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Manage Programmes Projects And Portfolios


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This paper discussed a new way to collaborate with your suppliers
using online Web 2.0 tools and at the same time improving the
visibility, transparency and governance of your IT projects,
programmes and portfolios.

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Manage Programmes Projects And Portfolios

  1. 1. Manage portfolios, programmes and projects via the web Presenters: Rob Johnson Bruce Aylward
  2. 2. Project Management Now • High cost manual paper based administration Progress reports, minutes, action lists, consolidation of reports • No single repository Encourages duplication, customer vs supplier view, poor access to information • Large number of customised methodologies and customised tools (usually MS Word and MS Excel) Inconsistent styles, content and formats leads to additional training and familiarisation costs paid for by Customer
  3. 3. Project Management Now • Customer usually supplies and pays for all tools and methodologies • Few high cost enterprise “solutions” focus on buzzword “consultant identified” problems and usually miss mark Enterprise Resource Management, Benefits Realisation, Portfolio Management
  4. 4. Project Management future • Paperless electronic recording and automated reporting Online progress reports, minutes, action lists, that can be consolidated • Secured single repository available from anywhere Customer and supplier share repository, build knowledge base of projects • Outcome based focussed supported by methodologies Prince2, MSP, PMBOK etc
  5. 5. Project Management future • Project Manager brings tools Configured to meet Customer standards, customer sets standards • Low cost configurable enterprise “solutions” that are used by Project Managers to the benefit of Customers Low cost, simple, configurable web based solutions More time for PMs & less costs to Customers
  6. 6. Demo - Case Study Customer Supplier Corrections • Multiple agency Supplier • Multiple supplier • Secured access Prime MinJustice Supplier • Programme roll-up Customer Police • Projects and sub-projects • Planning and Tracking Budgets • Single risk, issues, actions repository • Timesheets (if required) • Knowledgebase/repository of projects
  7. 7. 10 Reasons to change Reason How? 1 Fraction of cost and rapid ROI, Reduces manual effort and duplication saving $thousands per month Real time automated generation of a configurable range of governance and project reports, meeting actions and minutes e.t.c. 2 Consistency of approach Configurable to meet PMBOK, PMI, Prince2 methodologies. 3 Transfer of costs for provision of Project professionals to provide own tools and methodologies to project tools configured to customers standards. professionals 4 Increased “real time” transparency Secured access from anywhere of of information information as it is updated. Information in one source in a standard configurable format that can be consolidated.
  8. 8. 10 Reasons to change (contd) Benefit How ? 5 Easy to use Looks like Word, Excel therefore minimal training 6 Easy to implement Available pay as you go, so no technical implementation project required 7 Increase quality of project PM’s spend less time typing and management reporting and more time focussed on progress, resources, stakeholders, risks, issues etc. 8 Being green Significant reduction in paper generation, paperless reporting is possible. 9 Builds knowledge base of projects Information in one place which is easily accessible – most people remember the project name. 10 Reduces establishment costs of Organised electronic storage allows future projects copying programmes, projects or anything.
  9. 9. Final Thoughts .... • Web based project management is possible, enabling access from anywhere to a single secured project management repository for customers and suppliers • Electronic paperless project management recording and automated reporting saves time, money and trees • Even a builder turns up with a hammer – affordability and configurability enables the PM (internal or external) to pay for their tools. Cost of tool <NZ$1 per day, read only free – discounts for large organisations
  10. 10. Thank You And Questions