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Falcon Stor Changing The Rules Of Backup


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Changing the Rules of Backup

Published in: Technology, Business
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Falcon Stor Changing The Rules Of Backup

  1. 1. Business Solutions TOTALLY O p en™ Data Pro te c t i o n Changing t h e Ru l e s o f B a c ku p a n d DR
  2. 2. The elements of data protection and FalconStor Software, Inc. is the market leader in disk-based data protection. We deliver proven, comprehensive, award-winning storage solutions that change the rules of backup and disaster recovery (DR) by facilitating the continuous availability of business-critical data. Our TOTALLY Open™ technology solutions, built upon a common platform, include the industry-leading FalconStor® Virtual Tape Library (VTL) with deduplication, FalconStor® Continuous Data Protector (CDP), and FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS), enabled with WAN-optimized replication for DR and remote office protection. Through these products, FalconStor offers a complete line of energy-conscious, value-added solutions that scale to meet the data protection requirements of any size organization. We help customers make the most efficient use of their storage resources to overcome the challenges of maximizing return on assets (ROA) and minimizing operational expenditures (OPEX). FalconStor data protection solutions maximize business continuity and improve backup and data center efficiency in mission-critical environments. The TOTALLY Open architecture offers complete independence from any storage or connectivity protocol, giving your organization the freedom to choose the components that make the most sense for your business. Easy-to- deploy FalconStor solutions provide comprehensive protection across the enterprise, fast recovery for any application at any location to any point in time, and backup simplification and optimization. FalconStor solutions are deployed by thousands of customers worldwide, from small businesses to Fortune 1000 enterprises, across vertical markets including finance, energy, government, healthcare, legal, and technology. Our strategic and OEM partners are among the world’s top storage and IT companies, including Acer, COPAN Systems, Data Direct Networks, DSI, EMC, H3C, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Pillar Data Systems, Spectra Logic, SUN, and VMware. Milestones ch ge n un ra pa la er m to Ja to ick ra C ss et EM ar firs in C og rt ra ty ID Pr de ith ftw .0, to DP ili K TL er un ac AN so 1 nS w rC rV e ®v tn rk al er co Q s f TB to to ag or ar de Yo C DA id al ice F nS nS lP or St rv SO ov s F w EM AL AS st P ne lco lco Ne k sI pr t se h lF N ec sO an Fa Fa R it or ce bo on in ice el /D s w Ch ce tw du es es rv t s d md un BC am e ch ch tro ils se Ne sy e nd st no un un ve Te In Hi Li u Un An La Fo ne La 2000 2001 2003 2005
  3. 3. F (S alco to n ra St ge or M VT ag L Ce az na rt ifi in me e, d 2006 ed se “P as ar ro ch d a“ st uc Fi Si ve or t o gn AP -S ag f AC s O ta e. the m EM co Y rP ar d m ea ar ) tn ke ea r” er tp lw ”( re ith VA se H nc 3 Rb e C, us Ex in ex te te es nd s) nd in sc g on L FalconStor makes tra CD aun ct P w ch Vi es ith rt fi business value EM ua rs C 2007 lA tV to CD pp M 20 lia wa of P V th ir 13 nc re- Integrated e ce e Y tu al rt ea A ifi O r” p ed aw pl pe ia ns ar n Optimized d ce VT (V w L AR in Available your storage infrastructure... Co m bu s “ pe sin Tec te es h I nc s) nn e ov Ce at nt Na or re Te m in ch ed no # Fr an lo 5 in ce gy “ Co Am F 2008 m eri pa ca Pr alco od n ni ’s 2 St es 5 uc o ” ( Fa tw rN Fo s ith SS rb tes es t- na Th ) Gr in m TABLE ow ed Pr in ov “# g isi 1 S on to OF in ra g” ge Disaster Recovery Contents (C V RN irt Data Deduplication Business Continuity/ ) ua Backup Optimization Storage Virtualization liz at io n 10 8 6 4
  4. 4. BUSINESS CONTIN Keep moving forward with ongoing availability More than ever, any kind of disruption to data access directly impacts business operations – including customer retention and revenue. To ensure that your business is always running, you need to prepare for and prevent data loss caused by disasters such as software or hardware failures. FalconStor offers a full range of innovative, comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solutions that enable ongoing storage and data availability by ensuring that all IT components are redundant and can seamlessly react to any issue within the infrastructure. Unique snapshot features and application-level integration keeps replicas and snapshots readily available offsite for quick and seamless data and system recovery. You can instantly recover from any data loss or corruption, to the last state before the event occurred, ensuring business continuity. Space-efficient snapshot and replication technology delivers the highest level of local and remote data availability while significantly reducing data protection cost. In addition, built-in WAN-optimized replication minimizes bandwidth requirements and accelerates data transfer to meet the best recovery objectives in case of a site failure. Business Value • Enable 99.999% availability • Recover data and systems in minutes • Meet or exceed recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO/RPO) • Cut storage capacity requirements by over 50% • Slash replication costs by 90% with WAN-optimized replication • Eliminate redundant data and shrink your backup repository by 95% • Easy, affordable deployment using existing resources without sacrificing performance 4
