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Mobile Marketing & Commerce

  1. 1. Entertainment Business Master of Science<br />Mobile Marketing and Commerce<br />Leadership Portfolio<br />Paul Siewe<br />November 16, 2009<br />This assignment provides us with an understanding of what mobile marketing means to different peoples and how they regard mobile technology.<br />After conducting a survey on mobile marketing and consumer value with five different peoples with different demographics, I’m going to provide a report that conveys my findings and discuss how the technology can be used for my business venture. <br />Here is a brief description about each individual and their demographics. Survey subject one is a 22-year-old female who is in a psychology major at Morgan state university in Baltimore. Subject two is a 23-year-old male hip-hop producer located in Miami. Subject three is 30-year-old female retail worker located in London, UK. Subject four is a 33-year-old male professional DJ located in London, UK. Subject five is 30-year-old female who is a hotel manager in Washington DC.<br />Now for a better understanding of the content of the survey here are the questions.<br />1. How long have you own/started using cell phones?<br />2. What kind of cell phone do you own?<br />3. What do you primarily use your mobile device for? Ex: calls, text messages, check emails etc.<br />4. Do you still have a home phone? <br />If yes, which do you use more, your home or cell phone? <br />If no, how long have you used a cell phone as your main phone?<br />5. What advantages and disadvantages are you experiencing with your current cell phones?<br />6. How often do you change or upgrade your cell phone? And why?<br />7. What are the top three features that you use on your cell phone?<br />8. What features are you most likely to buy for your cell phone?<br />9. How do you feel about mobile advertising overall?<br />10. Do you feel that increasing mobile functionality will harm or benefit future generations? Why or why not?<br />11. What about the possibility of commercial ads being run on your cell phone and is it good or bad?<br />12. Do you think that mobile ads will replace traditional ads? Why or why not?<br />13. Would you use a consolidated application to be alerted about content or a product specific to your interest?<br />14. Who is your current cell phone provider? What do you most dislike about your cell phone provider? And why?<br />15. What is your opinion of the way that cell phones/technology is going?<br />For the first question, it was found that most of our subjects have been using cell phones for an average of 12 years, with the exception of one person that has been using it for only 5 years. As far as the phone maker, it varies from blackberry to LG, Cect KA08, to Samsung. All subjects use their cell phones primarily to make phone calls, and send text messages. Some also use it to access their email, and as a voice recorder. It was found that all subjects still have a home phone but use their cell phone more often; one individual stated that she only uses her cell phone for long distance calls.<br />Some of the advantages that were mention are the ease of use, being able to access their emails anywhere and anytime, good for voice recording and agenda, free Internet access, music download and music player. One person mention that beside being able to get in contact with people anytime her phone didn’t have any advantages because it was a very basic phone and had limited features to it. Some disadvantages include easiness to lose the phone, the phone freezing, dropped calls, not enough features, small keyboard, and short battery life. People usually upgrade or change their phones only when there is a need to, or when their contract with the subscriber expires; as one mention it expensive to get the phone outside of the contract, and only one person actually like to change phone every year or two to keep up with the trend. The top feature used by all was the text-messaging feature; other features used vary from GPS to music player, alarm, email, messenger, and voice recorder. They had mixed feeling about the increase of functionality some felt like it was more of a benefit than harm for future generations because, as one stated “its a powerful leveraging tool, you can do anything at your finger tips, pay your bills, now even control your car from it (in Germany). See people live web conferencing,” but others felt like it made people less and less sociable and writing skill were at risks due to the abbreviations younger people use in text messages. The answer that came across often for commercial ads being run on cell phones was that it can be good but as long as it is not too much; some felt like it can put people personal information at risk, and that it is not such a good idea. For the most part they don’t think mobile ads will replace traditional ads but complement it because as one stated not everyone has Internet able phones. But on the other hand, 2 of them felt that since more and more people spend more time looking at their cell phones more than anything else, it is an efficient marketing strategy and is a way to have a broader market. They would all use an application that would alert them about products specific to their interest. T-Mobile is the most popular carrier, 3 out of the 5 people that took the survey use T-Mobile and they seem to all be satisfied with it, 1 uses Vodafone and the other Verizon.<br />After conducting this survey I learned that not too many people are tech savvy, and that even though mobile advertising has a lot of potential, it will not necessarily get adopted by the mass population quickly and it will take some time for it to reach it’s full potential. As for my business it is a good way to get people to check some of the music out. Since more and more people use their mobile phone as a music player and to download music, it would be a good idea to have an application that allow them to do so, and also if they sign up for it they can receive weekly text message from us providing them with different kind of information depending on what they are interested in.<br />