the Farm Account to Local Admin and reboot• Creating User Profile Service App using Powershell • Sync DB schema is incorrect• Running Central Administration over SSL • Fixed in October 2010 CU• Timeouts when configuring Sync Connections • Use PowerShell to slowly increase timeouts until it works
  14. 14. Troubleshooting1. Re-Verify original Checklist2. Watch provisioning with ULSViewer
  15. 15. Monitoring UPS provisioning in ULS
  16. 16. Troubleshooting1. Re-Verify original Checklist2. Watch provisioning with ULSViewer3. View Sync run with Forefront Identity ManagerC:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers14.0Synchronization ServiceUIShellmiisclient.exe
  17. 17. Watch Sync with MIISclient.exe
  18. 18. Troubleshooting1. Re-Verify original Checklist2. Watch provisioning with ULSViewer3. Check Event Viewer for Errors4. View Sync run with Forefront Identity ManagerC:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers14.0Synchronization ServiceUIShellmiisclient.exe
  19. 19. What Not to Do• Don’t modify the FIM service settings in Windows Services• Don’t try to use something other than the FARM account• Don’t modify FIM settings using MIISClient.exe• Don’t worry about the warning in Health Check about not running other services under the Farm Account
  20. 20. Importing Groups• Used for Audiences and to calculate MySite Memberships List• Has no effect on which users are imported• Has no effect on which users are displayed in People Picker
  21. 21. Importing Additional User Data• Must have a primary sync with a Directory service• Create a BCS external content type• Configure a BCS sync Connection• Can Sync either a Single Valued or Multi Valued Property, but not Multiple Properties
  22. 22. Additional Resources• Configure profile synchronization (SharePoint Server 2010) - Technet• Troubleshooting User Profile Sync Issues on SharePoint 2010 – Steve Chen ing-user-profile-sync-issues-on-sharepoint-2010.aspx• Rational Guide to implementing SharePoint Server 2010 User Profile Synchronization- Spence Harbar
  23. 23. Questions?Contact InformationEmail: Paul.Stork@sharesquared.comBlog: @PStork