  5. 5. UITY/DISASTER RECOVERY CASE STUDY Maxim Group Overview Solution Maxim Group, LLC is a full-service financial institution Maxim chose FalconStor BC/DR solutions, which integrated established in 2002. It currently has more than $10 billion easily into the company’s storage infrastructure. These dollars under management, and revenues exceed $150 solutions enable the company to virtualize data sets and million. The company’s ability to add value and create create a centralized storage array for its growing server load. opportunity for its clients is based on its commitment FalconStor BC/DR technology provides continuous updates to understanding investors’ goals and challenges. Its of local and remote active data sets, mirrored in real-time to professionals provide all the capital markets expertise other appliances with optimal network efficiency. It protects and industry knowledge one would expect from a full- data between regularly scheduled backups, which allows service investment bank. Maxim to meet recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) while maintaining compliance. Challenge Benefits As a leading midrange financial institution, Maxim must protect critical data in compliance with strict government Continuous protection from a single point of control regulations, which require that backups of data be stored has brought numerous advantages. Increased operational offsite. As the company expanded, it became increasingly efficiency has enabled Maxim’s small IT team to focus on challenging to store data and ensure its integrity and improvements in other areas, and cost savings have availability on its DAS-based storage system with a limited strengthened the bottom line. FalconStor BC/DR technology budget and small IT staff. WAN bandwidth had become helps reduce data volumes and minimize bandwidth require- inadequate, resulting in shrinking backup windows and ments. The TOTALLY Open architecture lets the team leverage putting data availability at risk. its existing infrastructure and collective operating knowledge without requiring new technologies or processes. They can now recover key applications and data within minutes, providing employees and customers with the highest possible level of data availability and service. HIGHLIGHTS • Enables recovery of data from any site in minutes • Protects virtual and physical server environments • 80% reduction in network bandwidth through WAN-optimized replication • Maximizes productivity of 4-person staff • Achieves compliance and continuous data availability • Saves thousands of dollars in hardware and operational costs Enabled by FalconStor CDP
  6. 6. B A C K U P Accelerate your data stream Data protection has gained importance as businesses depend on digital information to improve operational efficiency. For years, tape backup was the only means of data protection and recovery. However, as data volumes have grown and dependence on data availability has increased, the limitations of tape media have become increasingly apparent. Today, you no longer have time to complete tape backups or perform lengthy tape recovery, nor can you afford to hinder the performance of business applications. FalconStor backup optimization solutions are designed to reduce tape infrastructures, enhance tape backup reliability, accelerate backup operations, and streamline and consolidate tape management operations. Seamless integration into any backup environment allows you to smoothly transition to disk-based backup with no major disruptions or changes to storage infrastructures or policies. This allows you to make the most of your current environment while significantly scaling your backup operations, improving data protection and recovery, and reducing costs. Business Value • World’s #1 virtual tape library (VTL) solution with integrated deduplication • Consolidate backup operations to reduce management costs • Implement disk-based backup, recovery, and restore to reduce recovery time and expenses • Automate serverless backup and achieve up to 1000% faster backup • Eliminate the backup window and enable zero-impact backup • Reduce storage infrastructure costs and realize significant cost savings 6
  7. 7. O P T I M I Z A T I O N CASE STUDY Commerzbank International S.A. CB LUX Group Services Overview Solution Commerzbank is Germany’s second largest bank and CB LUX Group Services chose industry-leading backup represents four entities in Luxemburg: Commerzbank optimization solutions from FalconStor in order to emulate International S.A. (Luxemburg), Commerzbank AG Filial tape libraries, enable failover with scalable clustering Luxemburg, Cominvest Asset Management S.A., and Erste functionality, and replicate offsite. FalconStor technology can Europäische Pfandbrief und Kommunalkreditbank AG replicate virtual servers, take hourly snapshots, and integrate Luxemburg. The CB LUX Group Services department offers snapshots with existing backup software. The FalconStor IT services to 700 users throughout offices