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Money and Life


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Stuart Valentine is a registered Representative of Financial West Group (FWG) and member of The Progressive Asset Management Group, the socially responsible division of FWG. Stuart has played an active role in the Green Private Placement sector of the Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) industry since 2000. As owner of Centerpoint Investment Strategies, he is passionate about building the personal relationships and networks necessary to create meaningful, systemic change in the world of finance today. In September 2010, Stuart served on the Drafting Committee on Transforming Finance--an initiative to recognize finance as a global commons. He currently serves on the board of Progressive Asset Management, Inc (PAMI) and the Research Advisory Board for Ethical Markets in the area of Social Venture Capital. Having written a series of articles on Socially Responsible Investing and its relationship to the Hero's Journey, Stuart is often invited to speak to describe the conscious investment process and the changes taking place within the global green economy. Outside of his professional life, Stuart is an active member in his community. He is Co-Director of the Sustainable Living Coalition (SLC), adjunct faculty in the Maharishi University of Management (MUM) sustainable business department and served on the planning commission for the city-wide "Fairfield Go-Green Strategic Plan 2020."

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Money and Life

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