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Endorsements & Recommendations

  1. 1. Endorsements & Recommendations W e s t e r n Se n s i b i li t i es - M u l t i cu l t ur al Per sp ecti ves U n i t e d K i n g d o m - S w e d e n - M a l a y s i a - T h a i l a n d Page: 1 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  2. 2. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations “management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things” – Peter F. Drucker The highest accolade any one can receive is one that is given by your peers, your team or your customer. With a 20+ year career, nearly half international, I am fortunate to have met & worked with some extraordinary individuals & teams. I am even more privileged to receive their Paul with the Volvo/Polestar Swedish Touring Car Championship E85 Bioethanol Team at an event in Bangkok, Thailand (Nov. 2007) views on working with me. The following presents a small collection “I had the pleasure to work with Paul during the Motor Expo Thailand 2007. Paul is creative, of their comments . . . organised & professional.” Robert Dahlgren, Race Driver Page: 2 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  3. 3. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Asia Asia The many Asian markets provide a wealth of diverse cultural & business interactions - constantly changing - as are technologies & opportunities. Perspectives on relationships, in Asia nothing is static – in this rapidly developing environment the ability to manage & lead diverse cross-cultural groups of variously talented individuals is a must for any successful manager. Page: 3 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  4. 4. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Asia “Paul brings calmness, assurance, & strategic “Paul is creative & motivated & vision into the senior management positions he extremely talented at getting the best has held within the business environment. This out of any team by engaging & coupled with an uncompromising passion, will inspiring them. Strangely combines to succeed, & genuine concern for all staff rock star creativity & flair with make Paul an excellent Senior Manager.” procurement attention to detail & questioning of every penny invested. A John Duggan, Planning/Distribution Mgr. very inspiring business partner.” Stephanie Bell, CEO “Buttoned down. Realistic. Customer driven. Those are the top 3 values/attributes that come to mind when I think of Paul. A leader that stands out from the crowd.” Vishnu Rajasingam, Sales/Dealer Ops Mgr Page: 4 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  5. 5. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Asia “Since working within Asia Paul has stood “Paul has great integrity & a positive attitude. out as being truly an expert & specialist He is a rare professional who truly understands within all marketing/general management how to balance & meet the objectives of both disciplines. He understands the parties to work together for a win win situation. complexities & dynamics involved in I highly recommend Paul & hope to have the working within these markets & has shared opportunity to work with him again.” his guidance & depth of knowledge with me many times. He has that rare talent of Anne Wong, being able to navigate & guide his VP Asia-Pac Marketing BVI marketing agendas to produce amazing results over & over again. Paul is one of a handful of people that I truly & honestly “A consummate professional, Paul always look up to as a mentor & someone that I provides high levels of service & is an hope & expect to continue to work with in enjoyable man to do business with.” the future.” John Watson, CEO Peter Bachner, Principal Bachner Assoc. Diethelm Travel Asia Page: 5 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  6. 6. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Asia “Paul is an enthusiastic champion for his “Paul is a thorough, detailed businessman with a portfolio & never lets anything come keen grasp of creative & how it can work to solve between his vision & the tasks that need marketing problems. He is an astute partner who to be completed.” challenges one to go one better - we did on many occasions. I have no hesitation recommending Ross Higgins, GM Wearnes Motors (HK) Ltd Paul - a pleasure to work with & his knowledge of the key personnel & issues is 2nd to none.” Charlie Blower, ECD “I had the privilege of working with Paul & EuroRSCG Asia-Pacific being part of strategy sessions with him. He has a solid understanding of the Asia market & is the perfect person to work within the sensitivities of the diverse Asian markets. Paul is a calm & calculated person & it is a highly pleasurable experience to work with an organized person like him. I would love to work with him again...” Pankaj Nayak GM, MediaCom Malaysia Page: 6 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  7. 7. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Asia “The automotive market in Thailand is “I have worked closely with Paul over the last incredibly difficult & being responsible for few years & have found him to be thoroughly the Volvo brand is probably the most professional. He has an in-depth knowledge challenging assignment in Paul’s life. of the Motor industry & possesses Sales & Despite the extreme adversity he is doing Marketing skills that would be equally at a wonderful job at building the brand, home in any number of businesses. strengthening the dealer network, building He has entrepreneurial flair & is a natural the capability of the local team & protecting leader.” his volume. He is a great team player & it’s always a pleasure to work with him. I give Stephen Watkins CEO Paul my highest recommendations.” Mondial Assistance Bruno Charvet, Deputy MD Mazda Sales Thailand “Moving to Asia, he demonstrated fast adaptation to a totally new working & business environment. He was immediately ready to take part & positively challenge the business development in sales, marketing & customer service. Bringing many valuable new ideas & suggestions to our customer service ops. Paul is very consistent & focused in delivering results for the organization. It has been a pleasure to work with such a professional person.” Ari Niemenpää VP Customer Service Volvo Car Asia-Pacific Page: 7 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  8. 8. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Asia “Paul was my client while I worked at New “I have known Paul for a few years now we still Media. He has an amazing ability to identify work together in what can only be described as issues & recommend solutions to fix them. very difficult market conditions in Thailand. He is His direct managing style & commitment to a true pro, very detailed & a pleasure to do excellent results inspired the team to work business with.” smarter & harder. As a client he was clear Neil Holt about performance expectations & open to MD, EuroRSCG Thailand new ideas. He also took the time to share his extensive knowledge about the auto “Paul has always been extremely fair as a client, industry, which helped us to service Volvo pushing to deliver alternative/creative solutions, better, resulting in a winning client-agency demanding an eye for detail & professionalism, partner relationship. I very much look all of which reflect his own work ethics. I have forward to working with him & his team in worked with Paul for over two years in the past & the future.” it was always in a very good working relationship Carmen B Koda, Client with clear objectives. As a client he was a Svc Dir New Media Worldwide pleasure to work with & a true professional with the highest standard of work ethics.” Paul McNeill GM, Motivator China Page: 8 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  9. 9. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Asia “I have been working on few projects with “Paul is energetic & passionate about his Paul since I arrived in Thailand. Paul is a business, he combines excellent functional real professional of the automotive industry expertise with a strong business sense. I have with great experience. His capacity to very much enjoyed my business interactions adapt to the Thai environment & culture with him. On top of this he has a an excellent have impressed me a lot.” sense of humour & is a pretty good amateur Christophe Martin, MD photographer too!” Volvo Trucks & Bus Thailand Paul Turner Country MD BP/Dir Asia Pac Lubes “In his Regional role, Paul was able to “Paul was a pleasure to work with as a client. provide us with ideas, suggestions & plans What impressed me about him was his that we were able to implement within our constant effort to up level marketing at Volvo, business to improve our brand & floor specially in the area of making marketing more traffic. He was always open to discuss accountable.” ideas & pleased to educate us in learning more about marketing. His work was always very professional & well structured.” Gautam Dutt, Bus. Dir, Media Planning Grp Andrew Basham President Volvo Car Taiwan Page: 9 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  10. 10. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Peers/Mgrs “All winning teams are goal-oriented. Teams like these win consistently because everyone connected with them concentrates on specific objectives. They go about their business with blinders on; nothing will distract them from achieving their aims” – Lou Holtz, (former Notre Dame football coach) Peers, Colleagues & Managers The inherent ability to work together with you peers, cross-functional, colleagues & management to achieve joint success in a common vision is essential to any enterprise. Essential to get the job done! Here are some views from my peers & some former managers of working with me . . . Page: 10 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  11. 11. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Peers/Mgrs “I have had the pleasure to work with Paul both at Volvo Cars HQ is Sweden as well as at the Regional office in Malaysia. Paul is one of the few people I have met during my career that hasa good quot;split thinking visionquot;. Paul is very talented strategist but he also has the capability/capacity to never loose focus on running the daily business, he is a perfectionist. He is very professional & knowledgeable in Sales & Marketing strategies as well as a very experienced manager. He is target oriented & he never gives up !! He always tries to find new ways to solve problems or identify sales/marketing opportunities. He has a good manner, never raises his voice, but he get him messages through anyway. Paul is a good communicator & a leader, he has the ability to clearly deliver a message, without being rude, & quickly come to the point. He is very experienced in both leading projects as well as running bigger organisations. It has been a pleasure to work with Paul during the years. I have learned a lot from Paul & I can really recommend him for advanced management positions. I wish him the best & I hope our paths will cross in the future.” Keith Schafer VP Sales/Product/Dealer Network Volvo Cars Asia-Pacific & Volvo Car Corp Page: 11 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  12. 12. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Peers/Mgrs “quot;I had the great fortune of working closely “Paul is a highly professional & dedicated with Paul in his Senior Management role colleague. Facts & figures are more relevant within Product Marketing & as VP, Marketing then opportunism. Also a very understated feel & Strategy. His ability to tackle complex of humour is always present. Creativity & challenges & come up with creative yet viable solution seeker are key words for his way of solutions truly set Paul apart from his peers. working.” Moreover, Paul's work ethic & team leadership Robert Timmers set the bar for many around him & Product Mgr, Volvo Cars Nederland BV continuously allow his department to deliver tangible results with the end customer in mind. He's a fantastic communicator with a great “Paul & I have worked together for many years, sense of wit that allows him to inspire & build & in some of the most challenging business strong relationships with all business conditions. Paul is an absolute professional stakeholders.quot; who not only has commercial acumen & Greg Hembrough experience, but also a true strategic approach. Car Line Mgr. Volvo Car Corp To me, Paul is a good friend as well as trusted colleague.” Peter Johnson, Director Brand/Prod Exp Volvo Cars Page: 12 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  13. 13. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Peers/Mgrs “Paul is a performance oriented manager in “Paul is an exceptionally guy to work. He is the best word. He sets up clear objectives & diligent, intelligent & extremely hard working. framework for the work to be done; His input was invaluable to us at Product combines a very good strategic mindset with Planning as it was comprehensive & fully an understanding of the operations & details grounded in market reality. His ability to think needed to be completed to reach the end- 'outside the box' is astounding. In tense state. He is always open to listen to opinions meeting situations, he builds empathy with the & thoughts & engage in dialogue. An other participants & gets his point of view accomplished communicator with a humane across without making enemies. He networks side & a good sense of humour, without extremely well on both a professional & casual loosing sight of the objective to achieve. It basis. Paul is indeed a “rising star” & was challenging, educating & fun to support deservedly so buttressed by honesty & Paul & his team in their work.” integrity. I wish him well in his current & future Niklas Andersson professional career” Mgr Bus. Env. Analysis Dominick Hemeryck Sr Bus Analyst, Prod Plg “I experienced Paul effectively managing a new position in a new country & work culture. He demonstrated intellectual rigour & a determination to get the job done in a fast changing & demanding environment.” David Thomas President, Volvo Car Russia Page: 13 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  14. 14. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Peers/Mgrs “Paul is an exceptional business analyst with “Paul is a diligent & hard working colleague who a strong ability to capture, structure, review, could always be relied on to find pro-active & identify best option scenarios out of multiple creative ways to tackle sales & marketing data & information sources & present his challenges. His sharp eye for detail & attention views in a very compelling & convincing to deadlines combined with an analytical way. He has a very broad & deep background ensured that projects would be understanding of the automotive business in complete & well executed with measurable terms of offer, marketing & sales. Paul has results.” taken on diffcult challenges with passion & success both in central functions as well as Roger Ormisher, Dir Brand/Product in leading market operations. His permanent Experience. Volvo Car Corp quest for managing performance & change is the expression of his ambition to deliver.” Dominique Crappier, Dir. Network Dev. “Paul has a natural talent to provide detailed Volvo Car Overseas Corp analysis & fact to support the business case whilst not losing sight of the overall business objective. He is also refreshingly direct & “Paul is a high performer at work & delivers avoids corporate bulls**t!!” results on time, with impressive quality. It’s very easy to feel comfortable in his company as he Alan Carpenter has a sense of humour that I appreciate much. Dir. Intl. Fleet Sales I can only congratulate anyone that has an opportunity to work with Paul in the future.” Johan Norinder Bus Dev. Volvo Car Special Vehicles Page: 14 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  15. 15. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Peers/Mgrs “Paul is a meticulous person who always “I had a chance to experience Paul in his delivers top quality input on time. He is an position at Volvo Cars Product Marketing as a extremely professional person, with a wide never-giving-up driving force of necessary range of knowledge & experience. I miss changes & of delivering tasks he was him a lot in the Volvo head quarters in responsible for. He has with great portion of Gothenburg, & I hope to have the devotion & enthusiasm contributed to the opportunity to work with him again in the establishment of new processes within his future. Until then, I wish him all the best in function, using both smart diplomacy & his current challenge.” extensive energy. He always took full Daniel Backman, Product Mgr responsibility for delivering what he promised to C30, S40, V50 Volvo Car Corp deliver. He was also easily approachable, making time for a discussion on both work “I worked with Paul during his time as issues & as a colleague!” President of Volvo Cars Thai sales co. Paul Jana Wignell has a never ending flow of good marketing Strategy Mgr, Volvo Car Corp ideas. The launch of the E85 Volvo Car in Thailand would never happen without Pauls initiative both internally & by lobbying the Thai authorities.” Oskar Falk VP Overseas Mfg Volvo Car Corp Page: 15 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  16. 16. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Peers/Mgrs “Paul was a highly articulate & conscientious “When a Designer has to create a product member of the team with a solid grasp of suited to a particular or Global Market, the input reality. He was always able to see the & guidance from the Business/Market Team is strategic view as well as create a road map essential. Working with Paul several years now, to achieve it. Detail conscious & likeable as he has always proven to be the most an individual, & never slow to make an knowledgeable, clear & concise, in his insightful comment about an issue made him understanding of all of the necessary disciplines an active & very valuable team player. It is & product requirements, I have needed to good to see his career progressing as it is & cover. He is extremely hard working & with his gained experience, this makes him a professional, no matter what the situation. very good asset to any business in any Above that, he is a truly nice guy to know, & a sector.” great person to work with or for.” Malcolm Wade, Dir. Sales, Marketing Steve Harper & Dealer Ops Volvo Car UK Platform Chief Designer, Volvo Cars “Paul is a focussed & insightful individual, with a deep understanding of the business arena. What I found particularly interesting in Paul's approach was his ability to make a strong impact based on the powerful intelligence gained from his market research, which served to enhance his personal impact in the overall global business, & to customers & colleagues in the UK & beyond.” Tom Russell HR Manager (UK & Ireland), Volvo Car UK Page: 16 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  17. 17. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Peers/Mgrs “Paul is an extremely focussed & “I worked closely with Paul during 2003 - 2005 challenging manager. His grasp of his brief as Market Vice President at Volvo Car Asia is always commendable & allows him to Pacific. During that time Paul in his role were support his colleagues & the business focusing his efforts in continuing to build the towards optimising understanding & from Volvo brand in the AP region & strengthen our there targeting resources & activities position in the premium segments. Paul's towards performance achievement. Paul's strategic thinking & his ability to structure task clear mind & comprehensive analysis of both at hand are areas which I specifically would like data & situations provides clarity & ensures to highlight. He also has a very strong that solutions are not hastened into, but are command in his written language which is planned to be most effective & crucial when trying to cut through culture & implementable. A calm individual he is an country barriers in achieving a common excellent team member or leader, depending objective.” upon each situation. I would certainly Magnus Boman welcome an opportunity to work with Paul Dir. Lifecycle Mgt again at some point” Hugh Reid MD Volvo Car Finance UK Regional Pres. UK, NL, B & Ire Page: 17 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  18. 18. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: The Team “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.” – Babe Ruth (Baseball player) My Own Team Leading ones immediate team to follow a vision but contribute fully from their individual talents to the final team, or company, goal takes the ability to draw the best from each & make all members feel valued. This is more true in Asia than anywhere. There follows some comments from my direct team members . . . Page: 18 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  19. 19. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: The Team “I had the pleasure to have Paul as my “Paul personifies all the positive aspects of a manager for almost 2 years. During this high achieving person. He cares for the output period I was amazed by Pauls ability to & results of company & also mind of employee always incorporate the overall business & junior staffs. He is tenacious & self-motivated strategy whilst managing day to day work. creating dynamics & energy in the team. He Paul has great ability to coach people & has the ability to analyze & see the difficult bring out the best from each individual as situation & do the right thing to solve it or well as support his team. He has great & recommend what should be considered in a valuable business knowledge. I warmly joint team solution. He is dynamic, works hard recommend him for higher management & has proven cross-cultural capability. He positions.” brings good, new, modern, creative ideas to us all the times & leads Volvo recovery in our Christian Gemoll Project Mgr/ Training, Volvo Car Asia market in modern way.” Suthalinee Jungsathitkul Marketing, Volvo Car Thailand “I first knew Paul when he was Volvo Car Asia Pacific & have now been working with him at Volvo Car Thailand for two years. Paul is very insightful, creative & a good team player. Paul's writing skill is also very strong. I have a lot of fun working with him.” Chantana Vatanaromya VP Marketing, Volvo Car Thailand Page: 19 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  20. 20. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: The Team “Attention to detail, expressive, caring & “Paul is a highly energetic & focussed excellent follow up are just a few of the things manager with great dedication to achieve that comes up when I think of Paul. He has targets with quality & a pleasure to work plenty of patience & willing to listen first before with. Paul has a terrific eye both for making any judgements. Everyone knows him strategic overview & details & a great as soft spoken person & I cannot recall him ever communicative talent with a fantastic raising his voice, which is a clear sign of sense of humour which he can use maturity. Besides that, he is very approachable powerfully to challenge & inspire as well & makes anyone comfortable when dealing with as negotiate.” him as he doesn't have the typical bossy character. In short, makes you at feel at ease.” Per Rödjer, Analysis Mgr Volvo Car Corporation Akhtar Sulaiman, Regional Product Marketing Mgr, Jaguar & Land Rover “Paul has great leadership capabilities. He is very professional in his job & has good managerial skills. A very supportive Manager. I enjoyed working with Paul.” Jessie Gee, CEO PA Volvo Car Asia Pacific Page: 20 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  21. 21. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: More . . . “Paul is well structured & very logic in his actions. He likes things to be done in an orderly way, in time & with the right people. He is very loyal to the company he works for & his own task, but he can also go out & have a beer & a chat as friends. He has by now a wide experience from various tasks within a car company, the best, Volvo.” - Per Norinder, President, Volvo Car Corp, Various Markets. “Paul has a lot of passion & commitment as an individual colleague & friend. He loves to drive projects & processes forward with an excellent anticipation of the unknown in front of the Team. Paul is/has fulfilled all commitments & have a lot of focusing to do the quot;right thingsquot;, which have assisted Paul to succeed in what he have committed to do Excellent Communication/marketing material development, & as well excellent skills & knowledge to utilize existing available material, this to reduce cost & as well benefit from already research result in a very professional quot;localquot; final execution when so needed. I wish Paul all the success!” - Ingvar Enberg, VP Customer Service Volvo Car Asia Pacific Page: 21 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  22. 22. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: More . . . “Paul is dedicated & seem to have the ability to work around the clock if necessary. He has got a good sense of humour & is fun to work with.” - Magdalena Molin, Product Mgr, Special Vehicles, Volvo Car Corp. “Paul & I have worked together to support the product strategy & product marketing of Volvo cars. As the manager of the Knowledge Centre, I have seen Paul utilize the sources & services to ensure Volvo Cars have products which speak to the Volvo brand & consumer wants or needs. Paul ensures that he has the accurate information to ensure decisions are made. By working together Paul has saved the company time & money by proactive bringing product to market on time & within budget. I consider Paul a quot;fast-trackerquot; as his use of company resources like the Knowledge Centre have assisted his successful work within Volvo Cars. The ability to be aware of & utilize corporate resources for the bottom-line is a key success factor. I would highly recommend Paul for any product marketing work as he is focused on the brand & the consumer.” - Alicia Biggers, Senior Data Research Supervisor, Ford Motor Company Page: 22 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  23. 23. Paul Stokes Endorsements & Recommendations: Summary Passionate – Driven – Independent - Confident Strategic Thinker with Practical Eye for Detail Quickly grasps complex concepts, analyzes & interprets ideas/multiple data sources into an executable & logical, results orientated strategy. Innovative Entrepreneurial Marketeer draws on penetrating consumer & competitive insights to develop imaginative approaches that break through the brand expected to deliver real business results. Relationship Builder Cultivates mutually beneficial (internal/external) business partnerships. Participative Leader Enables others to act toward a shared vision grounded in credible steps. Page: 23 © Paul K. Stokes 2009
  24. 24. T h a n k Y o u For opportunities, contact me: paulstokes007@msn.com © Paul K. Stokes 2009 Page: 24 © Paul K. Stokes 2009