in Luxemburg, solution offers an intelligent infrastructure and open SAN, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, and Milan. addressing the complexity of heterogeneous virtualization and simplifying replication of data in the storage arrays. Challenge Benefits With a storage capacity of 200TB and a projected annual data increase of 25%, the company faced limitations in terms FalconStor backup optimization technology combines the of scalability. Tape backup technology was no longer fast reliability of disk with the simplicity of tape. After nightly enough or adequate enough to accommodate this growth. backups, data is written from virtual tape directly to physical The company was unable to share tape drives and replicate tape. FalconStor technology allows CB LUX Group Services as quickly as necessary. In addition, CB LUX Group Services to have an unlimited number of virtual tape drives and add needed a better, faster way to do failover and DR testing. libraries without requiring additional hardware or software, for the ultimate in scalability. In addition, it protects all of the virtualized server environments simultaneously, for reliable, effective backups and fast recovery. HIGHLIGHTS • Improves backup reliability • Enables unlimited scalability • Fast, successful backup and recovery without using tape • Centralized, simplified backup management • Integration with physical tape for long-term data retention Enabled by FalconStor VTL and FalconStor NSS with HyperTrac™ Backup Accelerator
  8. 8. S T O R A G E V I R T High availability with minimal footprint The digital revolution has led to a proliferation of data and a massive increase in applications and servers, resulting in separate islands of storage across the enterprise. As a result, many storage resources remain underutilized, wasting power and money, while others are over-utilized and at constant risk of failure. FalconStor intelligent storage virtualization solutions let you consolidate storage resources for simple and centralized management with the high availability that critical business applications require. Complete application awareness provides quick and 100% transactionally consistent recovery options for systems and application data. A TOTALLY Open and flexible architecture enables you to leverage existing IT investments, increase storage resource utilization rates, and expand your storage infrastructure according to your unique needs. This freedom lets you create an integrated, cost-efficient, multi-tiered storage environment. FalconStor storage virtualization solutions integrate with virtual server infrastructures to deliver highly available and highly efficient IT infrastructures. A fully virtualized infrastructure brings a high ROI by reducing IT footprint and reducing overall management costs. Business Value • Consolidate storage management operations • Reduce primary storage capacity requirements by 50% • Cut storage capital investment by 75% with Thin Provisioning • Gain flexibility and freedom from vendor lock-in • Leverage lower-cost hardware with enterprise-class data services • Migrate data seamlessly between tiers to minimize costs 8
  9. 9. U A L I Z A T I O N CASE STUDY Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Overview Solution Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust is a leading From the get-go, the company turned to FalconStor storage healthcare conglomerate that incorporates three hospitals virtualization technology. The initial deployment replicated data throughout the UK, employs 4,500 staff members, and serves between two sites for DR. As the organization’s data expanded, a population of over 500,000. Its IT Services department is a the solution scaled accordingly, encompassing clustering for shared service covering these three hospitals as well as the scalability, mirroring for continuous availability, and snapshot Worcestershire Primary Care Trust, which includes general technology for granular recovery and data integrity. practitioners and a Mental Health Partnership. Benefits Challenge With FalconStor storage virtualization, the company can Over several years, the company’s data has grown from easily provision storage and recover data to various points 6TB to more than 200TB, which includes critical patient data in time with 100% transactional integrity. The TOTALLY Open and large files on imaging systems, such as MRI scans and architecture ensures integration with various hardware/ x-rays, and additional storage allocated for a new breast software components and connectivity protocols, which health screening system. All related documents are scanned allows the IT Services team to make the best possible use of for storage and compliance purposes. The IT Services team their storage assets. The financial and logistic benefits range is continually challenged with provisioning storage, ensuring from assisting users in retrieving lost data, to minimizing business operations, and improving the speed and ease of hardware and bandwidth costs, to providing business data recovery. continuity and peace-of-mind in all circumstances. HIGHLIGHTS • Protects more than 200TB of data with unlimited scalability • Efficient, simplified storage provisioning • Ease of recovery with granularity and integrity to improve RTO • Leverage existing storage investments for significant ROA • Achieve compliance in the storage and retrieval of confidential patient data Enabled by FalconStor NSS
