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  1. 1. EuroGeographics: Maximizing Benefits to EUSociety Through a Sustainable PSI FrameworkPSI Alliance Conference 2012Dave Lovell, EuroGeographics Secretary General and Executive Director
  2. 2. About EuroGeographics and our MembersConnecting you to the definitive geo-informationframework for Europe• International non-profit association based in Brussels;• Membership association and representative body of Europes national mapping, land registry and cadastral authorities;• 56 Members from 45 countries in geographical Europe;• Members at forefront of making available quality information to industry, government & civil society for a variety of uses;• Vision: to achieve interoperability of our Members’ national geo-information to provide Europe with a digital asset that supports Europe 2020 and Europe’s goal to become the most competitive and sustainable economy in the world
  3. 3. Accessibility and what we are doingSupporting EU initiatives, policy and legislation• With our Members and through projects, such as ESDIN, working proactively to operationalize the INSPIRE Directive• With the European Environment Agency putting in place the GMES Emergency Management Service;• In our Knowledge Exchange Networks working on best practice towards technical & licensing interoperability and constructive participation in European policy development.Supporting government business and personal decisions• With the European Location Framework - a technical infrastructure which delivers authoritative, interoperable, cross-border geospatial reference data for analysing and understanding information connected to places and features
  4. 4. Amending the PSI DirectiveThe amending proposal aims to move the Directive forward intothe era of the Digital Agenda. EuroGeographics and ourMembers, as providers of quality digital content, support thisdirection.To deliver workable outcomes, and to make best use of the thisrevision opportunity, we believe 4 areas would benefit fromimprovement:1. The General Principle could have unintended consequences for the sustainable supply of information and its ongoing maintenance;2. The rules on charging should continue to allow all information holders to continue to make their information available for reuse while managing negative impact on public finances;3. The requirement for data to be provided in machine-readable formats should not inadvertently restrict customer choice;4. The proposal for an independent authority should respect Member States’ data policies and national access regimes.
  5. 5. Meeting user needs• Our Members have multiple duties e.g. to EU, civil society, government and business;• Our Members have a good track record of making information accessible and available to all users;• Our strength is our diversity; different Members from different countries have different ways, within the parameters of applicable law, of doing things.;• Our aim is to work openly with users to meet their needs the best way we can;• We maintain and develop our geo-information community of members as an exemplar on reuse, building on our track record of making geo-information accessible and available;• For cultural, economic, societal and democratic reasons: ‘one size does not fit all’.
  6. 6. EuroGeographics working with members andworking with others ….because together we are stronger Thank you!
  7. 7. www.eurogeographics.orgConnecting you to the definitive geo-information framework for Europe