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PBS Resume & Portfolio

  1. 1. This portfolio represents a few selected projects during my 20+ year career.All projects represented here are projects I was the Lead Project Designer. Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  2. 2. T H E F U N S I DE A FEW THINGS I WANT TO D O WHEN I GRO W UPMy favo ri t e m o v i e qu o tes a re... Enjoy my family. Design great experiences. Take vacations. Grow in my career to leadership and“Boy you must have lost your mind!” Denzel Washington, Remember the Titans ownership roles. Develop long lasting relationships. Work hard. Learn more and more. Try and remember what I have forgotten. Mentor and help others shine. Laugh. Have fun. Stay sarcastic.“Why so Serious?!” The Joker in Dark Knight Play. Build sandcastles at On The Rocks. Get back into duathalons. Win the On The Rocks 4th of July Horse Shoe Open. Take my wife to Europe. Adopt a brother and sister. Fix our 1967 OldsMy favo ri t e t o y s gro w i n g u p w ere. . . 442 convertible. Write a book about my family called “Remember What Your Name Is.”G.I. Joe, Corgi cars, Skittle, Bongo Board and imaginary adventures outside. A FEW L ESSO NS L EARNEDMy favo ri t e m o v i es a re...Die Hard, Remember The Titans, Dark Knight, White Christmas, Willy Wonka Hard work will always pay off. Collaboration among all parties in a design is the key to success. Wear many hats and keep learning. Listen to those you mentor. Sometimes the first solution is the best. Trust your gut. Don’t stress too much. Have fun and a sense of humor. Laugh. WalkMy favo ri t e b o o k s a re... through your projects when they are done with a critical eye and take notes for future projects.Strength To Love, The Art Spirit, Traveler Toward The Dawn, Maverick At Work, Alex Cross series Keep a “Lessons Learned” journal. Mentor younger staff, the feeling is priceless. Reach out to local schools and offer expertise, job shadowing and internships. Sketch free hand, it is truly a lost art. Listen to your mentors. Every client and project, no matter how big or small, demandsIn m y fre e t i me I l i ke to ... your most creative and innovative solutions. Great design is an experience for all the senses, soHang out with family at On The Rocks. Have “date night” with my wife. Go outside and play an open your mind. Don’t let work become more important than family. Manage projects to a prof-adventure with my son. Wash my dog. Work on our 1967 Cutlass 442 convertible. Sketch ideas it; it really can be done. Let your project team see and understand the workplan. Empower themfor our empty attic. Play tennis. Dream about a winter vacation. to develop thier own weekly workplans. Learn to write a solid proposal. Ask clients for feedback throughout a project. Ask clients for referals. Don’t forget to put up job signs. Go to the tradeMy al m a m at ers a re... shows like Neocon and HDExpo. Write thank you notes.St. Robert Grade School, Marquette University High School, Loyola University of Chicago andHarrington College of Design Chicago CO NTACT INFOT o k e e p m e edu ca ted a n d en ergi zed ab out d esign. . . Paul B. ShererI enjoy mentoring. I play Lego’s with my son. Take work to my Dad’s, a fellow designer/architect. I read. I sketch. I design furniture. I build sandcastles. 1354 North 58th Street Milwaukee, WI 53208A fu n n y t h i ng h a ppen ed to me... 414-840-0645In a rush to get to O’Hare for a flight to present to a client in Palo Alto, CA, my boss called me at psherer@wi.rr.comhome and said she forgot some drawings at the office. I raced out of my apartment to the office.Hopped on the train and prayed I would make the flight. I made it to the gate as they wereboarding the last rows. My boss and I laughed at her forgetfullness. While laughing my brainwas racing through all the things we needed. Then my heart skipped a beat. How could I havedone this? I told my boss I forgot my clothes bag. There wasn’t time to stop and get clothes,so I presented in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops and my boss kept her casual outfit on too. Whenwe met the client I told them the story of our travels. The client loved it! A few of them were int-shirts and shorts. Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  3. 