  10. 10. D A T A D E D U P L I Unearth uniqueness As data grows and spreads across your organization, patterns of redundancies develop. Backup by its very nature creates multiple copies of the same data, multiple times, from multiple locations, which consumes storage space, resources, time, and energy. Eliminating duplicate data can slash media costs, streamline management tasks, and minimize the bandwidth required for replication. FalconStor deduplication solutions proactively address the issue of duplicate data by distinguishing and storing only the data that is truly unique. Our flexible solutions integrate easily into your backup environment and processes, offering the right interface to fit your needs. Multiple deployment models enable scalability from the small business or branch office to the largest data center. FalconStor deduplication solutions include disk mirroring to protect against local storage failure as well as replication to protect against disasters. FalconStor deduplication solutions offer clustering and multi-node failover capabilities for a highly scalable infrastructure. This scalability permits high performance backup processes to meet the ever-shrinking backup window, and enables global management of backup operations. With FalconStor deduplication solutions, you can improve efficiency and save money – exactly what is needed when IT budgets are tight. Business Value • Eliminate redundant data • Shrink your backup repository by 95% • Accelerate backup operations to meet backup windows • Enable high performance restore operations for quicker recovery • Integrate seamlessly with backup software • Streamline tape backup processes while maximizing data retention on disk • Enable cost-effective, high performance disk-to-tape (D2T) and disk-to-disk (D2D) backup operations 10
  11. 11. C A T I O N CASE STUDY Grey Healthcare Group Overview Solution Grey Healthcare Group (ghg) is a worldwide healthcare The ghg network explored solutions from numerous vendors communications network with 43 companies in 22 countries. and chose FalconStor technology based on its flexibility, The ghg network of companies is the integrated, multichannel, scalability, TOTALLY Open architecture, key performance global communications partner that gets brands deeply advantages, and superior customer service model. Facilitated engaged in all the conversations that matter, enabling clients by disk-based protection, the FalconStor solutions vastly to reach their customers – physicians, patients, payers, and improved restore times. The FalconStor solution integrated patients – with the most effective online and offline media. easily into ghg’s environment, offering the scalability and flexibility to back up and deduplicate mixed files and adapt to the unique nature of the company. FalconStor deduplication Challenge technology eliminates redundant data and compresses unique The organization’s offerings, which include video, photography, data, reducing ghg’s data sets for backup from 175TB to 2TB – and web services, produce large files that need to be protected a ratio of more than 75:1. and continually available. Many files exceed 2GB in size. As the business grows, so does the amount of data requiring Benefits protection, challenging storage capacity and performance. With finite storage space and backup processes running FalconStor deduplication helps ensure business continuity at set speeds, the time required for routine backups and by optimizing storage capacity and backup performance. restores continued to increase, jeopardizing data availability With the FalconStor solution in place, online storage capacity and integrity. Moreover, much of this data was redundant is now virtually unlimited, and the company can reliably and being saved repeatedly, consuming space. restore data anywhere on the network. Optimizing the storage environment has enabled IT to deliver on the promise of 24x7 availability and integrity, serving as a key driver of business continuity and growth. HIGHLIGHTS • Reduces duplicate data by more than 75:1 • RTO lowered from several days to less than 1 day • Optimizes storage capacity, reducing hardware requirements and costs • Integrated with infrastructure without requiring changes to systems or processes • Eliminates backup failures Enabled by FalconStor VTL with data deduplication technology
  12. 12. For more information, visit or contact your local FalconStor representative. United States +1 631 777 5188 Europe Northern Europe: +44 208 757 5690 Central Europe: +49 89 9040 5420 Southern Europe: +33 1 3923 9550 Asia-Pacific +866 4 2259 1868 Information in this document is provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind, and is subject to change without notice by FalconStor, which assumes no responsibility for any errors or claims herein. Copyright © 2009 FalconStor Software. All Rights Reserved. FalconStor Software, FalconStor, TOTALLY Open, and IPStor are trademarks or registered trademarks of FalconStor Software, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other company and product names contained herein are or may be trademarks of the respective holder. FSSB090128.