2011 ms festival of the arts


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2011 ms festival of the arts

  1. 1. Welcome to the 2011 Williamson Middle School Festival of the ARTS
  2. 2. So what's been happening with Mrs. Sheridan's 5th and 6th grade ART STUDENTS all year?
  3. 3. Building a deeper understanding of the art concepts they've studied since Kindergarten! BUILDING... Hannah Ferland 2005
  4. 7. Building advanced works of ART that are GROUNDED in the Elements and Principles of Art and Design Line…Shape…Space…Color…Texture…Pattern…Contrast…Rhythm…Balance…Form…Movement
  5. 8. First Semester! 3A 4A
  6. 9. 3B 4B
  7. 10. Second Semester 3A and 4A CLASS PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE
  8. 11. 3B 4B Missing Jenna Perri and Tyler Jones
  9. 12. Working with LINE and MOVEMENT And studying the artist Victor Vasarely
  10. 16. Optical Illusion
  11. 17. 5 th grade version
  12. 21. Considering TEXTURE... And how to manipulate a surface …
  13. 22. Layer…cover… antique
  14. 25. 5 and 6th Graders carefully cut with matt knives to create more TEXTURE allowing COLOR and LIGHT into the design
  15. 30. "Fractured glass" as texture... 5 th Graders studied Pablo Picasso’s CUBISM
  16. 33. Can you see the SCISSORS?
  17. 34. Turning 2-D SHAPE into 3-D FORM Inspired by Joseph Cornall… … and Louise Nevelson
  18. 35. SHAPE turns into FORM with origami boxes
  19. 37. 6th Grade... relating to the concept of RHYTHM in a work of ART And artist: Edward Ruscha
  20. 39. 5 th grade version…
  21. 40. Traveling back to the Medeival Days and studying the architecture of the time!
  22. 47. 5th Graders looked at PUEBLO pottery tecniques... First Semester students CARVED designs into their vessels!
  23. 49. First semester ended before 5th grade clay was glazed So we had lunch together and took care of business! VERY creative (and BRAVE) thinking!
  24. 50. It was certainly worth it!
  25. 51. Second Semester built with ropes of clay called COILS!
  26. 52. was explored by 5th Graders through the work of Vassily Kandinsky COLOR THEORY
  27. 55. Same lesson....different artist’s styles to choose from!
  28. 56. Technique…technique
  29. 57. Ahhhhh…. Beautiful TECHNIQUE!
  30. 58. Highlights of the Year!
  31. 59. Sammi Neild’s gargoyle BLEW UP in the kiln first semester So…. She came to the Elementary School at dismissal and created again! Bravo Sammi!
  32. 60. Ana Vargas 3B … took her lessons home and TAUGHT them to her sister Tania…kindergartener! Look what I received!
  33. 61. Sharayah Fisher Decided to take art for a 2 nd semester and has pushed all projects a step beyond! She’s building WESTMINISTER ABBEY!
  34. 62. … can’t wait to see the ROSE WINDOW!
  35. 63. Thank you students and families for a wonderful year! Thank you for supporting the ARTS in Williamson Central Schools!
  36. 64. Be sure to vote... and purchase a student made tea bowl to support our fundraiser for the Japanese relief effort!