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presentation for International Distributors


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PSi-Global Ltd was formed in the UK in 2009, we already operate in 17 countries worlwide. If you feel you have the ideal business acumen to be a successful International distributor for us then we would like to hear from you, please send an email with a short brief description about yourself and previous work history.

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presentation for International Distributors

  1. 1. INTRODUCING PSi-Global Ltd For trouble free motoring - we never let you down!
  2. 2. We all know how frustrating a ‘puncture’ is, it costs Time, Money and Inconvenience – BUT what if you could ‘prevent’ a puncture from actually happening? Welcome to Tyre Sealant
  3. 3. We want to make Punctures…..a thing of the past!
  4. 4. Tyre sealant was originally developed by the military to make tyres... Bullet Proof ! Sealants have been further developed for the commercial and domestic market as a puncture proofing product What are Tyre Sealants?
  5. 5. … is a tyres No.1 ENEMY It is the major reason for blowouts and also creates: <ul><li>overheating </li></ul><ul><li>excessive tyre wear </li></ul><ul><li>excessive fuel consumption (due to rolling resistance) </li></ul><ul><li>reduction in resistance of punctures and cuts </li></ul>Under-inflation is caused by: rim leaks… valve stem leaks… porosity/migration leaks Under – Inflation…….. Under-inflation has caused this tyre to wear on the outer edges of the tread, leaving the central tread area far less worn.
  6. 6. Seals ALL Leaks ! thereby eliminating under-inflation “ Correct tyre pressure is the most important factor in tyre life. Under-inflation should never be permitted.” Goodyear “ Surveys by tyre service engineers show that at least 25% of all tyres examined are under-inflated.” Dunlop Eliminating Under - Inflation An under-inflated tyre
  7. 7. Tested to ECE Regulation 30 Standard: Manufactured in the United Kingdom by <ul><li>can withstand 4 times maximum pressure loading after </li></ul><ul><li>puncture has been made </li></ul><ul><li>tested to speeds of up to 150mph (240kph) </li></ul>Successfully tested by RAPRA (Europe’s leading R ubber A nd P lastics R esearch A ssociation) How Effective is
  8. 8. Common Puncture Repairs like this, which are carried out in Saudi Arabia and many other countries - are extremely dangerous and are classed as - illegal in most European Countries
  9. 9. We want this to be a – thing of the past! Manufactured in the UK by Manufactured & Supplied by: PSi – Global Ltd And NOW – we Can………………………with -
  10. 10. As your Doctor will tell you – Prevention is sometimes better than a cure - that is why we wanted to develop a product that could not only save time and money, but could also save your life! Seal-It Gel is a high performance Ethylene Glycol adhesive liquid containing tiny rubber particles Injecting this into an ordinary tyre, turns it into a self-sealing tyre This does 2 things: <ul><li>It seals punctures the instant they occur </li></ul><ul><li>Eliminates under-inflation by sealing all leaks </li></ul>
  11. 11. How is it Installed? Once the valve core has been removed, Seal-It Gel is injected through the tyre’s valve using a special pump... ...forming a protective layer on the inside tread area of the tyre
  12. 12. Works on all types of tyres Cars, Trucks, Buses, Motorcycles, Earth Moving Equipment, ATV, – ANYTHING – with either a Pneumatic or Tube Tyre. Remember – We never let you Down!
  13. 13. A puncturing object (such as a nail) enters the sealed tyre... The air pressure within forces the liquid sealant into the hole... Providing a permanent seal and protecting it from further air loss How does it work?
  14. 14. <ul><li>Reliable for entire tread life of tyre. </li></ul><ul><li>Inhibits rust and corrosion of rims and steel belts. </li></ul><ul><li>Is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous & non-flammable. </li></ul><ul><li>Does not void tyre manufacturers warranty. </li></ul><ul><li>Maintains the right air pressure in your tyres. </li></ul><ul><li>Protects and conditions tyre casings. </li></ul><ul><li>Can be easily rinsed out with water. </li></ul><ul><li>Improves safety. </li></ul>Additional Benefits PSI-Global Ltd For trouble free motoring - we never let you down!
  15. 15. Any TYRE – with Air in it! Works on -
  16. 16. Common Tyre Construction
  17. 17. Tested to ECE Regulation 30 Standard: Manufactured in the United Kingdom by <ul><li>can withstand 4 times maximum pressure loading after </li></ul><ul><li>puncture has been made </li></ul><ul><li>tested to speeds of up to 150mph (240kph) </li></ul>Successfully tested by RAPRA (Europe’s leading R ubber A nd P lastics R esearch A ssociation) PSI-Global Ltd
  19. 19. Northern Access Ltd Harry Atkinson (Manager) “ June 2007 we had all our machines treated with Tyreseal. Best decision we ever made. Punctures on a regular basis was costing the company, money and down-time. It is now July 2008 and we have not had one single puncture . I gladly give this testimonial in support of PSI-Global Ltd as their product is absolutely brilliant. If you are reading this, then you need to consider treating your vehicles with Seal-It Gel. You have nothing to lose but so much money to save .” PSi-Global Ltd
  20. 20. Graham Peach (Managing Director) Briggs Burners, LEEDS... “ I can truly recommend Seal-It Gel as an excellent product. On the very night I had my car done I got a screw stuck in my tyre. I took the screw out, rolled the car backwards and forwards. Fixed ! As simple as that! Since that, on a personal note, I have had my boat trailer done, my caravan tyres, and I’ve had the company fleet of vehicles done. It’s a truly excellent safety product and I’d recommend it to anyone.” Roy Gregory (Proprietor) King-size Clothes, Big Mans Shop, HUDDERSFIELD... “ I used to have regular air loss and punctures on my 4x4. Since having Seal-It Gel in my tyres I have not had any problems. You just forget about your wheels. I wanted to get rid of my spare wheel to use the space. Seal-It Gel has solved the problem. My tyres are brilliant. Air loss and punctures are a thing of the past.” Imran Aslam (Transport Manager) Haslam Transport Limited, SHEFFIELD... “ We have been in business for over 30 years and we used to have a lot of punctures and under-inflation on our mixer and tipper tyres. We have had the product in over 30 vehicles since June 2002, which has reduced our downtime by over 50% and increased our fuel efficiency. If this product was around 30 years ago we could have saved thousands and thousands of pounds to date. We recommend Seal-It Gel to everyone.” PSi-Global Ltd
  21. 21. Powerbetter Developments Ltd John McNulty (er) “ We have been using tyresealant in our whole fleet since August 2005 and we haven’t had a minutes bother with them ever since. We have had no punctures or air loss in any of our vehicles and I am pleased to report a 100% success rate as we used to get punctures all the time. It saved our company thousands of pounds last year and we are recommending tyresealants to all the companies we are associated with. June 2005 we also had our new Mercedes company cars treated. It is a fantastic product.” PSi-Global Ltd
  23. 23. Contact: Mal Brown Tel: +44 1133 277109 Email:
  24. 24. Together, we can solve your PUNCTURE problems and SAVE you time & money! If you are interested in becoming an International distributor for PSI-Global Ltd then please forward an email to: [email_address] Contact: Mal Brown Tel: +44 1133 277109 Or Email: For trouble free motoring - we never let you down!