It in education good practice (2)


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It in education good practice (2)

  1. 1. Paul Holmes – St Mary’s College
  2. 2. Always take backups of your work – a great freeonline storage service called dropbox ( allows you to upload workand to be able to access it anywhere in theworld – great for backing up files.
  3. 3. Usb hard drives and pen drives are a cheap andreliable way to transfer data and work files. Alsoan ideal way to store digital media such asfilms, music and photographs.
  4. 4. If you do use usb pendrives and hard drivesensure that all your computers have an up todate virus scanner installed and is up to date.Ensure that you have backups of the work onthe pen drive as at some point you will lose orbreak the drive.Norton and AVG offer brilliant protection and areasonable price.
  5. 5.  Everyday ensure that your recycle bin is emptied right click on the bin on the desktop and select empty recycle bin
  6. 6. If you right click the hard drive under my computerand select tools there are a number of utilites youcan use for monthly housekeeping.Error Checking – will automatically scan your harddrive and report or fix issues with the drive. Bothoptions for automatically fixing file system errorsand scan for bad sectors should be ticked.
  7. 7. Defragmentation – most important tool, willimprove the performance and speed of a pc orlaptop. This option can take a while on oldermachines, but if the machine is left over nightto “defrag” it performance will improve. Shouldbe done couple of times a year.
  8. 8.  Be very wary of opening or viewing emails from people you don’t know or recognize in your inbox Never forward emails offering advice, special offers or jokes as these often contain malicious code that can capture personal data Banks, insurance companies and parcel delivery services (Fedex) never email customers – so ignore any messages from these companies as they are scam emails that will try to con you out of money or gain your personal data
  9. 9. At St Mary’s College we recommend thatstaff don’t befriend current students onFacebook as it puts both parties at risk.It’s worth explaining to students thatcomments on Facebook are all logged andcan leave a lasting impression on otheryoung people.
  10. 10. If you use Facebook only put on contentthat you would want your mum or boss tosee. The NHS currently warn staff whodisclose or write derogatory commentsabout staff or patients. Once a comment isin the public domain it can never really bedeleted or taken back.
  11. 11.  If staff go on trips we recommend staff don’t use their own digital camera or mobile phone to take photos or videos, as often these devices will upload photographs to their own pc at home, and could put the staff member at risk.
  12. 12.  Cyberbullyinghttp://www.kirklees- m Free Teaching Support Resourceshttp://www.rsc-ne- Study Bar (Brilliant Free Tool for students)http://www.rsc-ne-