Longitude Customer Profile - Who Should Consider Longitude


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Addresses very briefly at what stage of maturity a company must put a sales management process in place

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Longitude Customer Profile - Who Should Consider Longitude

  2. 2. SALES MANAGEMENT AND THE COMPANY LIFE CYCLEWhen a company grows from the start up phase into a going concern, there comes a point wherethe focus on tactical execution must evolve into a strategic, structured approach to get the busi-ness to the next level. While it’s never too early to implement a structured sales managementprocess, the practical reality of getting a company to the revenue milestone that will enable it toachieve “escape velocity”, requires that priorities in the early stages be focused on simply “stay-ing alive”. Generally, that revenue number is between $30-50 million - below that you are stillfocused on keeping the lights on, above that you are focused on the next logical question: “howdo we become a $200 million revenue company”?Anyone who has built a company from scratch under-stands the extraordinary pressures faced in the earlyyears. A startup is (and must be) extremely tactical andnimble. As the company grows, it needs to focus ondiscipline in maintaining momentum to achieve the es-cape velocity necessary to sustain its forward momen-tum. As it continues on this trajectory, it must developmore organized, scaleable and repeatable processes toenable expansion. If all these pieces fall into place, thecompany will mature and succeed. If not, it will ceaseto grow and begin to contract.The following provides the key performance indicators of the so-called “expansion horizon” -that key growth period within which management processes must be established:! 2
  3. 3. So which processes get priority? There are many “best practices” and software products that en-able the growing company to implement management processes in the areas of finance & ac-counting, human resources, operations, product management and technical support. Unfortu-nately the area most critically important to the long-term success of the enterprise - sales - hasreceived little attention. Building out a repeatable and scaleable sales processes requires time,blood and treasure that is often better focused on the business of generating immediate revenue.In addition, sales management processes are notoriously difficult to define because the mostcritical element of the sales process - the customer - is completely beyond the control of the salesorganization. Customers have no allegiance to the company or its objectives, nor do they careabout its long-term success. The customer is only concerned with its own benefit. For this rea-son, implementing scalable sales management processes are perceived as difficult.Until recently, the only way to “buy” sales process management was an Accenture-type consul-tancy with high cost and long timelines. The creation of cloud-based software tools that consoli-date best practices and intelligent account pursuit have changed this. The Loλgitude™ > SalesNavigation Management system is one such tool that enables an end-to-end sales managementprocess that accelerates growth in a structured and predictable manner. The Loλgitude™ processis focused on aligning the entire sales organization with the goals of the company and require-ments of its customers by defining and communicating clear objectives throughout the sales or-ganization and focusing sales pursuits primarily on prospects that are in a buying cycle.The Following are the 3 “Pillars” delivered by Loλgitude™! 3
  4. 4. The Lo"gitude™ Sales Navigation AlternativeThe Lo"gitude™ > Sales Navigation Management system contains all the elements of an effec-tive sales performance management system described above in a cloud-based model that requiresno systems integration. Lo"gitude™ provides a complete sales management infrastructure builtfrom the ground up by sales management professionals to transform CRM from a “bottoms up”reporting tool into a “top down” sales planning and management system that is accessible toevery stakeholder in the sales organization. To address the challenges posed by the build/buydilemma, prospective Lo"gitude™ customers should consider the following:• Lo"gitude™ requires no traditional technology system integration - it “bolts on” to your exist- ing Salesforce.com CRM system in approximately 10 minutes.• Lo"gitude™ is fully customizable and configurable - it provides each client organization with access to a complete “model” environment that contains every element discussed above. This permits clients to clone and copy pre-configured sales plans, objectives and measures allowing the client to fully customize their implementation to their specific requirements.• Lo"gitude™ provides complete support - all the elements of implementation, training and support are backed up by an extensive professional services capability.• Lo"gitude™ is low cost - first year investment is less than a low level tele-marketer with no limit on users. Just an annual maintenance fee in subsequent years as the system and features are improved.If the following diagram looks familiar, implement a system and consider Lo"gitude™! 4
  5. 5. a About Precision Sales Engineering and Loλgitude™Precision Sales Engineering is a team of highly skilled, successful sales managers who have navigated throughrough seas, and designed the right tools to help companies steer their sales organization into the global marketplacewith precision. Loλgitude™ Sales Navigation Management is a pre-configured software application that snaps-on toyour Salesforce.com installation delivering a systematic, closed-loop process for eliminating risk in the sales pipe-line, and achieving more predictable and consistent sales results.For more information contact Paul Sidorenko at 415-867-9022 or paul.sidorenko@precisionsales.com.co! 5