3. W O R K EX PE RI E N C ETWP Architecture Kahler Slater ArchitectsProject Designer: July 2008 – Present Project Designer: 1998 – 1999 (1 year)We are not short on laughter, talent and integrity at TWP. Very cool to work for After meeting my wife in Chicago and living there for some time, we decided it was time toa “boutique” design firm in an old church because my Dad and his twin brother move and start our family. We moved to my hometown of Milwaukee closer to my large tightused to design churches across the country. Working at TWP allows me to wear knit family. At Kahler Slater Architects I was a Project Designer working mostly on the Foley &many different hats which only adds to the excitement every day. I have had the Lardner and Milwaukee Protestant Home accounts.fortune to work on some fun, creative and high profile projects. Renaissance Studio, Inc.Kahler Slater Architects Project Manager/Project Designer : 1993 – 1998 (5 years)Associate/Project Designer: April 2003 – July 2008 A few great women from GHK jumped ship and started Primary Design which morphed in toPerhaps I realized that my true passion for design was in the commercial markets. Renaissance Studio. I jumped with them. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! We were “rockstars”I “boomeranged” back to Kahler Slater as a Project Designer on projects such as living the dream. We had a wide variety of cool nationwide projects and a great client in RRThe Jewish Community Center, The AIDS Resource Center, Google, Sundance 608 Donnelley & Sons. We had fun, traveled and worked hard. I worked with seven women untilCinemas, Miramonte Resort, Cramer Krasselt, Fratellos and Sabor to name a few. finally I had to bring on one of my best friends to add some much needed testosterone. HeMy first project was taking over design of the Jewish Community Center from and I developed a fine tuned thorough set of project management and construction documentan architect who was leaving. This was an uphill challenge to win their trust and standards that I still use today. We knew how to make a profit without sacrificing great design.respect something that the previous designer had spent years cultivating. Afterthe project was completed, the President called me and said that staff was not GHK (now Nelson)allowed to put up artwork in their offices without talking to me. I laughed. I said Idon’t think we need to get that strict. I thought to myself, now I have gained their Designer: 1989 – 1993 (4 years)trust and respect. Powerful lessons learned. This was my first job right out of college. I was given the choice to be on the finishes side of interior design OR on the design and construction drawing side. I chose the design and con- struction drawing side. It has helped throughout my career to successfully bridge the gap andDeep River Partners, Ltd. angst between designers and architects. Collaboration is key. Many thanks to a great mentorPartner/Project Designer: April 1999 – April 2003 with a pen always full of red ink!Shortly after I started working at Kahler Slater my brother, sister and a friend askedif I wanted to start our own high end residential architecture and interior designfirm. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to own a small company and work with A FEW TO O L S IN MY TO O L B O Xtwo of my siblings! We formed Deep River Partners, Ltd. with a mission to design Microsoft Office Suite, AutoCAD, Sketch Up, InDesign, Photoshop, QuickBooks, Free Handmore holistic experiences for our clients. I learned many valuable lessons about Sketching and Rendering, business development, wide range of work experiences, expansiverunning a business, accounting, running product through a business, resolving portfolio across many project types, “silver lining” attitude, humor, well rounded in all aspects ofconflict, giving back to the community, empowering younger staff, laughter, design from visioning to design to selections to artwork to construction documents to adminis-selling furniture, and on and on. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will tration, millwork detailing, mentoring (one of the best parts of my day), ability to “read” a clientcherish forever. It was also a time that I discovered the incredible talent of both and gain trust and respect, hard working, enjoy challengesmy brother and sister. Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  4. 4. THE WORKH O S P I T A L I T Y & R E S I D E N TI A L C O RPORATE/OFF ICE RE TAIL & FITN E SSCrown Plaza, Oakbrook, IL Sheet Metal Workers Union Local #18, Waukesha, WI Elite Sports Club, Mequon, WIAmbassador Hotel, Milwaukee, WI Pieper Properties Mayer Building, Milwaukee, WI Jewish Community Center, WhitefishBay, WIALOFT Hotel & Residences ABOVE, Milwaukee, WI Time Warner, Various Locations, WI Sundance 608 (Prototype Indie Cinema), Madison, WIALOFT Hotel, Madison, WI Foley & Lardner, Milwaukee, WI South Suburban YMCA, Milwaukee, WIThe Pfister Hotel (Conceptuals), Milwaukee, WI Cramer Krasselt, Milwaukee, WI Bliss Bridal, Brookfield, WIMiramonte’ Resort (Addition), Indian Wells, CA Trinity Transportation Headquarters, Seaford, DE Downer Garage (retail), Milwaukee, WI4 Seasons Resort, Pembine, WI Google, Madison, WI Target (multiple concept studies), Milwaukee, WIMcArdle Condo, Milwaukee, WI Kohl’s Headquarters, Menomonee Falls, WI Total Health Retail, Menomonee Falls, WIVarious High End Residences while at Deep River Partners, Ltd. Meyer Wallis, Milwaukee, WICampus Ministries UW Whitewater, Whitewater, WI Hoffman York, Milwaukee, WI Matre Design, Milwaukee, WIHEALTHCARE RR Donnelley & Sons, Chicago, ILSmooth Skin & Rejuvenation, Milwaukee, WI RR Donnelley & Sons, New York, NYTotal Health Clinic, Menomonee Falls, WI RR Donnelley & Sons, Nashville, TNTeva Spa, WhitefishBay, WI RR Donnelley & Sons, Los Angeles, CARogers Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc, WI RR Donnelley & Sons, Palo Alto, CASantarelli Oral & Facial Surgery, Kenosha, WI Lester B. Knight Architects, Chicago, ILLuther Manor Assisted Living, Milwaukee, WI Mobium Graphics, Chicago, ILAids Resource Center of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI Arthur Andersen, Chicago, IL Uno-Cal, Schaumberg, ILRE S T A U R A N T CBI Logistics, Chicago, ILFratellos Waterfront Restaurant & Bar, Madison, WI JBrown Advertising, Chicago, ILFratellos Waterfront Restaurant & Bar, Milwaukee, WI Curtis Law Offices, Milwaukee, WIFratellos Waterfront Restaurant, Oshkosh, WI Planned Futures of America, Glendale, WISabor Restaurant & Bar, Milwaukee, WIONYX Restaurant & Bar, Milwaukee WI FINANC IALGrenadiers Restaurant, Milwaukee, WI Landmark Credit Union, Oconomowoc, WIThree Nightclub & Bar, Milwaukee, WI Ledger Bank, Glendale, WIMa Fischers Restaurant, Milwaukee, WI Hartford Savings Bank, Hartford, WIPazzo Restaurant, Kenosha, WI Bank of Lake Mills, Lake Mills, WICafe’ Baci, Chicago, ILThe R Bar, Chicago, ILChives American Grill @ Luther Manor, Milwaukee, WI Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  5. 5. site plan South Suburban YMCA - Milwaukee, WI Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  6. 6. Miramonte Resort - Indian Wells, CA Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  7. 7. Sabor - Milwaukee, WIPaul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  8. 8. Sundance 608 - Madison, WIPaul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  9. 9. Fratellos - Milwaukee, WIPaul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  10. 10. Fratellos - Durham, NC (conceptual sketches) Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  11. 11. Cafe Baci - Chicago, ILPaul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  12. 12. The R Bar - Chicago, IL (conceptual sketch) Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  13. 13. Mobium - Chicago, IL Meyer Wallis - Milwaukee, WIHoffman York - Milwaukee, WI Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  14. 14. Cramer Krasselt - Milwaukee, WI Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  15. 15. Google - Madison, WIPaul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  16. 16. Target Concept - South Milwaukee, WI Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  17. 17. Target Concept - Park East, Milwaukee, WI Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  18. 18. Downer Garage Adaptive Re-Use - Milwaukee, WI Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  19. 19. Campus Ministries Concepts - UW Whitewater, WI Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  20. 20. Luther Manor Assisted Living - Milwaukee, WI Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  21. 21. Fratellos - Madison, WIPaul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  22. 22. Residences @ The ALOFT - Milwaukee, WI Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio
  23. 23. Thank you for viewing my portfolio. I have spent twentyyears working hard not only inspiring my clients, butalso creating lasting relationships. Paul B. Sherer Resume & Portfolio