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  • Show this to Laura Miller - ask her if there is someone we can share this with that does not know anything about this project\nAfter Laura’s feedback - talk to Steve\nLogo - is there a way to make Green Solutions POP - right now focus is on the negative\nLanguage for Public Service Media Project from Laura\n
  • Can we make bullets appear one at a time\nContent: Need to look at flooding (runoff) stormwater management\nTry to make sentences shorter - look at “ing’s” \nEX: Aging urban water systems overwhelmed\nOmit needless words\nBlack is heavy\n
  • Shorten bullets\nshow to frank for content\nsame design comments as last slide\n
  • find a quote and attribute it to someone - look at partners\ncheck out CWAA turner foundation doc\nsustainable cites website\nASLA\nCould the image show impacts on people \n
  • need to think about whether the focus is on “telling the story” or “forward thinking leaders”\n
  • could things float in - be clickable, include photos of leaders in the field\nright now this is a lot to read, small\n
  • NWF, NRDC not yet confirmed\nU.S. EPA\nleave off period\nserial comma (is this a house style) - do we have a house style sheet - Emily, Steve, Tom\ncould we include streaming banner of logos\nyou can miss some big names in this stacked presentation\nneed to confirm use of the word partners vs. outreach collaborators\n
  • A lot to read\nBlack is heavy\nCan we build in\nperiods - style sheet question for Steve\nwatch “ing’s”\ncolon - style sheet (likely two space then capital)\n\n
  • look for multicultural picture\nbronx, duwamish river\n
  • How do i highlight LEAD\n“Levels” placement - steve\n\n
  • coming into it cold, hard to understand what’s going on\ndo we need to include PSPB more frequently (logo on every page, PSPB name in narrative)\nwe need a shorter way to say this\ninclude liquid assets logo + short statement about two success points\nthis needs design help from Steve \n
  • look at other presentations - how are they impactful on this point\nideas: verizon logo, hargitay, \n
  • can we add clickable links?\nsocial media and website\nGreen Treks - \n
  • PSPB Water Blues Green Solutions

    1. 1. Sponsorship Opportunities May 25, 2012A public service media projectfrom:
    2. 2. 36 states face water shortages by 2014Aging urban water systems overwhelmedRecord droughts threatening water securityTraditional solutions will cost $1 trillion over 25years
    3. 3. Nature inspires solutions to our biggest water challengesWetlands purify agricultural and urban run offNew asphalt and cement absorb water, allow for natural filtrationGreen roofs and rain gardens reduce runoff and pollution
    4. 4. In the 21st century, water will be the world’s scarcest naturalresource. We need new solutions to protect, restore andpreserve our clean water.
    5. 5. WE ARE TELLING THE STORYof our water blues and engaging people in green solutions
    6. 6. SEATTLE: a community representative THE BRONX: a diverse group is reconnecting people to the river. joins together to save their river. LAKE ERIE: a water keeper is defending the lake against PORTLAND: environmental leaders are agricultural and urban run off. keeping the city on the cutting edge of green infrastructure. PHILADELPHIA: a city employee is driving the most ambitious green infrastructure program in the country. EVERGLADES: a government SAN ANTONIO: a conservation officer is engineer is leading an leading a movement to reduce water use. ecosystem restoration.FORWARD THINKING LEADERSVisionaries revitalize communities and inspire the nation.
    7. 7. CONNECTED PARTNERSOur partners engage communities, foster discussion, and amplify impact• American Rivers • International City/County Management Assoc.• American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of Landscape Architects • Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center• • National Wildlife Federation• Clean Water America Alliance • Natural Resources Defense Council• Ecological Society of America • U.S. Botanic Garden• Environmental Protection Agency • U.S. Green Building Council
    8. 8. IMPACT-DRIVEN MEDIABROADCAST DOCUMENTARY: reaches 115 million public TV viewersDIGITAL LEARNING LIBRARY: educates citizens and communitiesCONTINUING EDUCATION: advances engineering and landscape architectureCOMMUNITY INITIATIVES: engages citizens with shared local storiesK-12 CURRICULUM: inspires millions of students to think differently about
    9. 9. JOIN US ON A JOURNEY toward a sustainable future Our sponsors will help us engage millions in addressing our nation’s biggest environmental challenge: securing our clean water.
    10. 10. SPONSORSHIPOPPORTUNITIES LEVELSWe work with passionate,socially responsibleorganizations looking tocement their position asleaders addressing America’smost pressing challengesLead Foundation
    11. 11. BUILDING ON SUCCESSWater Blues ~ Green Solutions continues our investigation into the water crisis.Produced by: Penn State Public Broadcasting Aired more than 1800 times on 717 stations. Spawned community events from Florida to Alaska.
    12. 12. A RECORD OF IMPACTOur documentaries have aired on95% of public television stationsincluding all of the top 40 mediamarkets.Our portfolio of public servicemedia projects have engagedmore than seven millionpeople around the world.
    13. 13. Launching Fall 2013waterbluesgreensolutions @H20blues greensolutions