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Graduate school imsd ppt example


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Graduate school imsd ppt example

  1. 1. Graduate School University of Arkansas for Medical SciencesInitiative for Maximizing Student Development Program IMSD
  2. 2. IMSD Program CriteriaMust be U.S. citizens or permanent residentsAccepted into one of the seven biomedical science Ph.D.programs – Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Interdisciplinary Toxicology Microbiology & Immunonolgy Neurobiology and Development Sciences Pharamcology Cellular Physiology & Molecular Biophysics
  3. 3. IMSD FundingParticipants receive $24,000 yearly salary and tuitionfor the first two year of graduate study.After the first two years, funding will be provided bythe graduate program or faculty mentor.Participants will receive funding during the eight tonine week required summer transition program.
  4. 4. Admission to the IMSD Program Maximum of 6 students accepted each year No minimum GPA or GRE score, however the Graduate School requires a minimum GPA of 2.70 Submit all application materials required by the Graduate School and the program.