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we promote dry plaster mortar, waterproofing, dry concrete, water treatment plants, led solar non phenolic multipurpose cleaner as consultants, suppliers and turnkey operators

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Protect systems

  1. 1. • Vision: Leaders in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process.• Mission: To establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.
  2. 2. ABOUT US:• Started as a Proprietary concern 14 years ago.• Providing Water Proofing Solutions as turnkey operators, Material suppliers and consultancy.• Has worked with Many reputed Builders, Contractors and Government Institutions.• Since 2011 R & D work is going on and Couple of products are ready for market.• Joined hands with Mr. Srinivasan, Water & Waste water Treatment Specialist for expansion.• Perfect Plast is now Tested by Civil Aid – Bureau Veritas• Executed trial projects for L & T in Bangalore Metro & Mysore Narayana Hrudayalaya.• Formed Partnership firm from 01-04-2012 and continued in the same name.• Registered under SSI Reg No.290202103643
  3. 3. Promoters:• S. B. Raghunath group CMD• 20 years of experience in field of polymers like Epoxy, PU, Polyurea, Silicone, Cementetious products, Industrial Consumables by way of promoting and also identifying market.• Developed 4 products: Watershield, Perfectplast, Perfectseal, Purge till now and Perfectcon and Comcem ( composite cement which do not need sand while concreting or plastering) has Succedeed in lab test yet to conduct bench level testing• Expertise in application development for products and also sourcing products for application.• He is also called as Application Development Technologist.
  4. 4. Promoters:M.O.SRINIVASAN• B-Tech with MBA as qualification he carries expertise in water treatment plants with close to 40 years of experience in design, engineering, project execution and marketing of Capex and Industrial Consumables.• Worked at various capacities including CEO & MD of Satec Ltd UK.
  5. 5. PROMOTERS:Mr. Ananda Theertha is a Commerce Graduate from Karnataka University. Hehas over 22 years work experience with more than 11 years in SeniorManagement. He has worked with HR, Architectural Design and IT Industrywith working experience in Accounts, Finance, HR and Administration.Successfully started Syscon Software in 1995 the first company to provideTender Information online on day to day basis.He as a great passion towards Healthcare Industry and a fast learner. BeforeStarting agraNii he was handling Functional part in designing HospitalInformation Management Software in two of his previous employment.
  6. 6. Area of services:• CIVIL: Waterproofing : WATER HOLDING BODIES LIKE over head tank, reservoirs, sumps, pools, ponds, fountains etc• WATER RUNNING BODIES: Rooftops, podium, balconies, toilets, bathroom. Canal etc• For existing projects we can stop leaks with out removing tiles etc even in toilets, roof top etc.,.• Acid resistant tiles and ready to pain solid blocks• Special Coatings, Concrete Stitching, concrete Bandaging, Paints, Cleaning Chemicals.• MSW to Fuel, Power and Manure
  7. 7. PRODUCTS UNDER TESTING:• Gravel and sand less concrete in dry format• Designers concrete• Equipments for spraying/rendering plaster and also for cleaning facades, lake cleaning, costal surveillance.• Pre-Plastered Concert Blocks.• Acid Resistance Mortar.• Acid Resistance Tiles.
  8. 8. Products IN Market• Perfect Plast• Water Shield• Perfect Seal• Perfecttile• perfectblock• Purge
  9. 9. PERFECTPLAST• Conforms to BIS & DIN standard tested by Civil Aid - Bureau Veritas.• Ready to use dry plaster mortar used to build walls, plaster ceiling wall (i/o) water bodies, top screeds for rooftops , podium, fixing tiles etc.,
  10. 10. WATERSHIELD:A composite material that workswith water against water to stopleakages thru surfaces like waterrunning bodies and water holdingbodies. This can be used asimpregnate, integral & coating
  11. 11. PURGE:• An eco-friendly non phenolic, multipurpose cleaner which virtually cleans all surfaces like facades, floors, tiles, sanitary items, glass plastics, panels etc. If surface temperature is at ambient it can clean most of surfaces with out using water.
  12. 12. PERFECTSEAL• This is ready to use repair kit that can be used to arrest leaks thru tiles especially in toilets/balconies. A do it yourself kit which is self sufficient to carry out small repairs.
  13. 13. PERFECTTILES• This is acid and alkali resistant tile used in lining of ducts also in STP, ETP other areas where acid and alkali resistant surface is required. This comes with lining and mortar material
  14. 14. PERFECTBLOCK• Ready to paint solid block available for building structures with and without acid alkali resistant property
  15. 15. Gokulam ApartmentOwners Associaiton.
  16. 16. Testimonials:We have used Water Shield Waterproofing compound andhave found the product to be effective and useful. Some ofthe places applied are sunken portion of toilets, weatherproof coat, rectification of existing roof, rectify the seepagethrough the tile joints in existing conditions.R N Singh – Proprietor Aditya Consulting Engineers & ContractorsWe have engaged the services to solve variety of problems inour buildings, one particularly at Chief Engineer (Air Force)office at Yeshwanthpur and has attracted appreciation fromnone other than the Chief Engineer himself.Major Neeraj Sharma Garrison Engineer MES
  17. 17. They have Succeed in finding a permanent solution to amysterious water leakage problem at our client Mr. PremKumar Kukrejas Residence.They are good in analyzing the problem finding propersolutions to the problem and economical in their service.S N Kumaraswamy – Proprietor Shree Kumar Associates Architects & InteriorDesignersThis is to certify that we have incorporated impregnationtreatment in our projects carried out by us for thedepartment of Military Engineering Services by usingWatershield.The above Waterproofing treatment was found to be effectiveand to our satisfaction.M Raeev - Managing Partner Raghavendra Constructions Engineers & Builders
  18. 18. # 148, Kavi Lakshmeesha Road (Diagonal Road), V.V.Puram, Bangalore 560 004 India Ph: +91-80-4112 0898, HP: +91-95388 60043 / 94830 02341 E-Mail:!home/mainPage