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A selection of creative planning strategies

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  1. 1. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108 Creative Planning Portfolio February 2010 My development as a planner has been in the making for years, way before I think I even knew what ad- vertising was. As a child, like all of us, I asked ‘WHY?’ a lot, the problem is that I never grew out of this phase. I see the planning process as an extension of how I like to live my life, a natural inclination to find insights by observing the world around me and the brands and people that inhabit it. Over the last few years spending time in a variety of planning departments my curiosity has become much more focused on the complex relationship that people have with brands; for me the future is about mutual reciprocation, where both brand and human give, in order to receive. I have just completed a one - year intensive Masters in Creative Planning at Bucks Ad School. My key learning from this experience has been the need to understand your customer like a best friend; I firmly believe that in order to speak to people in a way in which they will listen, you have to fully understand them. This selection of strategies aim to add emotional and tangible value to human lives in order to create what matters; strong and lasting relationships with brands. The Big Issue Perception is NOT always reality British Gas British Gas is DOING sorry, not just saying it THINK! Cycle fast, die young
  2. 2. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108 The Big Issue Perception is NOT always reality Background One of the primary aims of the The Big Issue is to provide a ‘stepping – stone’ that enables those who sell the magazine to go beyond selling the magazine and into more gainful employment. What is currently happening Only 1 in 40 vendors go on to get proper jobs, most stagnate or fall back through the cracks. This is a problem for the Big Issue organisation as they are not fulfilling one of their primary aims and are in a sense letting down their vendors. This needs to change. What is the Problem/Opportunity (Why are they not progressing?) A sample of 20 vendors were unanimous that they were unlikely to be considered by employers or re- cruiters because of the misconception on behalf of employers that they were unfit for gainful employment. At the same time they said there is no system in place that enables them to express the talents they be- lieved they had, thus the negative stereotypes go unchallenged and result in them being continually over- looked by the recruitment sector. The opportunity lies in creating a system that enables employers to see the unique talents of the Big Issue vendors which will in turn challenge their misperceptions and en- courage them to consider them for jobs. Objective Turn the perception of Big Issue vendors on its head in the eyes of recruiters so that they are wanted for jobs. Goals By 2013 The Big Issue places 20 out of 40 out of vendors into work. Selling the magazine is seen as a viable way out of homelessness, and into employment. Who are we talking about Big Issue vendors; Many of these individuals, although low on esteem are high in determination and were found to have a range of skills (tenacity, resilience, self reliance) that if harnessed in the right way, could add value to the right business.
  3. 3. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108 Who are we talking to Employers are rational agents and will hire the best man for the job at the best price. At the moment they are unaware of the potential of Big Issue sellers and perceive them mainly as being tramps/homeless or drug addicts, this however is a misperception and can be changed if see talent with their own eyes and have a clear commercial incentive to hire these individuals over other candidates in the job market. Insight Perception is NOT always reality. Strategy Altering the perception held by recruiters and employers of Big Issue sellers by showcasing their unique skills in a context that makes them look attractive to the modern business and providing a clear commer- cial incentive to hire these individuals. Proposition The Big Issue selling population is full of ‘diamonds in the rough’ that could transform your business. Idea The Big Issue Apprentice; A recruitment style event that takes place in cities across Britain that allows recruiters the chance to assess and interact with Big Issue sellers. Critical considerations Those vendors who take part in the Big issue Apprentice will go through a series of qualification tests where their ability to think creatively, show leadership skills and tenacity will be tested. This means only the best can take part and lies in sync with the Big Issue brand idea ‘A hand up, not a hand out’. A commercial incentive for employers comes in the form of a wage subsidy program that is currently be- ing provided by the Conservative Government. Their ‘Get Britain Working’ initiative has £3 billion in funds to subsidise companies that employ someone who has been out of work for more than 3 months. Rationale In the recession employers are looking for low cost, high value workers. This is exactly what The Big Issue Apprentice provides. Creative - Talking to vendors Vendors themselves will need to be spoken to in a way that boosts their confidence and encourages them to take part in The Big Issue Apprentice. ‘You have taken your first step on the journey out of home- lessness, now take your last’ (Direct Mail handed out to vendors when they buy copies of the Big Issue).
  4. 4. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108 Creative - Talking to employers Reassuring them of the high value, low cost nature of these guys (as a result of the link with ‘Get Britain Working’ initiative by the Conservative Government.) And allowing them to see the talent as much as possible before and after the actual event using online interactive media (Online, social media, Viral). Creative Samples Targeting Big Issue Vendors 1 - DM Scene: A leaflet handed to Big Issue vendors when they buy copies of the magazine. It serves to instill them with confidence and encourage them to take part in The Big Issue Apprentice.
