Tibco amx bpm online & corporate training by virtual nuggets


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Tibco amx bpm online & corporate training by virtual nuggets

  1. 1. www.VirtualNuggets.com Training@VirtualNuggets.com India +91-8885560202 ; +91-40-64540202 USA +1-707-666-8949 Course Overview: This TIBCO AMX-BPM course covers designing and deploying business processes using TIBCO Business Studio 3.5.x. TIBCO AMX-BPM concepts covered include modeling of organizations, processes, data and user forms. Hands-on labs explore process integration with web services, email and databases. Customized user forms are created and pageflows are designed for advanced forms interactions with users and external systems. Throughout the course, the BPM applications are deployed to a TIBCO AMXBPM server and tested using Workspace and Openspace clients. Course Contents : 1.) Introduction to BPM BPM Defined TIBCO Business Studio: Model-Driven Development to TIBCO Runtime: TIBCO Active Matrix Administrator Active Matrix BPM User Clients Analysis with Active Matrix BPM: Big Picture View 2.) Organization Modeller Creating a Project Creating Organization Model Modeling Elements in an Organization. Defining Relationships Adding Groups Assigning Privileges Capabilities 3.) DEPLOYING ORGANIZATION MODEL Active Matrix runtime components Deployment Configuration TIBCO Active Matrix Workspace Organization Browser Linking Organization Model to LDAP Users 4.) OBJECT MODELS Business Object Modeler Business Object Model Editor. Defining Packages and classes Primitive Types Enumerations Defining Attributes Linking Objects: Generalization Linking Objects: Compositions 5.) MODELING BUSINESS PROCESSES Online Training Corporate Training Web-Development Software Development SEO Services
  2. 2. www.VirtualNuggets.com Training@VirtualNuggets.com India +91-8885560202 ; +91-40-64540202 USA +1-707-666-8949 Process Modeling in TIBCO Business Studio Creating Business Process Model Hierarchy Of Process Projects. Defining Process Packages Package Contents Project Explorer Process Details Participant Details BPMN Elements Executing Business Process Model 6.) MODELING FORMS Data Fields and Parameters Defining Data Fields Defining Parameters Configure User Task Interface Form Preview Default Form Layout 7.) PROCESS AS A SERVICE PAAS (Process As A Service) Expose Process as a Service Business Service to call a PAAS Types of Business Service Creating a Business Service for a PAAS Starting Business Service Recap- Workspace Views Work views Event Views Process Views 8.) EVENTS AND GATEWAYS BPMN Events and Gateways Gateways Using Gateways Exclusive Data-Based Gateway Sequence Flows Intermediate Events Using Intermediate Events Timer Intermediate Events Signal Intermediate Events Activity Deadline Withdraw Activity 9.) PAGEFLOW PROCESSES Page flow Process: Definition Online Training Corporate Training Web-Development Software Development SEO Services
  3. 3. www.VirtualNuggets.com Training@VirtualNuggets.com India +91-8885560202 ; +91-40-64540202 USA +1-707-666-8949 Page flow as a Business Service: Recap Enhancing User Form Interaction Characteristics of Page flow Process Creating a Page flow Process Create Page flow Process Wizard Associate Page flow with Work Item Page flow Example: Work Item Form 10.) CUSTOM FORMS Forms Design Environment Form Outline Views Creating Custom Forms Form Bindings Direction Of Bindings Cascading Style Sheets for styling Actions Action Types Rules Form Parameters and Form Fields Form Controls Specifying Validations Form Scripting Scope of Variables Script Execution Order JSON Files 11.) RESOURCE MANAGEMENT User Task Participants User Task Distribution Strategy. Work Allocation Strategy Piling Chained Execution Chaining Example Chaining with Page flow Example Separation of Duties Retain Familiar Workspace- Allocating and Reallocating work 12.) SUB-PROCESSES AND AMX-BPM LOGGING Sub-Process Types Reusable Sub-Process Refactoring a Process Embedded Sub-Process TIBCO AMX-BPM Logging and Auditing TIBCO Active Matrix Log Files Logging Levels Active Matrix BPM Loggers Configuring Log level Event Views Online Training Corporate Training Web-Development Software Development SEO Services
  4. 4. www.VirtualNuggets.com Training@VirtualNuggets.com India +91-8885560202 ; +91-40-64540202 USA +1-707-666-8949 Error Event Views TIBCO Active Matrix Workspace Logging 13.) SERVICE TASKS Active Matrix BPM Service Tasks Java Service Task Java Task Execution Database Service Task Database Connection Profile JDBC Connection Resource Instance Database service Task Configuration E-Mail Service Task SMTP Resource Instance Deployment Of Service Tasks 14.) USING WEB SERVICE TASKS SOAP Web Service Operations Process as a Service: Use Cases Business Process as a Web Service Service Descriptors Folder WSDL Document Service Types Web Service Task Configuration HTTP Client Resource Instance Deployment Of Web Service Task. 15.) ENHANCING PAGEFLOWS Key Points: Page flow Processes Page flow Usage Patterns Long Running Services Short Running Services Page flow Best Practices Online Training Corporate Training Web-Development Software Development SEO Services