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ePortfolio@LaGuardia Community College:What, Why and How


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Developing an ePortfolio helps LaGuardia Community College students collect their work, select sample course work , reflect on their learning, and connect between their academic and professional lives.

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ePortfolio@LaGuardia Community College:What, Why and How

  1. 1. ePortfolios @LaGuardiaWhat, Why and How?
  2. 2. What is an ePortfolio? A collection of student work A web portal where students access their work, track their academic growth and plan their career A multimodal way to express , reflect on and present student work A digital resume A record of student skills, achievements and learning
  3. 3. What can you put in an ePortfolio? Sample course work: research projects essays, internship reports, business plans, accounting/cost- benefit graphs, etc. Reflections Multimedia files: video clips, audio clips, graphic files, visual art designs, photos, etc. Documents: Word, Excel, Powerpoint presentations, etc. Links:blogs, websites, social media tools
  4. 4. Why ePortfolio?• To deepen student learning and engagement: • The LaGuardia ePortfolio encourages students to think about their learning within the broader context of family, career, culture, and experience.
  5. 5. Why ePortfolio?• For Transfer and Employment : LaGuardia’s ePortfolio helps students to examine and reflect on their learning and career goals. This eases the transition from LaGuardia to the worlds of work and advanced education.
  6. 6. Why ePortfolio?• For Program assessment:All colleges and universitiesexamine teaching practice andstudent learning in order toimprove the education providedto students.At LaGuardia, this process iscalled Program Assessment.And we do it, in part, with samples of class work students place intheir ePortfolios and in the Program Assessment interface of theePortfolios.
  7. 7. How to get started•
  8. 8. Features• Ease of use• Customization• Various multimedia file formats could be uploaded• Social networking features• Drag and drop features• Email notifications• Unlimited number of ePortfolios per account holder• Dedicated and secured URL per ePortfolio• Web-based system eliminates need for additional software programs and zip files
  9. 9. Features  Convenience - mobility  Log in off campus and edit ePortfolio from home  Less time consuming to create  Easy to learn and retain  Less time spent in lab  Less need for outside help to create and edit ePortfolio.  Improved functionality, new modules like video, enhanced photo presentation  User-controlled access makes ePortfolio work more fun
  10. 10. Resources and Contacts Studio Hours ePortfolio and Assessment Workshop (complete this form to schedule): ePortfolio Lab, E-273, C740 (Starting Fall 2011 – B 121, B 123) Online Tutorials: Contact ePortfolio Consultants: 718-482-5407 Staff Information: