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New way to communicate in Web

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. webified communications
  2. 2. > zingaya is a web service that provides new voice communication channel from web browser without downloads * * Like but with voice what’s this ?
  3. 3. what’s the problem ? > low conversions rate at e-commerce websites * Only 2% of online visitors are converted into customers. eMarketer > web lacks audio communication channel * Web is least satisfying customer channel. Forrester
  4. 4. how it works ? > a widget that can be easily embedded into any web page allows the site visitors to call you with one click
  5. 5. how it works ? > calls are forwarded to pre-set landline/mobile numbers, Skype or SIP
  6. 6. > increases online sales * 10% of online visitors are converted with click to call, only 2% w/o. Jupiter > improve customer support * 20% increase in customer engagement when click to call is used. Jupiter > reduce operating costs * 45% customers prefer speaking to the agent. Forrester > add value to web services * Even a small channel shift can have a big financial impact. Forrester what does it give to you?
  7. 7.