Psoriatic Arthritis Diet Questions Answered


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Psoriatic Arthritis Diet Questions Answered

  1. 1. Psoriatic Arthritis Diet Questions AnsweredThe most widespread treatment for psoriasis is the application of topical ointments and lotionsthat can assist minimize the spread of the unpleasant scaly pores and skin patches associatedwith the disease. Topical lotions normally turn out to be efficient in the course of the first phasesof psoriasis. The epidermis growth normally reacts positively to ointments and creams and maydisappear right after some time.Susan asks…I have Arthritis and My Husband and I want to start a family,anyone know the best ways, diet, exercise etc?I have Psoriatic Arthritis, effects all my joints….. was on medication but am no longer.admin answers:I have the illnesses below and managed to have a son*diabetes *lung disease*psoriasis *muscle degeneration*ibs *anaemia 1/8
  2. 2. Try to keep your muscles and joints working and as pain free as you can, take glucosaminevitamin tablets to help the joints & muscles & folic acid to raise your iron levels.Count the first day of your period as DAY1 and have sex as much as possible on DAYS 10 – 16as this is your most fertile daysTry not to think of sex as the means to getting pregnant you need to remember that it is yourrelationship that also needs time effort and care because a strong relationship can help youbeat anything no matter whatBetty asks…How can i help psoriatic arthritis?Diet – which?Exercises which?What else?admin answers: 2/8
  3. 3. Diet is one way but honestly I haven’t found a way to completely get rid of the pain other thanibuprofen when it gets too bad.Charles asks…Vegan diet for arthritis?I’m 21 years old and have recently been diagnosed with arthritis (they’re unsure whether it’sLupus, RA, Sjogren’s, Psoriatic or a combination of them). I also have Celiac Disease (Dx 5years ago)I’ve been doing all I can to try and be healthy and live a normal, healthy life. I eat gluten freeand a pretty healthy diet. I have 4-5 pieces of fruit/veges daily, seeds and nuts, fish once ortwice a week and chicken or lean red meat. I rarely have fast food (once a month).I’ve been doing a bit of research and found many places suggest a vegan diet. I love meat andeggs so this would be a huge compromise for me. I’m wondering if it’s an all or nothing thing?Do I have to cut it out completely to notice any improvement? How long would I have to be onthis diet to notice any improvement?Thanks. 3/8
  4. 4. admin answers:How about this. Try it for a month, and see how you feel.But this means you HAVE to do it correctly. Meaning your getting a correct amount of proteinwith all essential amino acids, getting enough iron, and eating a balanced nutritious diet.I think you might notice after like a week or 2 of a good vegan diet, you might actually feellighter, almost like your walking on air, and feel more clear headed.Donald asks…What’s a good Diet for Psoriasis?Hi, I have had psoriasis for over ten years and now I have psoriatic arthritis. It’s a real pain.My question is has anyone reduced their white cell count or relieved their psoriasis by changingtheir diet?Erik Von Halle, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 4/8
  5. 5. admin answers:Hi, There is no specific diet that helps all. Many people swear by vitamin D, many by Omega-3(fish oil) Only trial will tell what works for you. You can also try one of the natural treatmentsavailable on the Internet – some of them do actually work. For my psor. I use herbal cream byChampori quite successfully. It takes just a couple of weeks to clear the spots and they thenstay clear for months on end.Try it: Champori is available online without prescription and comes with money back guaranteeso if it doesn’t work for you – it’s free.Cheers,SumiJenny asks…Ankylosing Spondylits, Gout, Arthritis Why Suffer ?? Give me yourreaction to the following…?Psoriatic Arthritis /Gout/Spondylitis/Arthritis: Using the elimination diet, l became painfullyaware that the nightshade family was involved in those sharp pain attacks of arthritis. Otherresearch has shown not only gluten (celiac disease) but also the nightshade family is andresponsible.Tomatoes can give me a dull ache within four hours and sharp pain attack sets in either myshoulder joint or big toe about 12 hours later.The Potato did have effect on my Ankylosing Spondylitis/Moods/ Chronic Fatique (should be 5/8
  6. 6. avoided at all times). Especially painful for me after eating Chips or roast potato, wouldn’t besurprised if the same for most Ankylosing Spondylitis sufferers. The pain always set in withintwelve hours, also my moods weren’t pleasant.When l tried chillies they left blood blisters in mouth, Red or green peppers made me achewhere ever l had gout etc.Also it was interesting to note that Corn Flakes whilst on elimination diet also had effect on myshoulder joints but that the beauty of the Safe food diet. It’s so easy to find which foods dohave an effect…Since being on my natural diet and avoiding nightshade foods l haven’t had any attacksof Psoriatic Arthritis, my gout (inflammation of smaller joints) and Inflammatory Spondylitis(inflammation of vertebra) which l had suffered for more than 20 years also has gone. As withother forms of arthritis, cold weather can also be a catalyst for a worsening of the condition, butremoving the nightshade family has worked for me (and many others). I wish l had come acrossDr N. Chiders work of 50 years he would have saved me a lot of pain. I think to ignore his 87%success rate is crazy. Today with the latest info. available his success rate would been 100%.This is so easy to put to test. If you or know someone who suffers just tell them how easy it is toconfirm for themselves. Don’t eat any nightshades for a week or two (The longer the better)then have some chips ……….StirlingOh yes another miracle drug like vioxx No thank you l plan to live a long time to come.admin answers:I really appreciate your info, andmay give it a try. The reason I amopen to this is I have had similar problems,and had a lot of success with glutenelimination. Ankylosing Spondylitis,Severe osteo arthritis, CFS, and a verytroubling facial rash, among otherproblems. Started gluten elimination8June2009,, and have had muchimprovement, but gluten is in almost 6/8
  7. 7. everything here.Nightshade huh? Well, I rarely eattomato, but had started eating morepotatoes, because so many thingsare gone from my diet. I do not know ifthings such as squash are involved,because I never looked at the nightshadefamily.As to your question, my response isthat I think it merits examination,but I expect Med and Pharmaindustries will attempt to discredit itbecause it might threaten their profitsand their hold on the populace.Maybe it won’t work for everyone,but if it helps some, they could avoidmuch misery, expense and inconvenience.Also, if nightshades are in the foodsupplies anywhere near as much asgluten, total elimination must bescrupulously monitored, for tomatoexists in many cooking sauces.Good luckrPowered by Yahoo! AnswersPsoriasis is a little recognized problem that can greatly affect the lives of folks struggling from it.Even though considerably from becoming lifestyle threatening, psoriasis can have more of animpact on the quality of life of the particular person. Successful treatment relies upon on howinfluenced the person with psoriasis is. Organic Psoriasis therapies do exist, nevertheless.document.write();Foremost blog authors trust a wordpress plugin link for your WP web sites.To {Find out|Read} {on|more}.. {Click here|Psoriasis Treatment|Scalp PsoriasisTreatment|natural psoriasis treatment|psoriasis treatment over the counter|treatment for psoriasis||||http://psoriasistreat 7/8
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