  5. 5. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108 Targeting organisations Digital : Banner Advert that becomes engaging Pop up video Scene : A man’s face is visible enticing the view to click on him to view his video where he sells himself based on unique skills (Tenacity in the workplace) His identity as a Big Issue seller is not yet visible as this may turn away the target audience. Becomes... Characters: The man’s face that was clicked on in the banner advert appears in a pop up and explains the nature of The Big Issue Apprentice, tells a story that describes his skills (Tenacity) and informs the viewer on how to get more information.
  6. 6. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108 British Gas British Gas is DOING sorry, not just saying it Background British Gas was once considered to be a “national treasure”. As the nationalised Gas Board they were in every home and the nation trusted them. In recent years the brand has gained a reputation for poor cus- tomer service that is contributing to a steady decline in market share. What is the Problem/Opportunity British Gas, as an ex monopoly has a huge number of ‘lapsed customers’ who vowed never to come back to the brand after they were subjected to terrible customer service, that in 2007, counted for 70% of all energy watch complaints. These lapsed customers currently represent a huge chunk of market share and if they can be brought back round would mean British Gas reverses the steady decline of re- cent years. Objective To win over the hearts and minds of the British public. Target Audience These lapsed customers once felt extreme anger aimed specifically at British Gas, but as time has gone on their contempt is now aimed at the energy sector at large. They have received poor customer service at their new providers and are now crying out for an energy provider that is truly customer focused. They may be open to forgive British Gas if the brand takes ownership of their wrongdoing and commits to change, however they still perceive British Gas as a leader brand and will expect it to act accordingly. Proposition British Gas is doing sorry, not just saying it. Insight People will need to see change if they are to believe it. Strategy An advertising campaign which evokes feelings of trust and certainty in the minds of the consumer re- garding British Gas’s new customer service policies created to nullify the 3 main customer grievances; estimated bills, speaking to an automated machine or waiting too long on the phone, no online help.
  7. 7. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108 Desired Response For the lapsed customers to forgive British Gas and switch back over from their current provider safe in the knowledge that these new customer service policies guarantee the best treatment in the sector. Creative Samples Online – Targeting customers 1 Scene: Customers are able to get free straightforward advice on different energy plans and products by watching other customers’ video testimonials. Characters: A variety of characters who represent different sections of the target audience.
  8. 8. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108 Online – Targeting customers 4 Scene: Customers can see live streaming of other customers sentiment towards British Gas. Serves to increase the feelings of trust, openness and transparency between brand and customer.
  9. 9. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108 DM – Targeting customers 1 A sticker provided by British Gas that warns off competitor brands and evokes a sense of belonging and identity with the brand. Scene: A British Gas customer posts their sticker on the door that informs competitor brands to stay clear because the customer is looked after and trusts British Gas.
  10. 10. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108 THINK! Cycle fast, die young Background THINK! is a government led initiative whose main aim is to reduce the amount of cycling accidents on British roads. Cycling is becoming more and more popular in British cities, with this rise in popularity has also been a rise in fatality. What is currently happening Cyclists make up 40% of all road casualties in London, despite only making up 10% of road users. Commuters are the group most at risk, they make up 52% of all killed or seriously injured casualties. What is the Problem/Opportunity Qualitative research revealed that many commuting cyclists believe that an aggressive riding style im- proved their safety but the statistics contradicted this; 85% of accidents in 2007 were cause by an over - taking or going ahead maneuver (aggressive). The opportunity lies in educating cyclists that an over ag- gressive riding style puts them at a greater risk of casualty. Proposition Cycle Fast, Die young. Objective To reduce the amount of commuter cyclists that are killed or seriously injured across British cities. Target Audience Commuting cyclists travel on the busiest roads at the most dangerous times, they are vulnerable and they know it; the over aggressive response is a flawed, yet understandable reaction to an intense but re- pressed fear they have when on the road. They will need to be spoken to in a way which shows compas- sion for their vulnerability but admiralty for their bravery. Defensive by nature they will only respond by be- ing talked to, not at. Insight Attack is NOT the best form of defence. Strategy A street campaign that reaches cyclists where they are, on the roads and on other vehicles. The material will reside on roads, taxis, buses and cars back windows and will instigate a more conservative riding style on behalf of the cyclist.
  11. 11. Planning Portfolio patrick stileman London +447970696108