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Survey for designing nocs with wireless


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Published in: Engineering
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Survey for designing nocs with wireless

  1. 1. Several researchers are investigating the possibility of designing NoCs with wireless interconnects. Recently, the design of a wireless NoC based on CMOS Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology was proposed Zhao et al. [2008]. In Zhao et al. [2011] a wireless Media Access Control (MAC) protocol based on time-multiplexing of ultra-short pulses from the UWBtransceivers was proposed to enable concurrent use of the wireless channels. A wireless NoC with unequal RF transceivers is proposed in Zhao et al. [2012] to improve the performance in a conventional mesh topology overlaid with wireless interconnects. In Lee et al. [2009] the design of on-chip wireless communication network with miniature antennas and simple transceivers that operate at the sub-THz range of 100–500 GHz has been proposed. Design of a wireless NoC using the small-world topology using carbon nanotube (CNT) antennas operating in the THz frequency range is elaborated in Ganguly et al. [2011a].