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Polly snipes section 1237

  1. 1. Polly Snipes Section 1237<br />Action Plan<br />When my administrator and I reviewed the STaR Chart information and the campus improvement plan, it was apparent to us that our teachers are not improving their technological skills, therefore the students are not able to receive the best instruction in technology. We have been at a Developing Tech level for 3 years. We are making slow improvements. The district improvement plan requires our campus to make improvements each year.<br />It is the role of the instructor to make sure the students have adequate knowledge to use technology when they enter the workforce. We cannot wait until high school or college to give the students the skills they need. They need skills to use along the way. It is the role of the Campus Instructional Leadership Team and the administration to oversee the technology education of our students. When the students come to the labs, it is the role of the Campus Tech to make sure the children are receiving and using the technology skills. If the campus tech is needing assistance, then her district specialist should be able to give her the needed information.<br />Our teachers are rather fearful about learning and using new technology. I see the role of the campus administrator as the gateway to learning. The administrator must be vigilant about observing and monitoring to make sure teachers are being trained in all the new developments, and that the technology is being taught and used in the classrooms.<br />Professional Development<br />As an administrator, I will provide monthly training for my teachers. I will ask the campus technologist to assist with monitoring to make sure teachers are using the new skills they are learning. In analyzing the STaR chart and the campus AEIS scores, it is obvious that our teachers are not using technology in the most effective way. The first thing I will do is ask the teachers to complete a survey so I know the strengths and weaknesses of the staff. I will start with the areas that show the greatest weakness and move toward our strengths. I will also ask the Campus Improvement Leadership Team to analyze the STaR chart data and make recommendations for professional development. Some of the programs I will provide training in are Web 2.0, video conferencing, using smartboards, Powerpoint and Prezi, and Movie maker.<br />I will also ask for an outside source to speak to our staff and students about cyberspace safety. We, as a staff, need to know how to spot a negative website, or a student who may be using the internet improperly. I will ask the staff to be vigilant about reminding students about negative websites, and putting too much information out for preditors.<br />I would ask teachers to integrate their learning into the lessons they are teaching the children. I would ask them to look for ways to use the technology to make our students into thinkers and I would ask the administration to document use of technology when they see it. <br />Evaluation<br />We have used the data given by AEIS and documented the areas in which we need to improve. We need to focus our technology instruction and professional development toward these areas. We are redesigning the campus improvement plan to reflect these changes. The district improvement plan states that teachers are not using the technology available to the fullest extent. We intend to change that scenario on our campus. We believe that if we create thinkers, we will not have to drill and kill to teach the strategies needed to score well on state and national assessments. <br />We are designing a system to keep track of the teachers’ professional development in technology. We will also create a team that will moniter the technology used and taught in the classrooms. We will use data from various programs, and the data that we collect to measure the progress of the children.<br />We will have round table discussions at the end of the school year with each team to see if they feel as if this focus is successful, and to document any changes we need to make for the next school year. We will look at student growth also as we make decisions. Our decisions will be data-driven.<br />