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  2. 2. A hand auger equipment is designed for taking soil samples up to the depthof 5 meters. It is extremely suitable for soil research and is easy to carryin the field. it works well with all types of soil Hand Auger Equipment HandAugerEquipment
  3. 3. CO2 Infrared Gas Analyzers Our Principals PP Systems has been manufacturing high quality CO2 infrared gas analyzers for researchers and customers from a wide variety of disciplines throughout the world. They are considered a leader in CO2 infrared gas analysis measurement instrumentation and our analyzers are in use in over 100 countries worldwide. Their innovative Auto-Zero Measurement Principle ensures the greatest accuracy, reliability and long term stability that many of our customers have come to expect throughout the years. In addition, our principals offer a range of environmental probes and sensors for use with their analyzers enhancing measurement capability.
  4. 4. 62/J/1, Maharaja Tagore Road, Kolkata - 700031. West Bengal, India Phone: +91-33-24732151 Fax: +91-33-24733215 E-mail: